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  1. Hate to ask the obvious questions, but... Have you done any software upgrades recently? Did you try starting in safe-mode? Does your mobo have on-board video?
  2. I'm very happy with the Cooler Master Storm Scout case, myself. Well built, easy to build in, looks nice, its functional (built-in carrying handle), and the front panel ports are very convenient. Newegg.com's Listing
  3. Welcome to the forums. Look forward to catching you in-game.
  4. lmao. I like where your head is at. Always test them with the Wii first. ;-)
  5. haha. I feel ya. I upgraded from 19" to 25"... I almost got lost. =)
  6. I second that. I play on a 25" and its plenty. Considering how close you typically sit to a monitor, 32" might be too big.
  7. Best Buy actually has a few good sales going on, too. Last night I got a 50" Panasonic plasma bundled with a blu-ray player for $998. Check it out
  8. Putting in my official request to get added to the database. I just got out of the server but there wasn't any admins around to add me in. Love the feature, but the first few days of inception are going to be rough with a short list of names.
  9. I'm with Durka on that one.
  10. You can use the editor for that, Stang. If you place the aircraft from the "Empty" group, there won't be any crew in it, so you can hop in and fly around.
  11. I've been waiting to see something like this. Would like to try some long range sniping. =)
  12. I thought you guys might like this alert I received from AVG this evening when I launched Steam...
  13. You can ask your ISP if they have a higher bandwidth package. For example, my ISP (Charter) has 1, 5, 10, and 20Mbps packages.
  14. Are you on TS at the same time you're trying to do this? Has this ever been a problem before? Some mics (mainly non-USB mics) only allow one program to use them at a time. Just a thought. - JHunter
  15. I have nothing but praise for the G35's performance. Only thing I wish they would improve is the functionality of the three macro keys. Unless I missed a memo, you can only use the default macros that are programmed into the driver software. Which has good functions, but I wish I could use them more to my uses and not how the programmers think I should be using those keys. Arma 2 with VopSound sounds great. Counter-Strike footsteps are spot on. Movies also sound great. I prefer my 2.1 speakers for music, however. I have no complaints from any of my voice programs about the mic sound quality. (TS, Ventrilo, Arma 2 in-game, Counter-Strike in-game, Skype, and MSN all used) Extended wear does not cause headache or discomfort around the ears. Slightly ashamed to put this out there, but I've worn them for nearly 10 hours straight (brief breaks for rest room and visits to the kitchen) with no discomfort at all. They are still relatively new, but I have not heard of any issues with durability. I cannot say I've noticed any "weak" spots in the construction, either. Any other more specific questions, let me know. - JHunter
  16. Hey if any of you other guys that volunteered to take screenshots for Stang want to collaborate on some of the poses he requested, let me know.
  17. Postal I don't know what kind of girl you like, so I got you a little bit of everything...
  18. I volunteer. Like I mentioned in my other post, I have to work a lot this week, but if you leave a list of shots you need I'll work on them when I get a chance. =)
  19. Hey guys. Just giving you a heads up that a couple of my buddies had their birthdays coming up so I sent them both copies of Arma 2 over Steam. I'm going to try and work with them on getting them up to speed on how to play and everything. However, I gotta work 12 hour shifts all week, so that severely dampens my playing time. So once they get the basics down, I'll bring them into Sparta. So I'm just asking everybody to keep an eye out for them and help them out. Their in-game names will be "Tule" and "pringle". Thanks Spartans. - JHunter
  20. You're a beast, Zeno. The hard work is much appreciated. Good stuff. - JHunter
  21. Hey batwing, welcome to the forums. Halli and Zeno already laid out the general idea of the Spartan community, so I won't go over that again. But as you can see, I am not a tagged member of Sparta, but I still consider this place home. I've only been on Arma 2 for about a month now, but all the guys in the server are great about getting you up to speed about the game itself and how to integrate yourself into this community. As Zeno said, I have not seen any real formal training going on, but if you're having a problem figuring something out, there are plenty of people willing to step away from the action, take you to a separate channel in TS and show you the ropes. All you have to do is ask. As for the game, Arma 2 itself offers endless possibilities. It has one of the better and more skilled modding communities I've seen. If you're looking for more information to help guide your decision on whether or not to buy the game, I would recommend searching on YouTube for some game play videos. The videos may not demonstrate the "community" environment that the Spartans provide, but they can show you the vast amount of features provided by the game and the mods that have been created for the game. Also, I know on Steam there is a demo you can download (for free). I, myself, have not tried this demo, but it may be worth checking out before dropping $50 on a game you're still not sure about. If you have any specific questions, you can always try to catch someone in the TS or post it up here on the forums. Between all the people here, we have a lot of knowledge about a whole lot of stuff. Again, welcome and I hope to see you on the server soon. - JHunter
  22. I'm running 64 bit Windows 7. Just downloaded AA3 through Steam last night and played today. No issues. Besides me massively sucking at the game. Never was any good at that series. Can't figure it out.
  23. I dunno if you guys have heard about this before, but its a really good cause. Basically what it is, is a charity that provides toys and games to kids admitted to children's hospitals. It was created by gamers, for our little gamers. Check it out. www.ChildsPlayCharity.org
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