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  1. Hey Halli, thanks! Have been busy since March with a new job and work on those servers, lol Hope everyone has been staying safe and healthy!
  2. Hey guys, long time no see. I remember meeting up with a couple of you a few years back but haven't seen much fo you all. All these new games and stuff coming out each month it seems. Well I've been stuck in ArmAverse for a while, getting dirty with Exile and other projects. I teamed with a community and later became the owner of the ArmA side of the house. Well after some to do, created a few servers based on some experiences of the past, namely here. I figured that a few here would have some good times and see some call backs to A2 days (Dayz, Domination, etc etc) If you're up for revisiting ArmA verse I'm currently hosting some flavors that might be familiar to some. WARFARE, i.e. CTI (or more like based on BECTI, even has the old looking interface) Exile (similar to Dayz but a spin on it, in case you've not heard of it), but in 2 flavors, PvE Heavy Militarized, and PvP Medium Militarized (no jets or Tanks in traders, but seldom come up in a special mission or 2). Note: Dev Server is 10count, but feel free to join to see what we have coming in the future for PvE.) Welcome to look for them, look simply in ArmA 3 launcher, Filter by Server name "kronik" and wait what seems like forever.... You can also pop in and say hi on discord. https://discord.gg/QvdJma2 I'll pop in closer to the weekend and say hi as well and see if anyone is interested as we should have some good ole TvT Warfare matches this weekend! Side note, servers will have full support till ArmA 4 should we avoid an apocalypse. Stay safe out there folks!
  3. Oh there was a couple. nogripracing.com was around for years! I remember getting into GTR2 mods and that was a central hub for all things GTR2. racedepartment.com later developed more and is basically considered one of the main hubs now. Also give Assetto Corsa a try, it has a ton of mods, better tire physics, etc. Also you can run VR in it fairly easily. It's more on the SIM side so beware. You need to warm up those tires. Note: there is Assetto Corsa Competizione, it's more of GT Cars, but it's limited for the tracks for the time being. Currently not any mods tracks and cars wise.
  4. Does anyone play this here at Sparta? Myself, Global Alien people, and a few others race this if anyone is interested. We also have the United Racing Design GT mod that has Porsches (991 GT3 RSR), Viper (2014 SRT GTS-R), Aston Martin, etc. We mostly race a series of laid back races and have a server running with the mods. Half of us are just getting accustomed to the game, some of us still learning. If anyone is interested hit me up ;) Love to have more out on the grid, especially old ArmA pals ;) If you do have it and in case have that URD EGT mod, you can find our server by searching under non-booking events, with search terms "alien" Pretty soon here were going to be running a Porsche Cups as well. If you haven't seen the game, it's gorgeous, fun, the physics are real good and like any game these days, going to have a few issues or nuisances. They've really ironed out some details in past 6months I've had it and it's still evolving
  5. Hey fellas...stopping by, have been following the development of "The Division" and yes it looks AWESOME! Anyhow here's a little info on using a tablet for "the companion" gameplay....basically what using the Drone will do for your team or outfit: [YT=sxj7jWTB368] (UPDATE) And to clear up any debate about console port here's an excerpt from the FAQ recently at Gamescom last week or so:
  6. Congrats buddy. (note: just got busted by some gals at work in opening the thread to give b-day wishes.....Note to self try to remember the LOSC birthday wishes aren't so P. C. or safe to open at work lol)
  7. Hey fellas wanted to pop in and say hi, miss some of you guys....did a name change to "NutzMcKracken". Been doing some dev work and editing for trueamericangaming.com Might stop in this weekend to say hi to some of you I haven't seen or played with in a long time!

    1. EL_n00biachi


      You still doing some mods? i know your last one was the cluster bomb mod which was pretty sweet :C)

    2. Skaz~SPARTA~


      that was fricking ages ago you drunk belgium prick

    3. XJackerooX~SPARTA~


      great name change lmao

  8. Had a good time last night, look forward to tonight!
  9. Got Take on and Hind expansion for $15 from one of those sales! Have yet to install it since waiting on a velociraptor and re-install with fresh image. Haven't re-installed in 3 years and only seems right to Thanks for heads up all ;)
  10. @niall - That's a tough one in the sense of gameplay. As much as that would be hilarious, all you need is a "bambi" to come up to it and be mad about finding some nice trap. On the other hand could also spawn up a bear trap....he he. I think breaking a leg would be more justice...lol. @MH-6 So far from what I've found from research that there's some lines you can use with spawning items, but shined upon in a certain sense. Yes running a private hive with database access would be the way to go. With having something modified in the sense I'm thinking, this would not be on a public hive unless it was embraced with widespread (DayZ) community support. Not my goal, but if it happens, cool. @Kalxen Thanks a lot for pointing me there, tons of questions answered from browsing their forums. Even mentioned a little about a possible port of Sahrani, that would be real cool! Also "stumbled" upon "DayZ+". Have you guys tried it?
  11. That's interesting! My idea basically doesn't modify DayZ too much, just the map lay out, spawns, fix some vehicle spawns on Taviana (base map for this idea), along with others (can explain better over TS, find me). In summary it encourages grouping together people than wondering aimlessly. It's not much, but I've got some ideas cooking, may need some help in understanding some of DayZ's calls and functions to get it to do what I want. Mission files are tiny and compile from within DayZ I came to find. If MH6 is up for it, I have some questions about the backend so I can have an understanding of how to implement what I want to happen. After doing some mission editing and addon modding, I'm pretty sure I can get there, however it would help having those with more mission editing experience to help a little if they are willing
  12. I have a major f'in awesome idea for a DayZ spin off. I've noticed a few things missing from DayZ that would enhance the game play greatly but retain most of the core values. I've got some concepts written up and a gameplay design that will work with existing functions and classes I'm 99% sure of. Only thing I can foresee adding is a couple core vehicles (non-combat) that would mix it up a bit, and making some custom "markers" for a special dynamic map "key" players would have. Already I've taken apart some of the "dayz_code" and "kh_taviana" to get a better idea on what goes on and whats compiled. Has any of the Sparta mission maker's taken a look at DayZ mod code and missions? So how about it? Anyone interested in looking at this with me? I'll be off for Winter Break coming up after next week and will be working on this.
  13. SirSmokalot


    Running 12.11 on 6950, runs hot if I clock my memory timings 25-30mhz higher than stuck via Catalyst. Breaking 80 degrees C! Gameplay in ArmA is fine and run everything on high @ 1680x1050. Fraps reports drop to 20-27 at times when d-sync occurs or a script is enacted with a lot of functions, not video related though.
  14. Thanks for posting this Zeno! I've been waiting for Take-on to make a major drop in order to pick up on it!
  15. Good time playing DayZ with you fellas last night, was quite an awesome experience all day! First it was our fleet of helo's (special thanks to Uncle Fester and admin guy), then the historical battle between the towns of Byelov and Stary Sad on the South Eastern portion of Taviana! Just started playing DayZ on Thursday and what a good opener for not playing ArmA for months! Smoke is Back!

    1. KalXen~SPARTA~
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      Glad to see ya back on!

    3. SirSmokalot


      Glad to be back! I'll be working on a few things soon and finishing some unfinished business.

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