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  1. The regular map server is down now. sad days
  2. can't find it if it is running or something may be crashing it cause it doesnt show up on arkservers.net either.
  3. The "theCenter" map server is down.
  4. Well the max lvl is 80 unless you set it higher so they maybe be hacking.
  5. So last night a few of us logged on to all our stuff stolen/destroyed, as well as all our dinos killed off. This being my tribe and some of the other random people that have been playing. We lost about 60+ hours of work. We're just asking for the server to get rolled back to the server auto rest on the 2nd November. At 6am. To when the server normally gets rest and updated if possible. The server is supposed to be PvE and that's what has everyone upset is that our dinos were killed and only our storage chests were destroyed on a PvE server.
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