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  1. very nice. I'm glad youre enjoying it. I have spent far to many hours in it now
  2. Time to blow the cobwebs off that Conni. Plus if you have the DS that means we could run a 4 man operation easily. Conni (transport) Ds Driver Ds Miner Prospector/Snub Fighter etc Scout. (Prospector could also scout for larger rocks too)
  3. She was very much the one single constant through everyones lives. A truly sad day.
  4. No, you are the transport
  5. As a break from Bunker missions (I know how much you love them Custard) I was considering getting a ROC and trying some group land based mining. To see if a team of 3/4 people could make it more effecient. I was thinking (now that Mr Zeno has a Conni) why dont we use that as a base of operation and transport for 2 x ROC. plus a scout pilot in the Snub fighter? The scout can scan for rocks while the Conni supports the two ground units.
  6. Anyone willing to take on the Siege of Orison tonigh, please assemble at Everus Harbour above Hurston. PVE (with the potential for PVP) assault on a series of Resedential and Comercial platforms at Orison, The floating City in the gas cloud. The mission requires floor by floor and room by room clearing of Hostiles, with a final assault on a well defended central admin platform.
  7. sounds like a plan Custard.
  8. @custard~SPARTA~ You are! thanks all!
  9. luckily the Reputation is being kept - so all of the work done to unlock the higher tier missions is safe! They are wiping the physical items from inventory (inc ships purchased in game) and aUEC wallet only.
  10. Reputation will be kept. Only physical in game purchases, looted items and aUEC will be wiped. Agree on the ships. I have just ccd my Cutlass for the Prospector. I have the MSR for multi crew and transport - I felt the Cutlass was a ship to buy in game if needed but the Prospector opens up Mining sooner given its cost in game (hope that makes sense?) I think the Hurricane, Mole and some sort of bulk transport like the C2/M2 mighr be usefull to aime for in game. I would say Hurricane is the No 1.
  11. New patch iincludes new derelict outpost and missions to go with them that include the new planetary Navmesh - the Navmesh allows NPC's to move around the area freely and also allows for dynamic reinforcement (from ships). Lots of bug fixes and a few suprises Oh and a database wipe which includes all items (including ships) and aUEC wallet. Sorry.
  12. Enjoying this far more than i thought i would. Running two teams on separate comms channels and attacking OBL's compound at night! whats not to love! Plus the statutory Custard team killing! ace.
  13. disapointing, but thanks for the heads up. I'll hold off for now.
  14. If you have been looking at SC and dont yet have a package the current sale might be of interest. They have the Pisces 3 seater shuttle (possibly in Custartds opinion) the GREATEST ship in game! It's a good starter, especialy when stacked against the Aurora - which would be the same price outside of the sale. The Game is Buggy and not without its list of problems, but it has some truly spectacular potential. Sale ends on the 31st of May. there will be plenty of other events with other ships on sale but I think it's unlikly the Pisces will be at that level again.
  15. 3.17.1 is live - approx 4Gb update. Brings in a couple of new vehicles and lots of performance/bug fixes. Free -fly event is live (you just need to register an account to access the game for a week) Invictus in game event starts tonight. Invictus is a Lore driven event showcasing the UEE Navy. In game we can tour the Javellin ( A Capital class Destroyer), there is a Flyby from the Begal Carrier and a FPS event scheduled to occur over the next couple of days on the floating platforms of the Gas giant Crusader.
  16. Happy birthday old fruit - have a great day.
  17. Yes bud. running Bounty hunter missions and Bunker defence missions out of Everus.
  18. Scanning changes for 3.17 onwards
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