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  1. It must be happy bum day and they certainly look happy to me, but Sorry, this is for MILAR, happy birthday to you.
  2. I'll stop by your ts to chat with you to understand exactly what went on, its not that you are unclear, but we need to get very clear if we are 1 to protect ourselves - which shouldnt be too hard and 2 take it further if it happens again. Thanks again Just so you all know Scorp stopped by to let us know about this. Thanks Scorp.
  3. Actually when I reread this, you are saying he made online purchases with your credit card not that he used paypal. In fact you have been the subject of an attempted ID theft of your credit card, which means he somehow got your credit card details through paypal. I am just coming to terms with the recent goings on, so I am struggling to accept that he would do this as well. Oh well, he is off my christmas card list. Thanks for the info I will change my passwords, maybe we all should.
  4. GySgt your quote is from Aliens Custards quote is not from Escape From NY, think sunglasses and aliens.
  5. All my paypal debits result in me receiving an email. Is that not the case for you. Cheers zeno
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