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  1. When I can get in my Orion, I'll engage.
  2. Restarted a new server. In server browser as "LOSC". Password is sparta. They made a LOT of changes, about to come out of beta.
  3. Upgraded my M50 Interceptor to the new pledge Sale, Buccaneer. https://robertsspaceindustries.com/pledge/ships/drake-buccaneer/Buccaneer
  4. Recently started a new ARK Server. Have fun, don't be idiots. Server Connection/Player Info: LegionofSparta https://arkservers.net/1/search/?term=legionofsparta Server Config:
  5. From what I've picked up, I heard the two planes were not armed, and thus they didn't react. Honestly though, I think it was a diversion.. focus on the planes above, while something nefarious happened below or nearby.
  6. Backup server ts3backup.legionofsparta.net
  7. Saw that Alpha 14 was released today. 500+ updates, fixes. http://7daystodie.com/alpha-14-hits-the-streets/ Of note I saw while glancing Added: New locations to the random gen mix xml including a bandit like shanty town, a water works, cell towers, banks, islands, car lots, diners, and cemeteries. expanded and improved the skills system from 23 to nearly 50 skills and perk groups many of which have up to 3 to 5 tiers Fixed: Minibike playing constant impact sounds. Fixed: Dogs no longer have 360-degree vision. Fixed: Floating buildings in Random Gen Worlds. Added: New cement mixer station where you can mix cement Added: New workbench station which allows you to craft extra items. I don't have 7days server up at moment but can easily set one up if anyone is interested in trying it out. Would tweak it to ensure that first aid packs increase wellness.
  8. Good feedback - I've enjoyed the game style/graphics/etc, looking forward to some of the future content they plan to release. Hit lvl 30, and rolled up a 2nd char to play along with others (you can have up to 4 characters). Some negative elements are the typical MMO grinds, but it goes faster than you think because of the random events, the diverse landscape of neighborhoods, and the story is intriguing.
  9. https://robertsspaceindustries.com/comm-link/transmission/15251-Flyable-Ship-Sale Can upgrade an existing ship to another higher class, pay difference, and retain your lifetime insurance. Super Hornet, Retaliator, M50, etc available.
  10. Happy birthday, and god bless that picture.
  11. So I found out how to tweak the xml configs to make this a bit more playable. I really want to like this game, but little things are killing it. 1) I've adjusted the first aid packs so they will return wellness. 2) I'm adjusting the spawning.xml file to fix the horde sizes.. doubling every 7 days was too much.. and the random horde sizes were also too large. Will likely restart server map again tonight.
  12. Fixed. Server shows up under the "Custom" server list as "Legion of Sparta" Reminder - if you ever played before, you have to make a new user profile. Go into options, nuke your previous, and make a new one.. else you will have errors in game.
  13. Fixing.. seems Steam updated last night while I was out and overwrote the serverconfig with default settings.
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