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  1. I've heard size issues come with age.... How is space engineers? Last time I played multiplayer I got motion sick from the server rubber banding me around.
  2. Lol MH6 I figured you would be using it for flying choppers in games like Arma3. As a glasses wearer i'm less inclined to pull the trigger until more time has passed and the fit and finish is a little more refined on these things.
  3. God I hated those things, I actually fell off my bike one day and the pedal took a nice chunk out of my knee.
  4. Donziboy2

    ACE for A3

  5. Donziboy2

    ACE for A3

    Dont see the server
  6. Looks interesting but im not dropping $40 on an alpha.
  7. A similar form of that wheel has been around for atleast 10 years, I think cost is the only limiting factor atm.
  8. Just an FYI its set to the Navezgane map.
  9. Does not show up on the server list and nothing happens when I manually put it in at the bottom.... edit. Got it to attempt to connect but it always fails to connect
  10. Sadly 7.62 x 39 prices have slowly risen over the years, it used to be 1000 rounds for $120ish. Ive wanted to add an AR to my collection but I need to pay off a few things before I can start increasing my collection again....
  11. Less then 37% of the total US power output is from coal and that number drops every year due to conversions and retirements. In the last few years Obama and his friends have pretty much killed the coal industry in the US. (the sister company to the one I work for does electric propulsion for mining, mainly coal and they have been hit hard.) All power generation will be inefficient.. Do you really think your car is actually efficient? Maybe compared to other cars but not by the standard of the amount of energy used and produced.
  12. Gonna call BS on the 1.1MegaWatt Hours. First you would need 492x 700A 3.2V cells, a whopping 10627kg and it would require at least 6.3 cubic METERS! Based on range i'm thinking its more like 110KiloWatt Hours.
  13. Just an few points since I live in the electric propulsion industry. Charging an electric car on the "Grid" is far more efficient then any gas car when it comes to emissions. The power generation for the "Grid" is far more efficient. The only option for electric cars right now is Lithium. Its highly toxic to dump. But is also recyclable, the number of places that will recycle are increasing also. We actually face a more dangerous dumping problem of all those little phone batteries then from electric cars. Current storage tech is just not up to par when it comes to the amount of mass needed for the batteries. The cost is also prohibitive. Unless gas hits $10 a Gallon you wont see a surge in electric cars. And that surge will be limited by the availability of the small electric car production chain.
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