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  1. I did have it downloaded, but it just wasn't for me. I may not have given it a fair enough try, but it just felt very unbalanced. - JHunter
  2. If you mean just for our Arma 2 servers, if you just put "Sparta" into your server list filter, only our servers will show up. - JHunter
  3. So, I'm in the market for a wireless network card. At least I'm assuming that a PCI expansion card is "better" than the USB devices. Does anyone have experience with these or have any suggestions/advice to offer? - JHunter
  4. Hm... may have sparked my interest in the game with that clip. Damn you. - JHunter
  5. Well, the free public beta is going to be available on the 9th. I'll at least be checking it out. - JHunter
  6. I agree with Kal. The past few birthdays have been weak in the "presents" department. Happy Birthday, Direwolf. - JHunter
  7. Oh well. Worth a shot, I suppose. Thanks anyway. - JHunter
  8. Does anyone know if its possible to have the laser designator's battery take an "equipment" slot in your inventory, instead of a "magazine" slot? I doubt I'm the first to find it very inconvenient for a 9 volt battery to take away from how much ammo I can carry. - JHunter
  9. I do love me some RTS action... but I have the first Supreme Commander and I just couldn't get into it. Think I'll be passing on this one. Let me know how it turns out, though. - JHunter
  10. I'll pitch in. Downloading the game via Steam as I type, fully intend on jumping on for a bit this evening. - JHunter
  11. I'm not sure I agree with that statement. I think Arma 2 can and will be whatever you want it to be. Whatever you make it to be. - JHunter
  12. I'm not sure how to take that. Either I did insult your intelligence or you got it working. If its the former, I apologize. If its the latter... then hooray? - JHunter
  13. Not trying to insult your intelligence here, but I've learned when trying to help someone, you never assume anything. Just double checking these are the steps you took: 1.) Plug in headset 2.) Change Windows default output back to your speakers 3.) Change TS3 output device to your headset But still no dice? - JHunter
  14. The newest release (BETA B1) of Project Tint's TS overlay has support for TS3. http://www.projecttint.com/ - JHunter
  15. Haven't tested this, but in theory: 1.) Leave your default Windows output device to your speakers 2.) In TS go to Settings -> Options -> Playback Tab and set the Playback Device to your headest. - JHunter
  16. Happy birthday! I sent your gift to get washed... it should be back soon. - JHunter
  17. Agreed. If you're a G15 owner, definitely make sure to enable the built-in G15 plugin (Settings -> Plugins). Very well done, in my opinion. Even has the admin functions right there so you don't have to tab out of the game to deal with an issue. - JHunter
  18. Haha. Who needs skill when you've got technology? =\ - JHunter
  19. When I can fit it into my schedule, I'm always down for some coop. I'm in US Eastern time - week day evenings (after 7pm) and weekends anytime are best for me. Just let me know when. - JHunter
  20. Hahaha. Thats hilarious. Nice find, Medic. - JHunter
  21. Is it possible to prevent AI from occupying these spots all together? Seems to be the obvious question that undoubtly has been contemplated before on an individual basis, but perhaps the great minds of Sparta can collaborate to a solution? =) - JHunter
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