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  1. This guy made a short movie using Vietnam era assets. There are flyable mods for the A4e, the F4 Phantom, the F105, the C130, the Littlebird, as well as the official model for the Huey. The A4 is an incredible mod. I hope you enjoy as much as me.
  2. Ok, it's not a SEAD mission anymore. I can't achieve the mission primary objective of destroying the warehouse if I try to suppress/destroy all AA/AAA. So now I go straight for the warehouse. In this attempt I used the A10a (from the Flaming Cliffs 3 module) with 12 x Mk82Air bombs I approached over the lake at low level (200-300 feet), found the mast and lined up to the right of it. I couldnt figure out how to drop all the bombs so I released manually (10), incredibly I destroyed the warehouse. In the shot below I was doing 330 knots at 1719 feet, but the height above ground was 220 feet. On the way in I received some ineffective 23mm AAA fire, but my RWR was very active after I cleared the buildings beyond the lake. In all 5 Iglas and 6 SA 15 Gauntlets were fired at me. One or two Iglas took out one elevator/rudder assembly but I could still fly, but not low enough to evade, then an SA15 hit me and it was game over. I was still alive but this was unrecoverable, so it was time to punch out. Still I was happy that I could penetrate the defences and kill the primary target. The problem with the A10 is 330 knots was on full throttle and that isnt very fast when trying to evade. Maybe the A10c II is faster but I would have to learn how to master that plane.
  3. Here is the Queen Elizabeth Carrier mod. It's a bit low res and there is no bow wave (the ship is doing 20 knots). I have added an F35 mod as well, but few plane mods are in the same league as the A4 I showed earlier. The upcoming Grisellimod F22 is not bad and I will show it later.
  4. SA 10 (S300 Grumble) can reach 100,000ft. I had to add an SA10 to the mission to force a low level penetration, otherwise it would have been more logical to use high altitude bombers like the B1b or B52,which could also be a fun mission in a covering role. The newer S400 is even more deadly, but fortunately is not in the game. Something I did not add was the acquisition time for the AA systems which range from 3 seconds to 26 seconds depending on the AA system. I have tried this run in the F5 and F18 and observed on my RWR that the AA radars were losing me and reacquiring me, but presumably the clock starts again each time. Iglas have a fast acquisition time and if I set the manpads skill to excellent you may get an Igla in the face, even on the deck and very fast. Sadly the F5 only has Snake eyes, so I was destroyed by my own bombs, as they simply dont have time to slow down before hitting the target at sub 100ft.I have to check fusing but I dont think there is a high degree of interaction with the bomb, Just some switches and dials, to indicate which bombs to drop, the interval of the drop and I think tail or nose fuse. Its a shame because I enjoy flying the F5. It's a challenge, a bit like playing chess against yourself, and it keeps me from getting too rusty.
  5. I tried this mission in an F18 (the plane with which I am the most familiar) using 8 Mk 82 Y bombs. The Mk 82 Y (AKA the Mk 82 Air) has a retarding mechanism in the tail called a Ballute which slows the bombs much more than the Snake eye. With this bomb you don't have to climb before release. I approached at 500 knots and <100 feet. I manually dropped the 8 bombs together, but missed by 100 meters or so. 10 anti air missiles were fired at me in the process, 1 Igla, 4 Tors and 5 Grumbles. Since the ingress and egress were very low I evaded by executing sharp 45 degree turns as well as chaffing and flaring. I was able to land undamaged at Kutaisi. I will have to figure out a visual cue to release at low level. The following planes have the Mk 82 Y/Air or its equivalent F18 F16 A10 Harrier Viggen
  6. There are free mods available for HMS Invincible, Illustrious and HMS Queen Elizabeth. Here is HMS Invincible
  7. One wheel on my wagon, but I'm still rolling along! Incredibly I could control the plane using the rudder, elevons and one set of ailerons. unfortunately I had no thrust, so when I ran out of talent the plane hit the ground too hard.
  8. My favourite mission in DCS is SEAD. The toughest missile system in the game is the SA10 with its massive reach and speed. This could be defeated with the HARM missile from standoff range, but not so easy with any other weapon. However in one of the updates the land based SA10 will shoot at and destroy HARMs. I experimented with an attack on the standard SA10 template which has 6 vehicles with 4 launchers each (ie 24 missiles). Using my F18 and the terrain, I attracted fire from the SA10 then dove down into a valley. It took a bit of time and patience (not to mention fuel awareness) but I managed to deplete the site of missiles and then kill the RADARs. I am pretty sure I can devise a devilish AA defence system, but I want a challenging defence, not an impossible one. So in this mission the objective is to destroy a specific warehouse. It will be defended by a layered defence potentially consisting of :- Manpads SA18 Igla Min Alt 0 Max Alt 12000 Range NM 2.5 Guidance IR RWR None Gaskin SA 9 Strella Min Alt 100 Max Alt 12000 Range NM 2.5 Guidance IR RWR None Osa SA 8 Min Alt 50 Max Alt 21000 Range NM 7.5 Guidance RADAR RWR 8 BUK SA 11 Min Alt 450 Max Alt 45000 Range NM 19.2 Guidance RADAR RWR 11,SD TOR SA 15 Min Alt 60 Max Alt 25000 Range NM 6.5 Guidance RADAR RWR 15 The exact location of the warehouse is unknown, only the approximate area. We do know that there is a large radio/TV mast nearby. It will be in the vicinity of the three airfields. Note the 2 TACAN channels 25 and 22 which will help navigate to the area Note lining up with the eastern tip of the lake will put you on course for the airfields. The lake is in a depression, there is a small wooded area and buildings allowing you to get close with cover. The target is to the right of the radio/TV mast which is tall and will be a visible landmark to align onto when you cross the lake. There is no enemy air cover. We will not have access to long range stand off weapons to hit the warehouse, nor will we have any HARMS or their Russian equivalents. Ideally this will be a mission where any fast plane with dumb bombs and rockets can participate We will have to recon the area to find the warehouse, but the recon will be hot. I built this mission for myself to practice low level flying, SAM evasion and bombing, if anyone wants to join in I will add the plane of your choice.
  9. This is the A4E mod v2.0. This is really an impressive plane especially since it's free. I have paid for planes in FSX that were less interactive and frankly good looking, inside and out. It can carry an impressive array of weapons from dumb bombs to the Shrike Anti Radiation Missile, as well as guided and air to air AIM 9s. It is carrier capable using the free carrier that comes with DCS World. Here I have tried to recreate a busy carrier deck preparing for a strike trying to stick with Vietnam era equipment.
  10. It looks like the KC135 PRMS has a boom and a Drogue, so I have changed the refuelling practice KC130 (Arco) to this plane.
  11. A lot has changed since the original Scramble at Batumi, firstly Batumi parking slots were overwhelmed so we are also at Kobuleti. There are a few planes/choppers also parked at Nalchick and Tbilisi-Lochini. I have added almost every plane and will add more as required. The F10 selection in the radio menu can spawn or despawn different units, including fighters, bombers naval units and a large anti air complex. There are 2 super carriers, the Stennis and the Roosevelt, I dont know if you can interact with the Roosevelt if you dont own the module, but the Stennis is part of the free DCS World. There is also a Tarawa for choppers and the Harrier There are 3 refuelling tankers, an S3B and 2 KC130s for refuelling practise, they all use the drogue method for refuelling which will not work for the F15 and F16. In the past the KC135 with the boom did not refuel planes with a probe, but I seem to remember seeing them with probes un ravelling from external wing tanks so this may have changed, I will check and change a KC130 to a KC135 if they can refuel with a drogue as well. In order to help you locate them, there are navigation aids for the tankers and carriers. These are listed below. This information is available in the mission briefing which can be accessed at any time by pressing escape and briefing. Refuelling Tanker 1 TKR1 "Texaco" 252am TACAN 13Y Tanker 2 TKR2 "Arco" 253am TACAN 14Y Tanker 3 TKR3 ""Shell" 251am TACAN 15Y Carriers Stennis CVN1 TACAN 11X ICLS 15 127.5am Tarawa TACAN 14X 128.5am Theodore Roodevelt TACAN 15X ICLS 16 129.5am Main Airfields Batumi TACAN 16X ILS 110.3 Runway 13 (Sea Approach) Kobuleti TACAN 67X ILS 111.5 Runway 07 Sukhumi-Babushara TACAN 10X No ILS
  12. My other planes in DCS MiG 29 SU25T SU 27 SU33 KA50 Bell UH 1H A10a, A10c, A10cII, F15C, F16, F/A F18, Saab Viggen, Dassault Mirage 2000 Despite having all these planes I still want more.
  13. I bought the F5E and thought I would have a bash at the Top Gun inverted flight with the "MiG 28" but reversed, ie the MiG would be inverted. Unfortunately I am useless at formation flying, so although I got close I could stay in position long enough to invert. I like the F5, It was one of the first models I built as a youth and in those days it was known as the Freedom Fighter. It is nice to fly as it can carry AIM 9 M and P missiles as well as bombs and has a couple of guns in the nose. The F5 was used as the aggressor in dissimilar combat training by the US as it is a light agile fighter. In a documentary I watched recently I learnt the the F18 had its origins in the F5. Because it is an old, unsophisticated, steam gauge plane, the start up is very quick. It does need to be hooked up to an external air supply to start the engines, which is different. Later I practised flying inverted, but before long both engines shut down, I was able to restart them when I rolled back but encountered a tree. Maybe next time I will avoid flying low and inverted at the same time. I still want to get the F14 but I am not optimistic about getting the 50% discount, the current price is discounted by 15% and the newer planes like the F16 and 18 are 30% off. There is no hurry, as for now, I only know how to use the F18 properly, so I have to learn how to use the A10, Viggen, Harrier, F16, F5, Mirage, KA50, Huey, SU 25, SU27, SU 33, MiG 29 and the F15C.
  14. Flying low in the Mirage 2000!
  15. Cent and I had a bit of a fly around in the F/A 18 and struggled a bit with the cold start. I should have checked this page, it has been edited with the proper start procedure, especially the INS
  16. The steam sale is on until Feb 15. Project cars 2 is 84% off and DCS modules are discounted as well. Some are 50% off, some are 30% off. The F14 and JF17 have smaller discounts. The Viggen is 50% off. I think I will buy the Mi8 and the F5E, both are 50% off.
  17. Eagle Dynamics are working on new clouds for their simulator see the video below. Also in the video is Heatblurs A6 Intruder. Heatblur is working on a Vietnam era AI pack and once it's complete I understand they will make a full fidelity version of the A6.
  18. I don't know how many people have it, the last game we raced was Project Cars 2.
  19. I added the Huey to my DCS fleet and did a couple of circuits. It did disassemble on one landing but I managed to take off fly a circuit and land roughly where I wanted. I will have to test in on the Tarawa. The noise it makes is very evocative of the Vietnam era (based on documentaries and films I have watched), I hope they add some more planes from that conflict.
  20. These are cool ideas. Building a base as a trailer is interesting. When we built the detachable mobile bases they were reaching >600,000kg all in with 24 to 28 driven wheels. My tractor only weighs 76,000 kg unladen. My objective is to be able to exit the lake and negotiate the flatter parts of the terrain with the trailer. The Tractor should be able to go anywhere. The trailer you describe can be created. but weight is a major consideration, I will have a go at it. These are definitely not the final prototypes. BTW here is the inspiration for my tractor.
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