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  1. Thanks guys, it was a misarable cold and wet birthday this year, and to top it off the guys in TAW forgot my birthday F-them . My big and little sisters are taking me out for dinner next week, so I will get my birthday rum and coke after all.
  2. LOL I can just picture the look on the teacher's face..
  3. Making shure halo get's his drake

  4. Making shure halo get's his drake

  5. They released a tutorial video on planetary interaction: EVE-lopedia entry: Planetary Interaction Eve Ivy League: Planetary Interaction and Pi Commodities
  6. I found an article on using community created maped on dedicated servers here: http://www.mechlivinglegends.net/forum/ind...3.html#msg88143 , and Here: http://www.mechlivinglegends.net/forum/ind...pic,7017.0.html and here is info on setting up Rcon http://www.mechlivinglegends.net/forum/ind...pic,7307.0.html Direwolf5~SPARTA~
  7. The creator of SA Paradise came out with a new one SA Palisades, Get it here: http://1stfederatedsuns.com/images/SA_Palisades.zip Direwolf5~SPARTA~ Images
  8. Direwolf5 Here. And Here are my results My Isp Texas Server New York Speed Test Speed Test Texas Speed Test New York And My Best :-)
  9. Sign Me up, Fixed wing using X52 Pro and Track IR setup
  10. Nice one, they used this addon: Added Menu Items Direwolf5
  11. The new French suicide missile and these are our allies... Hey can we have this as a feature in domination? Maybe 2% Dud or misfire chance Oh! So That's what that part is for!! See!! even we can mess up
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