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  1. Krambo, you were one of the first in the first go round, you attention whore you. Anyway nothings to stop you starting anew.
  2. Its a PC game for GT cars, has good physics and its fun to race online. The Novice server is easy to drive in, but the simulation is easy to crash in. It was only $20 at Best Buy in 2006 when it came out.
  3. I looked up how hurricanes are named since I didnt know, this is what I found: http://school.familyeducation.com/hurrican...ters/34258.html I have no idea what it is.
  4. To sum up, potential participants: Adder (if he can get a key) CoBoL E$ Floyd Hoss Kiwi Maj3stic Samurai Viiiper Zathrus Zeno
  5. 11 deaths per kill for zeno 12 "no ways" for medic Since it stops at 12 I will flex my imagination and start again in the true spirit that adder intended On the first day of christmas a spartan said to me 12Postals going postal 11 Samurai's a pirating 10 Halli recruits 9 Durkha nades 8 Floyds getting thumped 7 Custards balls a busted 6 Kiwis a thumping 5 Punishers kicking ass 4 Zathrus's talking 3 Dr No's Laughing 2 Snowshoe sigs And an Inimigo playing IL2 I could have finished with And a zeno being a clever dick
  6. Happy Birthday, 2 sets of presents for you,lol.
  7. Come on guys so little interest, tell me it isnt so! Or am I just a bad salesman.
  8. As you can see from my sig, if I can find my custom skins I would like to use them especially the green Saleen
  9. I have a dell xps, its great but was expensive, Viiiper will give you a recomendation.
  10. I cant believe that only one person is interested, extract your digits and post here please.
  11. We are contemplating running a GTR2 race over the christmas period. To get this off the ground we need to set a date. If there is enough interest we will agree on a track and class of car. We will look into custom cars for those that want to use them. This is good fun so we look forward to hearing from you. Please post the time and day that suits you so that we may find a consensus.
  12. I also have 2 striker extremes, One with Corsair Dominator and one with OCZ Reaper. I also used the 1303 version of the BIOS on both. The builds were both easy except, the Dominators were defective in my first build and the Graphics card was defective in my second one. The first build had an early bios, which on top of the faulty "matched tested" and expensive ram created some confusion and hold up. The later build had a later bios and was faultless until I tried to play a game. I have also built a rig around a P5 mb using cheaper Corsair DDR2 ram for my girlfriend and her kids. This was a faultless and easy build. I am happy with my builds, but the joke is I dont overclock (yet).
  13. It's a shame history is so underated. All the lessons of the past are often ignored, then mistakes are repeated. Politicians should be obliged to undergo a thorough course in pivotal moments in domestic and international history. Many think it's boring or uncool, I think its important to remember (for many reasons).
  14. Thanks Bertie, when you put it like that, I see that I need to brush up on this important period in our history, so I'll be watching this series ASAP .
  15. Listen guys, people donate if they can, please don't feel bad if you cant. We don't ask for money here. We're just happy to be a little band of brothers. Thanks to those who have contributed, be it money or time and effort. We dont want anyone to feel bad or embarassed about their financial situation, there are more important things than our little group. I know I speak for all of my friends here when I say we appreciate all our members and friends. Thankyou, Phil
  16. Snowshoe has suffered with one malady after another these last few weeks, hopefully her bronchitis is the last of them. So please join me in wishing her a speedy recovery, I hope you get well soon. Best wishes Phil
  17. Actually it was Henry VIII. He established the church of England, because the popes excersised too much control over the monarchy (also the pope wouldnt let him annul one of his marriages). Henry VIII and one of his offspring Elizabeth I were amongst the greatest and most influential monarchs in English history. They were Tudors, for those of you interested in finding out more about them look here http://www.tudorhistory.org/ Also the film Elizabeth is a good flic about some of the goings on in that era (although I won't vouch for its accuracy) http://imdb.com/title/tt0127536/ see a couple of trailers here http://movie-list.com/trailers.php?id=elizabeth Thanks for the post Snowshoe.
  18. Happy birthday Custardicus oldfarticus
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