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  1. I had this installed before my reinstall of windows. Will have to get it running again - had some great fun with it!
  2. I only read the first page, but sounds like it may have affected some stuff too much also. A standard soldier should be able to jog/run lightly for at least 2km with his combat gear and weapon and still be able to fire his weapon effectively. From what I understood the only time you didn't start blacking out after 2 km was naked? I'm not sure how fast the guy who tested that was running, though.
  3. Shinobi_EBDA


    I went up about 20 levels with these guys on only a couple of games, thanks to the level difference!
  4. I really wish I had had more time to play this with you guys!
  5. How does this list work, exactly? I realise that it checks the forums to see if your ID is registered here, but does it also check TS to make sure you're on? I don't use the same name in TS and the game. If it does check TS and can still get around my different names, do you have to be in a certain channel, or is it enough you're on the server? 'Cos sometimes when it's a slow night I'll be in a different channel chatting, but might still want to fly something because I'm the only one on the server...
  6. Awesome work. Now I just need time to get in the game and grab that ID!
  7. I've been AFK a fair bit lately, and totally missed everything that is ArmA 3 of late! Can't wait to get playing this baby again. Just got myself a HD 7770 too, so I'll have even better graphics!
  8. That Modular Realism mod looks good.
  9. Shinobi_EBDA

    Arma 3

    How does this dev build work? Will it replace the normal Beta, or can you still play on normal Beta as well?
  10. I'm focusing on ghost right now. Want to get some nice multi-day heists going where some stealth is required. Plus it fits my name...
  11. Shinobi_EBDA


    Now that sounds cool! I haven't managed to get into the joint without being discovered!
  12. I'm level 3 now, so I haven't really given a lot of thought to what I unlock yet. I've got 2 unlocked in Ghost and 1 in the tree that gives you ammo (can't remember what that's called).
  13. I am planning on installing it, maybe this weekend. I didn't have a lot of fun with it in ArmA 2, though. But that could be because I rarely had a chance to play it with a bunch of people.
  14. I didn't realize the tactical stances were server-bound... I'll give it a go and see how it installs for me!
  15. This looks like awesome fun! Soooo.... who's got a beta key for me?
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