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  1. Wait till you see what it costs at 40 and 50 to upgrade the skill.
  2. Did this guild ever get created? I have a lvl 17 Sage who's looking for a home.
  3. The "Empire & Napoleon Total War? - Game of the Year Edition" just went on sale against at 50% off during the encore part of Steam's sale. Just thought I'd let anyone who was interested and missed the first sale. I might pick up Medieval 2 as well since its only 10 bucks.
  4. I'm looking at the Total War Mega Pack and am intrigued. I've always liked the RTS genre, even though I'm terrible at them. Is there one specific game everyone is playing or is it a bit of all of them in the pack? Also, is the multiplayer turn-based or real-time?
  5. I try to play a bit everyday when I can. Its a good mod that is only going to get better. It's always fun to have a fellow Spartan to play with. Even though I wasn't on TS, its good to play with someone you know and have a good idea of their style. Also, free money from people you trust to buy better mechs doesn't hurt either.
  6. Updated from IGN in its "Life Support: Games in Danger" The gist is that development is essentially done and waiting on a publisher.
  7. Might have to look into this if it really is an army building RTS instead of a rushing RTS. I love RTS's but I just can't keep up with the huge rushes at the start of matches.
  8. I loved when the Canadian who won gold in the men's skeleton was walking around Whistler and someone handed him a pitcher of beer. He just started drinking it as he's walking along with his helmet in hand. Just showed how much these medals really mean to these athletes.
  9. This is ACE, there is no final version, only updates . It will calm down eventually but I don't think we can ever expect a static version that everyone can rely on for a long time. Its just going to come down to controlling the version we use, the same way it happened with the original ACE in ARMA.
  10. Watched the great game today between the States and Canada. Probably one of the better hockey games you will see for a long time. Hats off to the American team, who played great the entire tournament. Considering that this team was realistically built to gain experience going into the 2014 games, a silver medal is a huge accomplishment. I'd just like to say that I'm proud of Vancouver for putting on a great Olympics that represented us Canadians well.
  11. MWLL was updated to version 0.2.0 today. Included in the updated is three new mechs (a light, medium and heavy), an artillery tank, redesigned maps to better fit the flow of the game and an anti missile system to deter long range missiles among other things. The download can be found here. Note that the old mwll folder must be deleted for this to install correctly. Feel free to catch me on TS if anyone has any problems or wants to give it a run through. Here is the changelog:
  12. Just wondering if anyone is still playing? I'm playing almost on a daily basis and was just wondering if any Spartans play anymore. There is also a patch planned to be released on the 26th that contains a new mech, so hopefully that will drum up some interest along here.
  13. I think we can hold out some hope in the idea that the game will be tamable with server settings. I never really dismiss a game until we see reviews that says the game is a lost cause. With RSE being involved, we atleast have some hope that some features of the game won't be horrendous. That possibility means that I will still consider the game when it comes out, but it is nowhere near the "instapurchase" status it would have been.
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