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  1. Happy birthday Custardicus oldfarticus
  2. Hi Athlon thanks for the good info. Don't get to fixated on cheats as they are 1 cheating themselves and 2 they will get banned, we are not mugs here and suspicious behavior will be investigated. Once we are convinced that cheating has occured the player will be banned, no ifs, ands, or buts. PB has its role to play but determined hackers will always find a way to cheat, then they are caught out by there own success. We may not have caught every cheat but we have caught everyone who were so successful they disrupted our servers. We will be as vigilant here. Having said that sometimes good players are accused of cheating so we dont want any accusations flying around. Trust the admins and moderators to do their job, if you suspect someone send a PM to one of the admins or mods and the matter will be investigated. Cheers zeno
  3. The Avro Vulcan - Britains Nuclear deterent of the 50's, one of the so called V bombers, the Victor being the other.
  4. They are heat pipes which contain a liquid which boils at low temp. The liquid in the base of the unit boils and moves as a gas to the fins where it cools to become a liquid again and goes back to the base. This process creates a circulation effect of sorts(whose scientific name I forget) which constantly draw heat from the heat source. Some CPU coolers are monsters invoking fear of cracked MoBo's but there is no risk if the PC is static, should you need to move it (in a car forinstance) the cooler would probably need to be removed. Liquid cooling has more plumbing (typically plastic pipes) and uses a pump to draw the hot liquid to a radiator where fans cool the liquid down and then return to the heat source.
  5. If you use this PC for work then best be paranoid. Find some software to double check the temp. Eyeball the cooling fins on the heat sink, if clogged get a can of pressurised air to blow out the dust. Muts right do the easy things first then move onto more complicated solutions. Here are 2 tools for cpu temp taken from our free utilities page http://www.thecoolest.zerobrains.com/CoreTemp/ http://www.pureoverclock.com/download.php?det=6
  6. Just so you have an alternative, Asus Silent Knight
  7. Dont worry, Cy had a bunch of RMA's, just bad luck, I had 2 on the last 3 builds. shit happens, but the end result is great.
  8. LOL, you bastard: I have an NY drivers licence so of course I checked.
  9. GJ Halli I have added it to the list.
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