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  1. I noticed these will make good prastic for the IR mavricks trying to hit a moving target. byt the end of my session i had noticed one of the APCs had gone rouge and was drving through the fence near of the air feild the F-15 are at. I was trying the GBU's on the 4 target buildings hit the one that looks like a small cout yard fine but then trying to hit the longer building my bombs kept over shoting which is odd, i only got a few runs in before i was intercepted by the MIG's. so naturaly i had to launch an interceptor and take care of the MIGS, after shoting them down i was returning to Batumi when i was found my self coming head to head to the OPFOR bomber wing and escorts, so i engaged.... a hairy engagement i cliped my wing on one of the migs mid dog fight causing bitching betty to constanctly shout eject at me, but i continued engagment Somone needed to avenge to empy buildings they just destroyed and manged to take out all of the bogies. Return to Batumi and land. Steering wasnt great and looks like one of the landing gear wasnt fully down. After this i thorght there AWACS had to go so lauched a High altertude strike attack, climbed to 35,000 and carried out a diving attack on there AWACS and its escorts the a mix of 120's and aim-9 were used and managed to elimante the targets. grumbles were geting launched at me but mangaged to evade with a mix of speed direction change and chaff. This speed came at the cost of fuel and i did not have enough to return to base, made it closer than i thorght but was still about 20nm shy. i even gave it a go on 1 engine but was not enough.
  2. Thanks for this is good fun, need to not waste the maverics next time and figure out why the GBUs were going off target, or learn how to use the GPS bombs. If you look realy close you can see the combat air patrol launching
  3. very nice, very much liking that
  4. Luckly the lack of half a wing lowerd the weight and made the VTOL that bit easyer. Thanks for the work on the training map will be intresting to see what surpises will come out way next
  5. A little thing i found with the harrier, theres a bug with the HUD where it is missing a lot of symbolgly when tectures are set to low. so if any one is using the harrier then just check the tectures are set to medium.
  6. Thanks for this:) need to set up all the key bindings on this, an the other planes an can start crashing on the carrier:)
  7. Thanks Chap. spent much longer than i planned asembing the new rig and re configuring the old one. looking forward to givinh it a proper test soon!
  8. we have progress and managed to gt it installed, the next hurdel is maping the Xbox controller, do you all ready have it maped Zeno?
  9. in the process of downloading the whole 6.3gb but geting plaged with disk write errors
  10. Very nice, i have also been tidying up mu office desk area, Theres all ready been a new mouse and i think there will be some more hard ware changings before the quirinte is done.
  11. So throght id jot down a few pointers from the last week, i did the campaign and am ploding along on level 40 trying to gear up etc. So first lvl 30 gear, what was said before the game that green lvl32 gear will be better than 515gs stuff i feel is un true for all gear. Its true for weapons and armor as damage and armour at lvl 40 is about 3 or 4 times lvl30. But if you have a good lvl 30 build with some stats maxed that arnt armour its worth hanging on to them. When i finished the campaign i had only swapped my backpack and guns every thing else was lvl 30. Is the high damage sniper build. And now im still using 2 pieces of lvl 30 gear. This being eg i have a set of aces knee pads with 9.9% wepon damge the max on lvl 30 and 40s max is 15% but lvl40 gear drops with 0-15% so get a bunch of gear droping with lower damage stats than the lvl 30 gear. The campaign isn't to taxing and you cant do much else untill your done. Once your done at lest i found it a lot more difficult. Hand to change the play style and stuff, i am a bit low on armour so that does hurt my suriveability but it seems the genral feeling online is that you get a lot of damage and die quick. The enemy also take a lot of damage. The gear drop rate is lower and tbh the quality isn't great. In hard missions purple gear drops...... I've got to the point that i can do hard missions ok and can clear challenging stuff depending on the enviroment. I did a couple of lvl 4 CP(heroic) with great difficulty. I've just been working on doing stuff for spec points atm to do the gunner spec. Online the main types of build people have been finding successful are red builds shield builds and some people have seen to say they've had good use of explosive skill builds (mortor turret and seaker/ sticky Also if you got warloads everyone got prem pass for season 1 but you have to activate it ingame
  12. Yer they seemed to do it early. I played a bit, the build i had got completely randomised and isn't peforming the same, even after a rejuging stuff and recalbrating. But that was to be expected i tried to do a challenging bounty and gt wiped out 4 or 5 times before i did it, and it bugged and didnt complete so i left it. Max damage my build gets on the range is a lot lower with the sniper but also seems they rebalanced the health of the enemies so cant realy say if thats bad or just differnt. The recal station is cool and it is is a lot easyer to see if a bit of gear is good. Started the campaign with my gear set, did a cupple of missions on level 33 atm and still using the same gear. Will see how it goes, i recon the thing that will make me swap gear out will be to gt more armor.
  13. if you had a full stach then you probs have a nice selection to get started with. ive hoped over to new york and picking off a few missions. seems all right so far!
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