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  1. Hello Gentlemen, Zeno convinced me to make a purchase. Please add me :-) at your earliest convenience of course. Rooster 1863366
  2. Happy birthday Tholozor! It's always a blast gaming with ya bud!
  3. r00ster note, the o's are zeros please add ... I'm lost in a sea of unknown servers
  4. RPG can take it out but it takes several attempts. When I drop arti on a tank usually the 4th shell kills the tank. So they're pretty tough animals. The best way to kill a tank is with a tank. Other than that I like to sit back and spot targets all day long. A good spotter can turn the battle for his team.
  5. I get about 58 fps @ 3840x1024 2xAA with a single over clocked, water cooled 5870.
  6. I've got the same tactical vest. Go figure ;)
  7. Stang not sure if it will help, but if you're on this weekend maybe we can hook up and toss a few ideas around? I have a way to make the carrier not require a plugin (probably common knowledge, but new to me).
  8. Toyota is pretty bad IMHO to let 34 people die before taking action. I won't be buying one.
  9. This is why I played as opfor only once. It's no fun getting thoroughly spanked. But if some people like it, more power to them
  10. There are currently two webcams online. http://www.cyriak.co.uk/lhc/lhc-webcams.html
  11. Where do I know that name??? *parajumps into AO*
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