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  1. First Spawn - I'm on the beach with nothing but a flashlight...Its cold and i'm hungry. Lets see what I can find. 30 minutes of scavenging has provided me with water, a rotten banana, and a hammer. I see a stranger in the distance, but he is being swarmed by zombies...I can't help him. 5 min later, a baseball bat clocks my head from behind. Scared out of my mind, I run out of the building to see my attacker close behind. It's the poor sap I observed earlier. He is bleeding a lot more than me, so i know I just have to outpace him till he passes out. Sure enough...down he goes. Unfortunately, I pass out from blood loss soon after. Second Spawn - This life has been much smoother than my first. My only problem came when I actually had to fight a zombie. Once you attack one, the others will come. But I discovered you can use a shirt to make a bandage! Cold and alone, i wandered through the city, hoping to find just enough to head north. I found a friend...he became almost like a security blanket, with his superior gear, he made me feel safe when shit hit the fan...but as quick as I found him, he disappeared. Alone again, but back on my feet, I went north. To my luck, finding a map proved to be worth its weight in gold. I discovered a hidden military base just west of my location. With no one else knowing of its location, I was safe to take my time. With my night running out, I sat down in some trees with a weapon, tons of food, but no can opener, and water to last me through the night.
  2. DayZ is out! https://store.bistudio.com/ http://store.steampowered.com/app/221100/?featured_app=1
  3. http://forums.bistudio.com/showthread.php?169787-A3CM-ArmA-3-Chernarus-Mod This guy is planning to release a mod, any day now, with Arma 2 content included using the Arma 3 graphics and lighting! This could be really fun to play with and make some missions using Arma 2 content. The mod includes: Map Chernarus Arma 2 vehicles Arma 2 factions Arma 2 Air Assets Arma 2 Weapons
  4. Ok, that is good to know. I can start the DL when I get home from work. Thanks Kalxen. Also, I talked with the [sNS] Real War mission creator and was told that he would have an Altis version done very soon. I will keep y'all updated.
  5. Lol Hali, that brought back memories! Hey do y'all need an airstrike? no... What about a heli... no
  6. This is looking very good! The game is running great and the missions people are making are very impressive!
  7. Mission Name: Real War Link: http://www.armaholic.com/page.php?id=22013 Game Type: TvT/SC Description: The aim in Real War is to capture a neutral Control Points (CPs) or enemy CPs and hold them. Teams must hold CPs and kill members/vehicles of the opposing team to reduce the enemy ticket count. Once a team ticket count has been reduced to zero, the other team wins. Additional Information: * CPs must be taken sequential order. You must defend your own, and simultaneously attack the enemy's. When you die, you can wait to be revived by a team-mate, or you can respawn at any FOB built by your team. Your Main base has the most assets, but is the furthest away. * When one or more members of the squad have died the squad leader can place a rallypoint (RP) to speed up the squad's regrouping. The following conditions must be met for the RP to be placed successfully: You are the leader of your squad You can only place one RP before you need to rearm this ability Another squad member is within 25 meters of your position No enemy is within 100m Squad leaders can also deploy FOBs! This mission seems like a great starting point for us! If we want to make some changes on our own, we have the ability to do that. But this seems like a great start.
  8. Good afternoon Spartans, With the release of Arma 3 on Thursday, our Spartan server will be up and running for everyone to play on, but we need everyone to list missions that you have had a lot of fun with. Whether it be co-op, tvt, CTI, SC, or any other game type, please post a link to the mission so we could all look over it and decide what we want on the server. Please post in the following format: Mission Name: Link to file/mission page: Game Type: TvT, Co-op Description: Additional information: After we have a list of missions, we will have a discussion to finalize the list. Please post missions that are in a "stable" version. I can say on behave of the other admins that none of us like server crashes. Also, if you have any experience making missions for Arma, please let me know below. I would like to get a count of what assets we have available to us. If everyone is up to it, we could make a custom mission for our server that the group would like to see. I have a few ideas of my own, but lack the experience of programming. Thank you everyone!
  9. After my Barbarian campaign, I am going to play as Rome on legendary. But I want to wait for a patch that will fix some of the game breaking bugs...eternal port blocking is a main one. Also campaign map performance would be nice.
  10. Jesus MH6! I captured one island, you have most of the southern map done.
  11. Hello fellow Spartans, Please post, in story form, your current situation / dilemma you find yourself in for Rome 2. Post your faction, year, $$ you have in the reserves, and then your story. I would love to read what everyone is going through. If you need help with the names of provinces or factions, http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Total_War:_Rome_II is the link to the wiki, along with a map http://i.imgur.com/GwhcAqI.jpg. I will start Iceni 200 B.C. (estimated) 14,000 in reserves Current Situation: I've established trade routes with the entire western seaboard and have been enjoying my trade income for quite some time. My people are happy and Britannia is almost conquered, but one lone tribe stands in my way! I have severed all ties with them and estimate an easy victory...or so I thought. All this time...I have ignored them...they had been busy... I move two of my veteran armies to siege their measly town head on, while bringing in reinforcements from the rear flank. They knew... The Caledones confronted the rear army head on... Ultimately, there was no hope. I left them to fend for themselves. But This! This gave me time! Time I desperately needed to complete the siege weapons for the assault. Without them, I had no hope. You think you have plenty of time...until you run out of it. Their armies did not appreciate my presence on their soil. They came for me, but I needed more time! I will hold! 3,500 of my greatest men vs. 7,500 of their only hope. Could I hold? The battle begins... The first wave shakes the ground we stand on. As they crest the hill, I finally understand what I am truly facing. My two armies converge together...Should I hold? The first wave was intended to take me out of position. My men grew tired, but I held. As the last of them fell, the second army came into view...I can hold! The second wave was much more difficult. My men were tired and dwindling in numbers, but THEY, not I, were broken! Chasing down the last skirmishers, I relished in my victory…that’s when the third army arrived. How could I have forgotten! I had chased those damn skirmishers into a trap! Formation was the key to victory, but the hill had hidden their approach. A final order…Charge! Both generals charged with their men into battle. With a hero’s death in their minds, they fought for everything they had….It was enough! My generals fighting alongside their men kept spirits high and victory was won! The Britannia Island is mine! The road to Rome awaits me…
  12. I've already decided im going to re-spec into the enforcer. No more charges for me. Just too easy.
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