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  1. I don't have the game open at the moment, but in the controls screen there is a "Mods" or "Modifiers" button. Open that up and add the pinkie to the list of Modifiers. I have an issue where the game doesn't detect the pinkie as a button press at all, so I have a work around, if that applies to you as well. It's not awesome, but I haven't put any time into figuring out why it doesn't work like it should. Assuming you are on Windows 10, work around: Open Windows Start Menu Settings Devices Under "Related Settings" -> Devices and Printers Right click the controller -> Game controller settings Select controller Properties Leave that window open and then the game will detect the pinkie switch being pressed. If that does work, you can create a shortcut to cut out some of those clicks. Set the shortcut "location" to: control /name Microsoft.DevicesAndPrinters
  2. Here is my button mapping layout for the F/A-18C on the Logitech X52. I don't take credit for the image itself, I just overlaid my controls onto one I found on the web. The left column is the standard button, the right column is when holding the pinkie switch modifier + that button. "Fire B" and "Fire C" didn't have the extra column, so I just put the modifier action below the normal one. The hats from top to bottom are Up, Down, Left, Right. Edit: Not diagrammed, but wheel brake is the modifier+trigger
  3. Seems at some point in the mission, a UH-60 lands on the Stennis and stays parked on the landing runway. Unless the mission didn't get restarted at all today, it was there last night when I was practicing landing and was there again tonight.
  4. Hey all. We've got a Sparta Discord server up and running for anyone to use. Many of the text channels have feeds from the "Official" servers to get information like announcements, server outages, update change logs, stuff like that. It's still new and we're still figuring out the best way to manage things there, so your feedback is welcome. This in no way is intended to replace the forums or TeamSpeak and we will continue to host those services as well. Server invite link: https://discord.gg/ueatxph If your name in Discord is different than your name here, let us know so we can assign you the appropriate roles.
  5. Finally got around to it. Made the lua file a bit easier to customize, happy to walk anyone through how to get their screens setup. It's uploaded to the DCS channel in TeamSpeak.
  6. Yep, I would assume that is the one. That update combined with the ground radar should make ground attacks even easier.
  7. Quite a few people seem to be having issues with the TPOD on the open beta version of DCS. The two I encountered were: Stowing to -180 degrees when doing a cage/uncage (should return to bore sight) Not being able to undesignate I found a thread on the Eagle Dynamics with quite a lot of people having those issues (and a few others). I wasn't able to reproduce the issue tonight to test any of these, but the forums suggest these work arounds: "Official answer": Enable "VVSLV" mode to unstow the pod, then you can disable if you don't want that mode Put the pod into "Standby" mode on and then back to "On" Switch master arm mode to "A/A" then back to "A/G" The official response: * cofcorpse gave the VVSLV suggestion above
  8. SpaceX YouTube stream is already live.
  9. I'm going to have a lot of catching up to do with the F-18. I didn't get a chance to play this weekend like I had hoped. I was looking over the DLC's before the sales ends, are there any others that are recommended? I figured I'd probably get Flaming Cliffs 3 since you get quite a few aircraft with it. Also wasn't sure how much value the Supercarrier added vs the one that comes with the Hornet.
  10. In the launch video they said they accurately modeled the flight characteristics and temperament of the real life F-14, so I could certainly see us in some eject scenarios
  11. I'll buy the F-14, but you have to call me "Goose".
  12. I think I got all the bombs and the TV figured out. The ones we have in the training mission, as far as I can tell, can't really use the help of the TV. If you're coordinated enough to steer the plane and aim the TV's designator at the same time while in a dive run, it might help you aim, but won't guide the bombs in any way. In the training mission for TV guided, it has you use the KAB-500kr and Kh-29T, which do work well, but they're both very large and can only be mounted on the inner most pylon (limit 2 per plane). I didn't test all the munition types, but I did have pretty good success with the Kh-25ML (Missile type), which can go on the 2nd and 3rd inner most pylons of each wing for a max of 4 per plane. I'll pick up the F-18 tomorrow, but I'll need to get a new joystick. I'm finding dead spots in mine that are nearly catastrophic at low speed... almost certain to be deadly with afterburners. Any recommendations?
  13. You've talked me into it. I'm downloading DCS World now... Do I also need the F-18 to get started?
  14. Logitech has a few that look pretty similar. This one is the G610 (Cherry MX Red switches). I also had a G19 and G15 previous to this, haha. Finally realized I was never using the G keys or the screen. I have a Rosewill keyboard with Cherry MX Brown switches at work that I think I actually like better than the 610. However, I tend to type fairly heavy, so I bottom the keys out and its very noisy.
  15. A couple of my USB devices were barely just too short after moving the tower under the desk and were stopping me from placing it where I really wanted it. Grabbed a couple of these and longer USB cables to mount on the back edge of the desk. Made cable management much easier. https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B07RM6QWHP
  16. You can see in the "before" picture, I didn't even have that much. I was just hanging it off the edge of the desk. 😂 The stand is quite nice, it also doubles as a USB hub. https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B019PI9QD4
  17. Being stuck at home for the foreseeable future inspired me to execute some of the upgrades I've been wanting to do. Before: After: View:
  18. Messed around a bit tonight with the SAMv2 parameters. It's a lot less terrifying when it comes in to dock with some easy tweaks. These are for a small block ship, large block will at least need the MAX_SPEED reduced to 395. You can copy/paste this whole section (replace what is currently there) or just update the highlighted values. private static float HORIZONT_CHECK_DISTANCE = 2000.0f; private static float MAX_SPEED = 495.0f; private static float APPROACH_DISTANCE = 100.0f; private static float DOCK_DISTANCE = 20.0f; private static float UNDOCK_DISTANCE = 20.0f; private static float DOCKING_SPEED = 1.5f; private static float APPROACH_SAFE_DISTANCE = 50.0f; private static float TAXIING_SPEED = 10.0f; private static float COLLISION_CORRECTION_ANGLE = (float)Math.PI / 7.5f; private static string ADVERT_ID = "SAMv2"; private static string ADVERT_ID_VER = "SAMv2V"; // private static int ADVERT_VERSION = 2; private static string STORAGE_VERSION = "deadbeef";
  19. Your post is still there, it's just in a thread that started in 2014, so you may have overlooked it. As Zeno said, the "Activity" tab is useful for finding the most recent stuff. I also use "Unread Content" quite a bit. Link: http://legionofsparta.com/forums/index.php?/topic/11347-space-engineers/&do=findComment&comment=105255
  20. Yep, survival with creative tools is definitely the way to get a feel for the game without the complexity of managing resources. Even for an experienced player, managing a survival game while playing solo is very tedious. Just starting out, you're absolutely going to crash a lot of ships. We all did. Even when the game is working perfectly, ships don't always perform the way you think they're going to. There are also massive margins for human error. Plus the mandatory sacrifices to the diety Clang. If you already have a survival save started, load it up, hit ALT+F10 to open the Admin Menu, and then check the "Enable creative mode tools" and I would also suggest the "Invulnerable" box as well. With creative tools, you don't need materials in your inventory, when you place an object it is automatically complete. No welding required. You can also right click a block to instantly remove it. With Invulnerable, you don't have to worry about oxygen or energy for your character; the bars can be completely empty and everything is still fine. You can also use Shift+F10 to open the Spawn Item menu. You can use this to fill ship inventories to get a feel for how it will perform fully laden.
  21. Not at all... I'm sort of in the same boat as Zeno - I've been on the fence about getting VR or not, so I do like hearing the feedback on how gaming is coming along in that regard. I'm not really a racing guy and never got into the realistic flight sims, so I feel like my VR gaming selection options would be fairly limited. Which brand do you use or do you have recommendations on ones to check out?
  22. I hit the PCU limit, probably going to need to bump that up. Related, there are now proper quarters on the asteroid base. Claim your rooms and park your bodies over there so I can repurpose that current cryo room
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