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  1. Oh - and 10pts for correctly guessing the name of the person in the copilot seat here.
  2. Pictures taken during a couple of missions over the last few days with Custard, Luggs, Halli, Steel and Gunther. Loading the Ursa Rover onto Luggs Carrack Trying, and failing to load the Spartan (we are going to need a bigger boat!) Collecting Gunther and Steel for a Bunker combat mission in the MSR. Me and Custard preping for another Bunker mission.
  3. Griefing is an issue - but i do think SC are taking steps to reduce this ocurence. This includes the above Prison mechanics plus no fire zones and actual in game death and loss of equipment. The above is never going to stop all of the idiots saddly - some people will grief regardless of the consequences. I will also add that the amount of these incidents is always higher during the free flight events (whith the current one ending on the 1st) with people jumping on just to see what kind of mischief can be created. Dont worry - your ship can be respawned and we have more than enough to equipement and funding to keep everyone effective whilst you learn the ropes of the game.
  4. oooooooooooooooooooooooooo Too many good games to play! I'm very tempted - we used to have quite a bit of fun on the old server.
  5. Speak for yourself! it could be quite lucrative - especially if i coud set up a route from Prison. You'd be a regular!
  6. I had to actually asign rank responsibilities under the Admin role.
  7. the Armour and weapons/ammo persited in the storage but the gun racks were empty
  8. I may of fixed the issue - try it now.
  9. AND - i have splashed out ona fancy paint job for my MSR too!
  10. Reading through the Org details and looking at the options avaialble in the settings I have added you to the Marketing section of LOSCM. It looks like only the founder has access to all roles, responsibilities. The various ranks are restricted to their area of intrest.
  11. @custard~SPARTA~ agreed. It does seem like every year we return to the -"Soon in SC Chat" however i have to say there has been a big push to finish some of the last major building blocks of the system and i do really think that the next 12 months are goingto be pivitol for the SC and the community around it. Content is being pushed out and the game is (for an Alpha) about as stable as you can expect but the big one - Server meshing - looks to be within reach. With it the focus will finaly switch from building blocks to more game focused play. They have spoken recently about the Cargo, Exploration, refuelinng and Salvage mechanics and the focus to deliver those next year. With those in active dev I think the focus will shift towards Org mechanics and genuine multicrew play. The Cargo refactor demands it really. the thought of filling a CAT by hand on my own is frightning! Organised groups are the way to success I beleive with this game - The whole concept and the way they have developed the various mechanics so far prove that. If we organise well, even as a small group i think we could be quite succesful within the game.
  12. You can move the 1SCU boxes but at the moment cargo that is brought through a kisok and stored on the ship is not lootable - this is coming in 3.18 with the cargo refactor. At that point the system will move from the magic of teleportaion that we have in all space games at the moment to actual physical cargo loading. This will be one of the things that sets the larger "multicrew" cargo ships apart. It just wont be practical to run those things solo, unless you are willing to pay the NPC loading fees. It took me around 4 hours to build up teh cash for the ROC - that was around 110K aUEC, i didnt think that was too bad. I need to get the hang of the updated scanning tech though otherwise we will spend hours looking for Gems Looting and gear exchange between players is a good little micro in game feature at the moment. I was in PO and two people were using the VOIP to haggle over a subscriber flair armour set. The guy brought it for 1mil aUEC off the subsrciber in the end.
  13. I like the sound of fencing Steel and Gunthers swag So do you propose ONE main org with various different departments - instead of different orgs for different roles? How would that work for the less solubrious members (see above)
  14. a bit late - but always great! Happy birthday Pal.
  15. You'll have to tell me how you managed to release them!
  16. DG covers the details (what there are of them here) It's a big step change to the whole inventory system and its required before they can implement tech like spawn closets and personal inventory, All of which is required for the long awaited server meshing tech.
  17. are there any free WW2 planes that I can play around with whilst waiting for the mosi?
  18. chocks away - Pilot reporting for duty!
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