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  1. For those who are looking for somthing fresh for Arma 3 this could hold us for a while Wasteland Chernarus its updated and plays very well. Details (this could put some off) 14.2 gig download at current Lots of new weapons added / ammo type + sounds but still the same type of play as the old wasteland mod you can go solo or group up plenty of rides to grab Weapons are well done and it dosnt take 6 rounds of 7.62 to drop a guy Link here for mod https://forums.arma.su/forum/main-category/main-forum/17995-ws-launcher-beta And a Vid for any install issues here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GMlDkWHJUzw
  2. Happy New Year Karl, may you see many more friend.

    1. Karl


      :D cheers man right back at ya
  3. Karl

    2 fer

    yeah im alive and still kickin ass wut you thought i was dead : / ppffffftt you bet your ass im around
  4. to all of sparta members i wish all of you the best and your wishes come true from Karl my new year resolution is that i hope i keep my word and my tech dos'nt let me down. as it has done recently i can only wish ill do my best and make a smile alone the way. season greatings spartans and a verry happy new year too all and the new
  5. ill be on this on thursday - friday
  6. The end of October ill be there
  7. Karl

    WAR-Z vs DAY-Z

    Dont know what to make from this War Z looks very similar and could be suspect compaired to Dayz but the game style reads diffrent and i get the feeling of a scripted game like you need to level up befor going into this area ect but still open world environment just that most of it will be locked. If thats the case ill just wait for arma 3 and the dayz mod on that with the ragdoll zeds
  8. Hey guys I may have a Op on for the weekend not going to give anything away so i explain on team speak when i get on later.
  9. just to make sure you dont waste your dinner hour its about a ban related to the camp raid
  10. he said cool he will be on most of the day.
  11. hey phisher can you jump on TS as soon as posible a guy called Jackson wishes to speak with you
  12. Trololol i bet they where Pissed haha Mate i checked in before and the landrover is still good. think we got enough vechicals and firepower to get everyone regrouped even if they are way out their on the map. think we still gota play it safe though with the new toys need the tactics to go with if we want to hold on to them and not get the crap shot out of us in a soft skined vechical and catching fire from what i read on that vechical section on the dayz fourm. "but beware, having broken engine (ENG icon in top left) will burn your car along with anyone inside after few minor bumps or bullet hits, driving such vehicle is suicidal." but still went from looking for 1 car to finding 3 good dayz session
  13. Karl

    ArmA II Patch

    if your worried about the choppers or any other air assets being abused then the simple soulution would just remove them. the only problem with that is it will slow the movement around a map from location to location but aleast with that time you have you plan a assault. it wont effect the gameplay maby it will encourage any new players and vets to stick together and work as a team to complete objectives and show any new joiners that we are a team based players instead of run & gun nutters. personaly i think we have enough support from the 1st & 2nd in command with artillery on call. i do understand that some people like to fly but its a choice between an open server new faces,less toys or same toys same people witch in all honisty is not alot these days due to the lack of intrest. thats just my say though
  14. Thank you for your time on this one noob Im going to test it out
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