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  1. offer ends 15th of sept so got a cupple of weeks to desided
  2. Was great to be able to shoot them down and RTB now having a better grip on the BVR fighting. was chuffed having going through the HARMs and being able to launch those effectivly. i have been prasticing carrier landing has been going well, although the carrier has been still. looking forward to trying the carrier lauched strike mission to kill the AWACS and the SAM site.
  3. nice, realy like the shuttle it looks very shuttley!
  4. Hey thanks for the messages chaps, got my exams next week so looking forward to geting some free time back and get some games in and catch up! i hope everyone is well!
  5. very cool, i like the idea of the base being a trailer and there be a vehicle doing the pulling. I expermented a while ago with a trailer for my mini rover for the purpose of mining ice, one of the things i played around with was seting the wheels to have low friction so the wheels became more like skids and also using the thrust overide so i would control when i wanted the trailer to push, i think i had these set up in the cockpit. i put the workshop links bellow to have a look. this was very much a ice flat vehicle. https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1457685277 https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1457685277
  6. after our game freazing up incodents i had a look at the 64 bit beta to see if it made the performance a bit better. to do this i ran the inf res bridge map with 4x expert russan baddys and 3 easy guys on my side just to get loads of units on the bridge and ry and load the game, on the normal release of the game it seemed to be running at between 10-15 fps, a cupple of times i noticed the drive the game is installed on being used fully but apart from that it seemed to be using low system resorces. seems to only be spreeding over a few cores. the 64 bit beta was had about a 600 mb download (same for converting back to the normal version) that gets done by selecting it in the steam game bit and opt in to the beta. i did the same game senerio and the frame rate seems to be running between 15-20 fps. seemed to be an improvment that might be worth trying. my thorght on the 64 v 32 bit would be that to run the 32 bit version there is some sort of emulaion going on in the background this might be effecting things. the down side is that you cant cross play, so everyone would have to be on the same page ( ive reverted back to the sable version for now and see what the concensous is.
  7. looks cool, ill mostlikley fire up the c-130at some point. see how much of the power and start up procedure will come back to me. it was a fair few years ago i worked on them but even from watching that video memorys started coming back to me.
  8. Good games this weekend what were the names of the differnt maps we were playing?
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