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  1. I'm set to receive one of these bad boys as soon as NewEgg has them in stock. I'll stick it in my current system as soon as I get it, but I'll be moving it into a new system as soon as Intel's Ivy Bridge arrives. http://www.pcgamer.com/2012/03/22/nvidia-unveils-the-geforce-gtx-680-massively-multicore-insanely-powerful/
  2. This is my concern about this (or any other) mech game: My introduction to mechs was with FASA's "BattleTech" game back in the mid-1980's. I loved the strategy and tactics of the game: heat management, locational damage, etc. Over the years, a number of mech games have stripped out these elements, making the games more like a typical FPS without any of the tactical/strategic considerations; the upcoming game "Hawken" seems to fit this description. Does anyone know if MWO will stay true to its roots, or will it be just another action shooter?
  3. Many of you have probably already seen this by now, but for those that have not... This looks like an interesting arcade (as opposed to sim) air-combat game. It has 4-player co-op and multi-player for up to 16 people, along with 30 different aircraft. It may or may not be my cup of tea, but I'm sure it will be of interest to more than a few of you. http://store.steampowered.com/app/207790/
  4. Considering all the trouble Origin has given me--first with SW:TOR and now BF3--I am going to avoid all EA games that require Origin. From this point on, that will likely be most of their games.
  5. My additions: Planet of the Apes: The original, natch. Primer: It will bend your mind into a pretzel until you've viewed it at least twice. Inception: My favorite film of the past 10 years. The Andromeda Strain: Crichton's best story and certainly the best film based upon his works. Altered States: Because Blair Brown is hot. Oh, the movie is good, too. Moon: Not recommended if you are claustrophobic. Brazil: Terry Gilliam's masterwork. THX-1138: George Lucas couldn't leave this one alone, either, but the enhanced edition is actually quite good. Equilibrium: Not a great film, but decent, and Christian Bale's action scenes make it worth watching. Children of Men: My second-favorite sci-fi film of the past decade. A Clockwork Orange: Shows the promise Malcom McDowell had before, well, everything he's done since. The Exam: Definitely not for everyone, more of an ensemble character study in a somewhat sci-fi setting. A Boy and His Dog: A great adaptation of Ellison's work. RoboCop: Sci-fi, action, and a great sense of humor. The Handmaid's Tale: Easily the most frightening movie on this list. @ Zeno: Get 2001 on Blu-Ray, the transfer is absolutely pristine. It looks and sounds better than some of the recent releases.
  6. You're only one-half step ahead of Riot Games. The only difference between your policy and the actual policy is that I got to play the tutorials.
  7. Some backstory for those nor familiar with this genre: MOBA, short for Multi-player Online Battle Area, is a RTS sub-genre that has been criticized for communities that consist primarily of douchebags, particularly when it comes to how unwelcoming they are to new players. Me, for example. League of Legends (LoL) is perhaps the most popular of these games, and after watching a few matches at a recent LAN, I decided to give it a go. I played through the tutorials and a couple of bot matches before trying a game with real people. As in any team game, communications are important, but after looking through the keybindings, I did not see any key(s) listed for Chat functions. So, while waiting in the game lobby, I simply asked the other players how to use in-game chat. Not only did I get a barrage of derogatory comments about being a noob, I actually got banned from the game. LoL has a system where players can report other players for things such as aforementioned derogatory comments, quitting games, etc. So, EVERY other player in the lobby (that would be nine people total) reported me for "idling", which is odd because the game had not even started. I was kicked from the lobby and then got the notice that my account had been suspended for two weeks, followed by an email stating that I could contact the game's support team if I had any questions. No need for that, though. As far as I am concerned, being banned from the LoL community is a badge of honor; it means I'm not a complete douchebag.
  8. Best wishes, Batwing! Although I'm sure you and your bride will be wearing traditional clothing at your wedding, in my imagination, you'll both be wearing something akin to superhero costumes and then spend your honeymoon fighting crime together. Congratulations!
  9. Fraps is GREAT for games, but BAD for what you need. Camtasia is good though, and, last time I checked, there was a free version of it out there. The software I have personally been using for what you're doing is HyperCam 2, which is completely free. It looks and works a lot like Camtasia, and the quality settings are very flexible, allowing you to get small files with good quality. Please be aware that I did run into an issue where HyperCam would NOT would not record audio when I was only using my USB headset. When I used my on-board audio (which only required a driver installation), it worked just dandy. HyperCam's UI is not the best available, but it's not hard to figure out if you just spend time poking about all of the options. ** EDIT ** Camtasia has a few extra features that HyperCam does not, such as the ability to highlight the mouse cursor. The UI for Camtasia is probably a bit friendlier. Both do offer mouse-tracking, however--the ability to keep the mouse centered on screen. Hope this helps.
  10. And of course there's a video about it. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=n6N9m9P7Z80
  11. I'm not quite certain what you're referring to. If it was the ribbon that popped up on the second-to-last revive, that's just the standard "Medical Efficiency" ribbon. If you're referring to the second award shown during the "after-action" report, it's just a generic ribbon that showed I had 29 total ribbons for the round--too many to cycle through individually, so they just get all lumped together.
  12. No, not YOU, Medic. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2t8embx6fss
  13. I recommend the G930 as well. It took Logitech some time to sort out drivers issues when they integrated the G930 software into the same package as the software for the G13/G510 (along with a few other things), but they are once again working great. The battery lasts just long enough for a full day of use (up to 12 hours for me in some situations). I just charge it up every night and I am good to go.
  14. Welcome back, bud. I look forward to getting blown up in (virtual) tanks with you soon.
  15. I have to echo the sentiments of Batwing and Durka. I'm ok with some arcade-ish shooters, but the switch to a primarily 3rd-person camera does not sit well with me. Furthermore, I am not a fan of Ubisoft's "always online" DRM. If the company was more reliable with it, it wouldn't be such a big deal to me, but the constant problems that Ubisoft has with their DRM scheme, including this upcoming issue, totally turns me off of their games that use it. I passed on buying HoMM 6 during the Steam Holiday Sale because it.
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