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  1. Did you mean Grim Reapers? Growling Sidewinder is excellent, especially for aerial combat versus other human players such as Longshot. Spudknocker is also enjoyable. Tricker and Bogey Dope are former USAF ground crew I find their search for realism very interesting as it helps understand the complex systems of a modern fighter. Plasmo is a former Apache Pilot so his input is valuable. Cap of Grim Reapers is an entertainer, he is actually pretty good at sim flying and is from time to time quite knowledgeable, when he does some research. Often though he explains things without researching and this results in confusion. He reminds me of Murray Walker, for example he will say there's no escaping that missile and the plane proceeds to evade it.
  2. Yet another plane I will have to buy! Eagle Dynamics Tornado announcement LINK
  3. I did all the non weapon upgrades and after powering it down completely and restarting, the Connie worked properly. Cent and I did some mining in very poor visibility but she fared well. I hope the reset helped out with your problems.
  4. I can't let the passing of our Queen go without mention and yet I am at a loss for words.
  5. A group called Split Air have released a free mod of the North American Rockwell OV10a Bronco. This plane was used by the US as a Forward Air Controller (FAC) during the Vietnam conflict. It was also capable of the Counter Insurgency (COIN) role as well and was used as such by other countries. I have to figure out how to create FAC missions for it, but COIN missions will be easier to come up with. This is an interesting aircraft, for those of you interested in learning more here is a link to a wiki page.
  6. There are no other ships in game I care about getting so I can currently contribute 1.5 million towards getting the mole. Until there are Org's this is the only way to go and there is no point in us duplicating ships.
  7. I watched a video that showed how many ROCs fit into different ships. The Andromeda only takes one, however the Aquila can take 2.
  8. I am confused, Yesterday I bought an Ursa and a Cyclone, should I have bought a ROC as well?
  9. Well I had a shitty start, died on a bunker mission, went back and was killed by pirates, went back again, killed by pirates again but managed to kamakaze one, went back again and killed the last pirate. Mission then failed but I recovered my loot. Did another bunker mission, succeeded. When I was in my ship with a ton of loot when I noticed I had dropped my gun so I went back to get it, 5 seconds later the turrets blew my ship up. So I suicided and ended up in jail. had a break, came back in Everus. Since I had no guns I flew to new Babbage and collected a bunch of P4s. Found a mission and completed it, looted everything I could and went back to Tressler. Then I found I had been given the missing aUEC 600,000, I need another 6-700,000 and I will be able to buy the Constellation Andremeda. BTW all the boxes have disappeared as well. We ere able to keep the guns with the mags they had in them but otherwise all ammo has gone.
  10. I still have my ships and aUEC 1.4mm (I lost about 600,00) so not as bad as stated in the patch notes, but irritating none the less. Alpha Patch 3.17.2a has been released to the LIVE, and is now available to test! Patch should now show: VERSION 3.17.2-LIVE.8186206. It is strongly recommended that players delete their USER and Shader folders for the Public client after patching, particularly if you start encountering any odd character graphical issues or crash on loading. The USER folder can be found (in default installations) at C:Program FilesRoberts Space IndustriesStarCitizenLIVE. The Shader folders can be found here %localappdata%Star Citizen. Database Reset: Yes Long Term Persistence: Enabled Starting aUEC: 20,000 For more information on this 3.17.2a release please check out this community post! Alpha 3.17.2 Incoming Hotfix Known Issues Sabre Raven – VFX – Green flickering light fills the screen when sat in the pilot’s seat during weather VFX (Players will receive a loaner Sabre) Players may have to restart the game after getting kicked to the main menu from a 30k server crash Targeting – A ship’s targeting pip may be missing or disappear for some players; they cannot be targeted when this happens Multivehicle – Ships floating in the hangar when stored with the engines left on then retrieved again Ships / Character Animation – The player character arm will misalign when seated in ships, causing obstruction of HUD and view Vehicle / Spawning – The Khartu-al spawns on the hangar floor sideways Vehicles / Ships – Shields – Weapon fire penetrates shields when ships are moving Vehicles / ShipRefuel – While docked to a Starfarer multiple vehicle types will continuously tilt instead of remaining stationary and snap away from the arm if any movement is attempted Vehicles – The Argo Raft’s elevator controls cannot be interacted with from either deck Crusader Ares – Headlights on Ares are too dim to notice at reasonable range Animation – Weapons – All weapons are held like a pistol whilst moving in EVA Combat AI – UGF Missions are sometimes missing NPC spawns to complete the mission FPS Weapons – Weapon holsters or un-holsters unintentionally Armor / Weapons / Utility items may disappear between sessions Inventory – Weapons – Weapons looted directly equipped from containers/boxes are missing attachments ASOP – Ships on landing pads end up in “unknown state” for location and have to be reclaimed after the ship is stored or streamed out Missions – UGF / Bounty Hunter – Turrets around bunkers respawn very quickly, sometimes almost instantaneously Multiple locations – R&R Stations – Stations are variably offset from the Lagrange point they are housed within Feature Updates Gameplay Combat Assistance Service Beacons Lowered frequency of Low Threat missions. Increased frequency of Moderate, High, Critical Threat missions. Fixed an issue that was causing Combat Assistance Service Beacons to pay much more than intended. Additional balance pass to Combat Assistance Payments and adjusting probabilities of mission difficulties spawn frequency. Changed MAX Button on Shop Kiosks to +10 Friends List is Now Sorted Alphabetically Ships and Vehicles Reduced the HP of Multiple Parts on the Esperia Blade Bug Fixes Fixed an issue causing multiple Elevators to break and not function Party launching should now work more consistently Fixed an issue causing player medical beacons to not complete mission/payment when player is brought back from incapacitation Fixed an issue causing UGF Missions AI to go missing and block missions from completing Fixed a bug with the Search and Destroy mission where probes destroyed counter reports wrong if you destroy the probes before the mission says you located them Ships should no longer get stored at Klescher upon completion of prison sentence Fixed a cargo hold area of space Derelict Reclaimers that allowed players to clip and see through the hull Hull-A Empyrean, Horizon, and Dusk Paints should no longer be missing The rear of the Drake Mule should no longer start to float if the vehicle navigates over steep inclines / hills NPCs on dropships should no longer be completely unresponsive for an extended period Fixed an issues causing players to have an infinite load screen after recovering from a client crash while in a ship or vehicle Player List in Commlink app will no longer reset scroll position back to the top when the player list updates Fixed an issue that was causing Combat Assistance Service Beacons to pay much more than intended Players should no longer be arrested when using the Orison Spaceport Docking Port elevators Sending aUEC to a player not in the sender’s instance will no longer cause the aUEC to disappear into the void Renting ships should no longer give a transaction error The ‘go to mission objective’ part of the Unauthorized Surveillance Detected missions should no longer fail after player has already completed the mission contract Aegis Gladius Foundation Skin should no longer obscure the Cockpit’s View Technical Fixed 8 Client Crashes Fixed 9 Server Crashes Fixed 2 Server Deadlocks Fixed a Backend Service Crash that was causing aUEC wallets to reset to zero Made many backend super pcache improvements to make it more robust
  11. I am happy to help re accumulate armor and weapons, etc.
  12. It can be tense, I found myself holding my breath as I was moving slowly around the map. Luggage bought it as well and is annoyingly good at the game.
  13. Ground Branch is available on Steam at a 40% discount
  14. This is a bit disappointing, however I was a bit confused about pricing. Usually there is a pre release period where a 30% discount is offered, but on release it goes to full price. With this Razbam did not offer a pre release, but did offer a 20% initial discount. Now that discount is gone and its at full price. I am not unhappy to have bought it but would not recommend it. However the problem with the Harriers not engaging air targets has been fixed. in my San Carlos bay scenario, some of the problems have been addressed. I changed the weather to heavy overcast with a cloud base at 7000 feet, technically the A4s should fly below the clouds to be able to see the target. I am using the Illustious carrier mod, which has a ski jump. Razbams Invincible does not. The illustrious engages the A4s at range and now they are flying lower the Rapiers are engaging as well. Harriers also engaged the A4s but 2 were shot down. I will recreate this scenario on the Marianas map or the Caucusus map using Crimea as a surrogate for the Falklands. That way people will be able to play the Argentinians and try to rewrite history or the brits defending the task force. Only the A4 mod and the Illustrious mod will be required. My concern is Razbam is not big, most of us are waiting on the F15E, but they are also working on the Pucara, Mirage III, Super Etendard, Sea Harrier and the Veintecinco de Mayo Carrier as well as filling out this map. My hope is that they focus on the F15E, but even though I like their products they come across as a bit haphazard in their approach to finishing products. On the other hand they do work to constantly improve their stuff even years after release.
  15. DCS Open Beta has been updated amongst other things the South Atlantic Map Asset Pack has been added. Unlike the WW2 Asset Pack my understanding is that this asset pack will be added to the free to play base game, but I need to check this. This is for Cent DCS: South Atlantic Added South atlantic assets: Naval: Castle class patrol vessel Harbour tug HMS Invincible aircraft carrier HMS Achilles frigate HHS Andromeda frigate HMS Ariadne frigate Almirante Lynch frigate Almirante Condell frigate ARA Santa Fe Submarine Vehicles: LARC V TACR2A Placeable: Tower crane Small lighthouse Wind turbine (Offshore and Land based) KAT345L Excavator Known Asset pack issues: No RWR missile launch warning from HMS Invincible HARM missile and HTS can not detect Leander class or Invincible Missing textures on Sea Dart missile, and booster detach animation missing AI AV-8B can have problems landing on HMS Invincible with weapons loaded SeaCat and SeaDart launchers have no rotation limits Leander class frigates are missing sounds
  16. Thanks for sharing this story. My condolences over the loss of your father, from the stories you have told me you had shared a few memorable adventures with him, As I have told you, this shape 6 series is one of my favourite BMW body styles (next to the E46 M3) and one of the few classic cars I would want. I watch a bunch of automotive You Tubers and this lady is working through a restoration of a 1985 E24 635 CSi, although not the M it may have some useful tips and tricks. Good luck with your build. PS Welcome to the forums! Feel free to post pictures!
  17. If by chance you visit the forum, I wanted to wish you a happy birthday.
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