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  1. Yea Zeno I am like you there are a few games I will always continue to purchase expansions in a the division is one. I have been keeping up on the latest news of division 2 and mostly like the direction it is still going in. Will be purchasing the new expansion soon.
  2. Yea I have 3 of the 6 finished unfortunately I am not motivated to finish with how lack-luster the sets turned out to be, True Patriot's is the only set I see to be useable in certain situations such as maybe the raids.
  3. Now that everyone is pushing into the upper tier Worlds start paying attention to those talents on your weapons and gear! even though the gear is a low gear score you can save pieces with a particular talent on it and when you get a higher gear score for that type of equipment or weapon you can transfer it to the new weapon at the recalibration station. A list of talents I look for to try out (just my personal opinion) Weapons Assault Riffle - Optimist, Preservation SMG - Optimist, Close & Personal, Steady Handed Gear Mask-Dialed in Chest- Berserk (Weapon DMG), Unbreakable (Armor Defense) Holster-Fill'er up Backpack-On the ropes (weapon DMG), Efficient (defensive) Safeguard (healing) Gloves-Opportunistic (Damage), Wicked (DMG ifi status effect on enemy), Clutch (defensive repair) kneepads-Braced (weapon handling), Patience (Armor repair) This is a GREAT google doc that list talents so you can plan your build. https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/e/2PACX-1vT9cuFYaxTl1zwVpNkcPLIFq1aI8vzdm_GEVi7kff_23oO7qEEbihitnb_JiWcxq3x5Cpjhp9xe9LCr/pubhtml Good Luck and let's try to get geared up for the new 8 man raid releasing soon.
  4. Yes! finally I am just working on getting my gear score up in WT4 so I can be ready!
  5. Yep that was some good info Hunter... LOS Sounds good
  6. Just wanted to hear your thoughts from those who played the Division 2 Beta, been hearing mixed comments and reviews. Me personally I liked were Division 2 is heading I am a huge fan of division 1 and have put many hours into it (1500 hours regular 200 hours PTS) and was hoping they would not just cut & paste game play, Skill sets, and game architecture for Div 1 into Div 2 and they did not. The game to me is heading more towards a strategic cover play style, no more get the best gear and face tank everything If you don't plan and think about your play and movements in the missions you are heavily penalized with many deaths. Just to roam the game now is dangerous when before in Division 1 NPC's were pushovers, the world is more dynamic and that is what I was hoping for. Yes they still have some work to do on it (still getting stuck on objects, Skills not always working, working on the kill time and time to be killed) but it is not enough to were it takes away the fun for me. I hope enough of Sparta people are interested in it to were we can start a clan and fully out fit the 8 man raids that will be available at end game. We have only tasted a small portion of the game and I am hungry to see what else Division 2 has to offer.
  7. Thank you Gentleman! I had my traditional Korean food Lunch!!
  8. Who is playing? Hali and Bmushall has abandoned me.......
  9. Thanks gentlemen! yea I can't believe I hit 50 already But still younger then some of you old farts
  10. Son of a Bitch! I am 49 now! damn the time flys by, Thank you guys for the birthday wishes
  11. Happy Birthday you old FART! wow 52! i remember when you where 18 with hair down on your shoulders chasing little girls and playing Gutars!
  12. If you have never played this game June 12th would be the time to try it out, it is going free to play at that time. I played it for about 2 years and kept my interest for a long time, there is a lot to do within the game I really liked how they did the class systems with you being able to build off different souls you can really customize your character. Let me know if anyone tries it I will be playing on the Belmont server ( at least I hope that server is still up that is the one I had all my characters on)
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