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  1. Video about new update. Looks intresting, added new fetures and a cosmetic DLC and also update added to prevouse dlcs
  2. so was mucking about with zeno testing some of our combat ships. This is the one i was testing, it is my battleship but having undergone a major weapons refit and now will be classed as a dreadnaught (white and red on the right) Vs. 3 of zenos uprated broadswords The sizes match up and are fairly matched and we had good fun using different tactics to take down the big ship, and in the end, only ended up using 2 broadswords and they were doing very good and with the use of decoys we could take down the big ship with only one taking significant damage. and losing shields. Later on, I was testing a new mod I was working on so I sent the 3 broadswords at me and with them unpiloted, I ran into some power issues with my ship and overloaded my 3GW worth of reactors so was losing weapons and shields a fair bit. but I just survived........... back to the shipyard.......
  3. Nice work. Intresting to see other peoples ships and the progression of designs. Need to set up a test senario to give your new BS a test. The next projects i want to work on is a ship the simular size to your battle ship. And a fighter/bomber carryer that would be a little bigger. As the one im currently working on ended up a lot bigger ha ha Ill add them to the list of the mods i want to finalise, and the ships i need to finish off and give detail to. Just passed the 1000 hour mark, and i supose that dosent include the time ive spent pissing around in notepad ++
  4. That is very odd, the only thing i can think of is my game updated yesterday, maybe there were 2 small updates one breaking it and the other fixing it. at least nothing was lost properly. spent a bit of time playing around with scripts and displaying stuff on some LCDS. Thanks zeno for geting me started. im using Auto LCD 2 as well as: Blarg's Fancy Flight Info for the displays on the cockpits Floor Plan Script Mk1 surprisingly for the floor plan ha ha (THYA) Shield HUD Script for the sheild status bar all of these can do a lot more so defo plently more playing around to do!
  5. I had a quick go with the mod and had simular results. But i think cos the script scans every block in the range of the turret for each turret. Its gets i to performance problems with the more blocks and more guns and more range. As these modded guns have quite large range and as this adds so much more area is for the script to scan i dont think smart targeting will be suitable. As for the tracking speed i think that has been set in the info for the turret in the mod. As i note the bigger turrets take time to get on target. And if you move fast enough in say a smaller ship you can evade them. That being said if you want to get around that you can use a turret slaving script and a targeting turret. As when a script controls your turrets it seems to"jump" them to the target. Linked a turret and a script bellow. Im off work tmo should be on during the day hopefully will catch ya and can work on it. Will be cool to see what youve done! https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1686252385&searchtext=Ma https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=672678005&searchtext=turret+slave
  6. Glad to see you sorted it out will defo have to see it in action soon! Smart turrets 2 this mod is ment to stop the shoting through your own ship stuff but ive not tried it my self yet!
  7. Been doing some tidying up on the Large vector dropship and a modular base concept. basically, I'm quite lazy and CBA building massive bases that look nice so i thought id make a few base sections and then could paste them together as required. i wanted them Airtight with plumbing and lighting and everything grouped and easy to rename. So there are a few basic modules ive made. and also adapted Zenos habitat POD to have a small ship hanger airlock and an interface for the modular base system. the idea being that it can be either dropped on a planet or plopped somewhere in space and it can be the start of a base. (has a parachute so can be dropped safely from a height.) Started to be used to make the fleet home base. Tunnels and life support modules to provide gravity and air to the base. And bulkheads to divide up the base in case of breaches/ block off sections for future expansions. once im happy with it i think ill make a collection of the blueprints for people to use if you fancy.
  8. Following on from Zenos vector drop ship this my take on it. I very much had thunderbird 2 in the back of my mind whole building Here it is empty And carrying Zenos Habitatpod and its small ship sibling All ships use the vector thrust 2 script and can fly in planets and atmos
  9. Started work on a docking platform for a collection of some of my and zenos ships. I was all going swimmingly until a modded door i put on the back of zenos eagle ship decided it was going to collide with the platform.......
  10. Here is is in action The battleship I made is pretty OP and is probs verging on the capital ship size. although saying that i played a bit with the corruption mod on and there's a dangerous encounter that has a shielded drone with an energy cannon and the battleship only just wins that fight, with a lot of holes in it. I figured out how to convert the Heavy armour on the broadsword to light quickly. Find the BP locally : C:\Users\*USERNAME*\AppData\Roaming\SpaceEngineers\Blueprints\local There will be a folder there for each BP., in this case, it would be " BroadSword IIIa " make a copy of this either in the folder or somewhere else I called it. "BroadSword IIIa - Light armor" The 2 files you will need to edit are "bp.sbc" and "bp.sbcB4" will open with notepad i use notepad++. Then use the replace function to remove the word "Heavy" in both files. I used Find and replace and just left the replace field blank. then save both files. Move the folder back into the blueprint local and then launch the game!
  11. More hill climbing from zenos rover. you some times not realise how steep a hill is until you fly back.
  12. Compact 5X5 wheels and wheel mount points: A mod that Adds a new suspension for the large grid. 3x3 size suspension (1x1x2 block size) with a 5x5 wheel. and mount points on the wheels so you can have all sorts of fun! https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1804669769
  13. Yes, I didn't get to see any of the update but it sounds like it adds quite a lot that moves away from what the game originally was/ is now. I do think there's a whole exploration and encounters side is still not explored. maybe with the introduction of skins and dlc blocks they will be going more down the micropurchase line of income.
  14. If you do wanna check out some weapons, this is a cool mod with some energy weapons I use https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1727383494 And then this is a cool mod that gives a bubble shield https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1365616918
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