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  1. Yes I see, but there is a free fire mode as well. I managed to shoot the gun, both fixed and using the eyepiece. I killed a few petrol tankers, but the coordination between my head and the chopper is so poor that the shells are snaking around all over before a random shot hits (because they are petrol tankers one hit is enough). What I was missing there was the trigger guard. I had everything correctly set up but nothing happened when I pulled trigger. Eventually I caught it in a Casmo video. I had actually mapped the button but forgot, it's on the stream deck now on the initial page as a toggle, so it is out of the way right away! This was a very helpful video, I reckon I can get the hellfires away now. I will try later. It's weird, I can fly and navigate pretty tidily, but adding the fighting overloads the noggin. I imagine practice will address this.
  2. I have been amusing myself trying to master Vectored Thrust. I started by converting my shuttle. I had forgotten that I used a mod for rotors that allowed 1x1 advanced rotors, instead of 3x3. So after I finished the first version using the mod I set about building one without mods. This is much more ungainly but at least it works. Then I set about building an atmospheric attack craft to deal with nearby NPCs, Its not bad looking, but not as effective as I had hoped.
  3. I checked it out, I will watch it again to see if I can incorporate it into the mission to quickly locate the return runway.
  4. There is a recent problem with the elevators, someone has changed the code to fix it. https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1154898843&searchtext=vcz+elevator Just swap this mod for the old one and the existing elevators will work.
  5. The A4 has been updated to v2.01 and the UH60 has been updated to v1.2. Downloads available at the aforementioned FTP
  6. I thought I would have a look at Space Engineers to see what Improvements I could make to my station and ships. I few files would not open but I managed to recover all of my ships and the space station. The only problem is the elevator mod doesn't work for now. In this station the elevators are very useful.
  7. Adder and I having fun with Spitfires against FW190s Ignore the text in the left, we were both getting kills, but they all registered as mine.
  8. To make life easier and to ensure compatibility with the server you can download all the mods from this FTP Host Username Sparta No password needed
  9. Although I have heard of the game, I never kept track of it. so never had any expectations. But for me it represents a modern version of the original Rainbow 6, a series I really enjoyed. It may not be perfect but it was enjoyable, especially in multiplayer co op.
  10. Its a really tough but enjoyable tactical shooter.
  11. OK After a day of downloading, Star Citizen is yet again installed. I have had a run around a couple of stations and Cent gave me some dosh for a ship. Used the x56 profile for my HOTAS, I just need to find my image with the button numbers. I am going to use my Stream Deck as well. So far so good!
  12. That's done and on the server.
  13. Yes, thanks for the suggestion. I will set up an area where planes can be started cold and dark. Learning how to start a plane from a cold and dark state is a great way to familiarize yourself with it. This becomes more important with modern complex planes. We pay for that realism but rarely use it. Yes. I am pretty sure that can be done. I think 7 people have the Mosquito, 5 of those have fighters as well, (plus one who only has a fighter). So if everyone who had a plane played at the same time we could have a mix of 5/3 or 6/2 mix of Mosquitos and fighters. Then the bombers could go in with fighter cover. I don't know if this can be implemented automatically, but I can implement it via the radio F10 menu
  14. I am developing a training mission for WW2 assets (using the ww2 asset pack). It will be like scramble at Batumi but uses Radio F10 menu to call in certain targets, but there are fixed targets as well. Fixed Targets You can fly to the dam and through the valleys to attack the same target as the 633 homage mission. This includes 20mm anti air along the way. You can practice finding Kutaisi using the Radio Direction Finder in the Mosquito. There is a similar training target nearer to Batumi Optional Targets You can repeatedly spawn and de spawn targets using the radio menu Fighters - 3 Fw190a Anti air along the route to the training target Road Convoy along same route as training target Ship Convoy north of Batumi including, 2 E boats, 1 Submarine and 5 civilian ships 16 Ju88s targeting Batumi Airfield Here are some samples of what to expect
  15. Radio Test v1.miz KUT Constant.wav
  16. It is more of a ball ache which should not be necessary. It doesn't work the same but it is similar. I actually switched on and tuned the radio to 230Khz, following the instructions you gave me yesterday. That radio is a work of art!
  17. This radio Beacon problem has been a pain, I think somehow the music files I added screwed up what Custard could hear. So I have completely redone the mission and will test the beacon with Custard tomorrow.
  18. OK I changed the Frequency and the code 230Khz KUT -.- ..- -
  19. I have another idea to fix the mysteriously undeletable transmission. I will try another frequency!
  20. Stream Deck, default profile, DCS Comms works on refresh when mission is running. The buttons on the stream deck, however, are for the most part. not interacting with the game.
  21. I got most of it working but the stream deck inputs are not communicating with the game. I copied the contents of export.lua into the games existing export.lua file. The config.lua references the 1725 port. I was nearly there, irritating!
  22. I am happy to test this whenever you want. There will be a DCS sale on steam soon, would you please consider buying the WW2 asset pack, it won't be expensive. This will allow me to add vehicles, anti air and search lights etc from that era. We have a "Gestapo" headquarters training night mission which is more interesting with the WW2 asset pack. The mission is not long range for training purposes but once it's dialled in I will locate it much further away. Anyway please consider buying the WW2 asset pack when its on sale.
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