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  1. I flew over to your base swarrs, Im not sure what all you had but there was a TRex, Bronto, Arvent and some other misc dinos still there. Not sure if you got raided, but I know Ive lost some dinos to alpha spawns including some structure damage.
  2. 4 of us did the prison break heist yesterday. I'm not gonna lie, it got really frustrating after our 5th attempt resulting in failure. One notable failure when Swars parachuted into my chopper blades on the last step of the escape. But. Once we finally completed it, it felt amazing - and we were able to repeat the successful steps once we got through it. I will say, that there is no way we could do this with one or more players being public players, there is just way too much coordination needed.
  3. I am hoping to go "online" tonight, got the hang of singelplayer but want to take a it slower when it comes to the story missions.
  4. Well I had the game preloaded, but it looks like there is a hefty patch or something. 1 hr to download at 4.5MBps
  5. Invite requested. I'm probably going to rock single player tonight/tomorrow in preparation for multiplayer.
  6. Hello all, The time is nearly approaching! Get ready for that sweet GTAV on PC fun next week!
  7. So I'm a sucker for the Battlefield series, even if it will never be as awesome as Battlefield 2. But, I purchased Battlefield: Hardline and got to play the beta for an hour or so. I gotta say it's actually a lot of fun to play with a group of people. Waaay more than BF4 or BF3. It doesn't take itself seriously, which I think makes it a lot less frustrating. Hopefully this will tide me over until GTAV comes out. If any of you pick it up, let me know! This guy had similar thoughts:
  8. I should be able to hop back on tomorrow. Out of town but I'd love to try this out again
  9. Happy New Year Phish, 2014 will live on as your last year being a single man. XD

  10. http://www.pcgamer.com/best-pc-games-2015/ My Top 5: GTAV Star Citizen Witcher 3 Mirror's Edge The Division Lots of great looking games that I have never heard of before.
  11. Here is another rare commodity list: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1RitrGeA_1jL48AcY1NUx6JUEMrFXZhZI7F05Y4cExrQ/pubhtml Trying it out now. Update: So I just completed the route in pretty much the same ship this guy used in his link. I ended up making a bit more than what he quoted, took the same amount of time. The way rare trading works is that you are allocated a certain amount every 10 minutes or so - so you aren't competing with the market or other traders. Once the route is completed each station has pretty much been replenished.
  12. I also use Slopey's tool here for commodity trading: Download link in the comments. I dont use the second tool mentioned but this is a guaranteed max profit
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