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  1. That looks awesome. I’ll get to flying again at some point this year. Will certainly reach out when I do. the F-86 is really nice to fly as well.
  2. I’d buy 2nd hand rudder pedals. The immersion and feel is so nice and you will not regret it when you’re into flying again. we used to fly IL2 together back when I was living Brazil... between 2002-2007 somewhere. there were about 6 or 7 of us (BDA time?)
  3. Warthog all the way. I love that stick. http://www.thrustmaster.com/en_UK/products/hotas-warthog TM has made the F-18 as well recently and plan to remake the F-16 one (http://www.thrustmaster.com/node/9213).
  4. Cool stuff, Zeno. What was your speed?
  5. About the carrier landing ... remember how easy it was in IL2? Can't forget these good old days. How is mp in general? Can you fly tight formations without being warped?
  6. purchased Though pretty tied up with Falcon BMS time-being. Just couldn't leave this one on the shelves @ this price.Thanks Zeno!
  7. Forgive my ignorance. Hows online flying in fsx?
  8. I still love flying as well. Mainly combat sims, however I surely don't feel the need to (dog)fight per sé. Coop, formarion flying, making it home safely is what I enjoy most. I've been doing Falcon 4 BMS for about 2 months now. My IL2 background and also DCS helped a lot in this immensly difficult sim. Never was a big fan of FSX though, guess (contradictingly) because of the lack of combat (possibilities). If not mistaken, Zeno, have seen you in Cliffs of Dover too?
  9. Hi all, I have 4 keys as well. Send me a message if you want one. All the best, Inimigo
  10. can you guys (who I don't have in the list yet) accept my friend request on steam or add me?
  11. just curiosity, what mods/updates/version/addons are we talking? I still have ARMA 2, though never liked the amount of different versions you need in order to be able to join
  12. ended up buying the game and must say I enjoy it. usually trying to connect on 77th (I believe). See a couple of you guys log on as well, so on which server do you usually play?
  13. Needed tonshare that I really enjoy the game. No intention of spending money on it though. Default sniper rifle does just the trick.
  14. hi guys, worth buying? I only have about an hour or 3 / week to play and am sick of the fast paced battlefield-series. learning curve to steep or ok for a 3 hour/week timeframe? how many of you actually are still playing this?
  15. I just HAVE to share this. Apologies if this has already been posted. HILLARIOUS. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hNT3ftchV-Q#t=460
  16. I second that. Great books. I started with Rainbow Six, back when I was in University. Sad day.
  17. Happy days. IL 2 Battle of Stalingrad. http://il2sturmovik.com/ After the disaster (*) of Cliffs of Dover, I wont take a pre-order risk anymore from any 1C title, however this newest one looks exciting. (*) disaster or ATI/AMD graphics cards owners 777 is working on this new title too. 777 known for the praised Rise of Flight. Hope it will be as good as IL2-1946 used to be (with the good graphics ofcourse).
  18. I have it. I believe i am inimigo on ps network
  19. Thanks. Got GTA 5 for me b-day... Kinda weird 'as a 35-year old'. Looks good though.
  20. thakns for the headsup, I can complete my DCS missing games now
  21. Count me in, whenever it is. It has been waaay too long for flying. I guess my days of flying with most of you date back from my time in Brazil (between 2003-2007).
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