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  1. Lightspeed, I have an older system that I was about 5 minutes short of giving up on being able to play Arma 3. I was running around 5-10 fps in multiplayer on very low settings which was little fun. I decided at the last minute to check the forums and ended up in this thread. After following the advice in your links, I'm now running 35-40 fps solid in multiplayer on high settings. This essentially saved any future with me and arma 3. Just wanted to stop by and say thanks for taking the time to post stuff like this.
  2. Make sure you still have low and medium income housing as your city grows. Your factories still need low wage workers! Also, the traffic is basically botched. My garbage, fire, and police all respond in huge lumps and get nothing done. You should also try building a successful city that has a casino.....
  3. Besides the plague of server errors, I've actually quite enjoyed playing this game.
  4. Finally got a new laptop that I enjoy playing minecraft on with you guys when I can. But quick question....how in the heck are you guys getting the resources to build this stuff? I started poking around the tekkit wiki and everything takes an insane amount of rare resources...What am I missing? Just the necessary time?
  5. We survived the night. Data from our MET tower showed an average wind speed of 50 mph with a peak of 82.3 here on the shore of Lake Ontario. Surprisingly very little damage to note.
  6. Currently located on the shore of Lake Ontario at the Nuclear Plant awaiting the arrival of the winds. The rain isn't supposed to impact us much, but the change off normal wind direction is looking to significantly impact power and trees. The trees are rooted for a SW prevailing wind and we're currently experience NE. We're refueling the plant at the moment with trailers all over the place, which will be interesting tonight for sure. Winds are supposed to be 45-55 sustained with gusts up to 65 and waves up to 21 feet. Ill snap some pictures in the morning of what we're seeing here. My dad is currently at the NY emergency center in Albany coordinating efforts. I'll be sure to update as I get the information.
  7. Yeah just looking for a business computer. I'll probably take it to a shop and see if I can trade for something. Thanks for the suggestions batty.
  8. So, it's like this. Life just took a big swing upwards. Just found out my company is promoting me to corporate loss prevention in charge of our new take over (We were bought by a little company called Exelon...). So, my life is about to become very mobile. I have an older desktop pc that I'm looking to hopefully trade for a laptop or sell pretty cheaply. Details: NVIDIA GeForce GTS 250 (2 years old) 4 gigs ram Core 2 Quad Q6600 (1 year old - warranty replace) 500W power supply (thermaltake) - (4 years, original) 465 gig drive (original) A case that looks like a transformer (see picture) (original) I haven't really had any issues with it. Still going strong and playing games at decent settings (certainly not ultra). Surprisingly not many compatibility issues with games, ever. In the rare chance someone is interested, shoot me a message. Otherwise its going on ebay for nothing next week. I'm looking for a laptop that can do normal stuff (not gaming). Thanks!
  9. AOEIII Coop this weekend, yes? I've only been asking people to play it with me for months and now it was on sale!
  10. I recently rebooted my copy of Age of Empires III. I know most of the RTS crowd is off elsewhere, but if anyone fancies some multiplayer coop let me know.
  11. Made the dive, please add me : YankeeOSU
  12. This...is...SPARTA!!! but really, after all this time you're surprised a game came and went?
  13. I think all I have left is one or two of the DLC packs. Maybe we can boot er back up at some point soon!
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