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  1. Cool gland you are happy with your kit! the virpl stuff is very nice! look forward to seeing some pictures!
  2. for any one intrested in the devlopment of the game (and how much it is being devloped) its worth taking a bucher at there site as it has a fair bit of detail on the roadmap and update progress https://www.groundbranch.com/
  3. Have also picked this up and look forward to making some mistakes !
  4. I saw this pop up the other day shows the completion staus of the map so far, think it has quite a bit of work left to will be intresting to see the progession.
  5. cool that looks intresting, will lookforward to trying it out!
  6. Nice thats looking cool! those hinges look great for making doors!
  7. seems like the bit was missing to tell george wat to target.
  8. An inital export scrit has been released for the Apache. link to the github is bellow and the relanvt script is attached bellow. add this file to the export scrit folder and it would work. the input id look up is showing up on int he streamdeck add on, i did change the insttal directory for DCS so updating that might of triggerd updating the input look up table, but all in all this should mean that we can start making up the stream dec profiles Export scrip git hub AH-64D_BLK_II.lua
  9. im also on ryzen but a gen behind them chaps
  10. Ive not watched this but thorght this would be of intrested to you @custard~SPARTA~
  11. that sounds intresting do you know what the dail is called? might be something can set up on the stream deck
  12. AdderStreamDeck Export V1 27.01.22.zipExportsModules Export V1 27.01.22.zip updated versions of the export scripts and XL profiles Added: export script for AV8B added option for output with titles prfiles improved AV8b XL profile functions added to AV8B export scripts Export functions AV8B.xlsx
  13. it might need the steam deck send (export script listen) port set mine is set to 26027
  14. https://discord.gg/RUCuwGxSw8 link to the discord for the UH-60
  15. yes it, only got released recently. it is in early days atm but the model is quite detailed inside and out. currently is unarmed but it does allow for multi crew.
  16. This is all sounding worryingly orgnised I tried to watch some of the stream but was getting aknoyed by the werid voice of that adder chap.
  17. To use the Streamdeck in DCS you need to install the addon into streamdeck to allow talking to DCS and install the export script into DCS Streamdeck Addon Streamdeck addon releases : https://github.com/charlestytler/streamdeck-dcs-interface/releases Addon info: https://github.com/charlestytler/streamdeck-dcs-interface DCS Export scripts https://forums.eagle.ru/topic/283178-dcs-exportscripts-for-stream-deck-community-github-library/ https://github.com/asherao/DCS-ExportScripts I have uploaded the export scripts i have modfied and the profiles i have made for the streamdeck. AdderStreamDeck Export 22.01.22.zip DCS-ExportScript Export 22.01.22.zip
  18. i saw that, it looks cool, espely with the frount plates for differnt aircraft. but at £400 with 1 plate its quite pricy, at half the price the stream deckXL could do all that so much better bang for buck.
  19. The risks of the peasant carrier! it looks kinda x wing like!
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