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  1. Stop the trailer at 1:48, look at the dollar bills, think we might see someone that we all know and love.
  2. Found a pretty decent star chart mapping rare commodities . - http://jsfiddle.net/gregmalcolm/j1bb5v1v/embedded/result/ Remember the further you go from the source the larger the profit.
  3. Would also add that it can be very lucrative to do missions for the same faction type (alliance etc). This will result in you gaining influence with them, working your way up their ranks, allowing you access to missions that have a much larger profit margin.
  4. When are you next free and I'll be around asap haha! Once you get the basics you'll be away with it! I was in your situation multiple times before I got the hang of it, had fines running up to 50,000 credits, best thing to do was to wipe my save and do a clean restart, probably best waiting until we're together to do that though!
  5. Thinking I better pop over at some point this week and show you the ropes lol! Think you should give this song a listen haha!
  6. Me and Duck have started re-building after the server reset, got the foundations of a village started at 367 south 640 west, feel free to join us.
  7. More than happy to have sacrificed our house in exchange for no more dogs lol. I'll try get on tonight at some point, grind away at building a new place. Hopefully see some of you guys on
  8. Pringle looking rather dapper on the server last night. Cant make it onto the server tonight guys but happy hunting!
  9. Best time to find you guys on the server?
  10. Downloading both games just now so hopefully I'll be able to pop onto the server at some point this week! Cheers for all the help! See you on the server soon, hopefully!
  11. Cheers! Massive help, no mods needed?
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