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  1. I have had a little play with the map in the mission editor. Its a little bit disappointing so I cannot recommend it for now. The map is vast and covers the southern tip of south America, comprising of Argentina and Chile, and of course the Falkland Islands. I wasn't going to buy this map, but changed my mind when I saw the terrain on the west coast of the mainland. It has many fjords and of course the Andes mountain range (the longest IN THE WORLD, channelling my inner Clarkson). However when I bought it I found there are only 4 airports/bases in this part of south america, this makes it harder to defend the flords from my imaginary attacks. Then I tried to recreate the San Carlos bay attack, since its about 400 nautical miles to the Falklands I could not recreate the Argentinian attack starting from land (too long to get there), I decided that the Veinticinco de Mayo carrier was used for the air assaults using the A4 Skyhawk mod. Ironically the Veinticinco de Mayo carrier was originally named HMS Venerable, then became HNLMS Karel Doorman before the Argentinians acquired her in 1968, she was scrapped in 1990. Of course there is no mod for this carrier so I am using the Forrestal or Stennis. In my tests I launched 16 A4s from the carrier to attack the RN at San Carlos at low level. In Defence of San Carlos I added Rapier SAM systems and a squadron (12) of AV8Bs. This did not work! 1 the Skyhawks detected the Rapiers and climbed to 20,000 feet. 2 without the old RN destroyers I am using WW2 ships with no missile capability. If I use more modern ships all the Skyhawks would be shot down by SM2s 3 At 20,000 feet the Rapiers would not engage. 4 I had the Harriers orbiting the RN Ships at 20,000 feet armed with 4 AIM 9 Sidewinders each, but they would not engage the Skyhawks (AV8Bs cannot be assigned to CAP). 5 After the Skyhawks expended their 96 mk82s on the ships, sinking several they turned on the AV8Bs and shot down all of them. Out of the 16 Skyhawks 5 made it back, the rest ran out of fuel going back to the carrier. All of this is wrong, the Skyhawks flew at low level when attacking the ships, the Sea Harriers avoided flying high because they were outmatched at altitude by the Argentinian Mirage IIIs. Mirage IIIs could not stay on station long as they were not equipped for air to air refuelling, the A4s were. Some Dassault Super Etendards were used to launch the Exocet missile. So I cannot create imaginary sorties into the Chilean Fjords and I cannot recreate the Falklands conflict yet. I will still amuse myself with this map but unless you are interested in this era save your pennies until its more developed.
  2. The South Atlantic map has been released, and I have bought it. Its a 35gb download so I may be able to have a go on it tomorrow. Everyone will get the assets whether you buy it or not, but they have not been released yet.
  3. I am working on a mission (nearly finished) where we start on the ground, (cold and dark), at Vaziani. We will attack a runway in Beslan to the north and across a mountain range. Beslan is defended by anti air assets (SA8, SA9 and 2 Shilkas). Su27s will take off from Mineralnye Vody to cover Beslan. Su27s are supported by an A50 AWACS. We can use a variety of aircraft including the Viggen, F16, F18, Mirage and Su25, but I can add any plane (in fact I will add the Harrier). There are 2 QRF hot F16s available at the end of the runway if someone wants to act as CAP. Two F18s and 2 F16s are orbiting Vaziani awaiting authorisation to advance to Beslan. The F18s are the Cap and the F16s are the SEAD. We will stitch up the runway with suitable weapons but there are also secondary targets (planes and trucks). At the moment the 2 SEAD F16s are easily capable of destroying the anti air and the F18 CAP will destroy the Su27s but that will only happen if you order them to move, if not they will stay in orbit at our base. I can tweak the mission to make it easier or harder based on feed back.
  4. Maybe the south Atlantic map is worth buying. It does come with some assets including RN ships, HMS Invincible amongst them. I like the mountainous terrain, it offers a lot of possibilities for terrain masking, for low level approaches. Separately Razbam is working on the following: IA-58 Pucara Mirage III (or) IAI Dagger (either one, not both) Dassault Super Etendard Sea Harrier FRS.1 With Razbam these could be years away. There are pretty good mods for the following planes. Pucara A4 Skyhawk (excellent mod up there with a lot of payware planes) Dassault Super Etendard with the Exocet HMS Hermes We already have the US version of the Harrier, and the Mirage 2000. I am not sure about buying the Sea Harrier, it will be more analog but with a radar, same for the Mirage 3 and there is no way I would buy the Dagger (the Israeli copy of the Mirage from stolen plans).
  5. The first car I ever drove was a Ford Anglia 105E in the late 60s in a car park. I was terrible with very poor clutch management, but still I was in control of a car. Here is a slightly modified version of the car I drove. This has a Cosworth engine producing about 240hp, years ago there were 3 litre Essex V6 versions which probably produced 150hp. This is much lighter and more powerful, its a beast!
  6. The E suffix for the Eagle is not an electric version, it is the long awaited 2 seater Strike version. I am really excited about this plane. I like the F15 C but it is strictly limited to Air to Air engagements, I prefer multi role planes. Razbam, the developers of the F15 E, are not renowned for timely product delivery but the Strike Eagle is looking like it is closer than previously thought!
  7. RC Front left click on the Battery switch RC Front right click on the Inverter switch Dash left side left click lights down to TAXI Dash left side left click switch up to ANTI-SKID LC next to ejection seat handle left click APU Start RC Front left click on the APU Gen Switch Front Dash turn on left and right MFDs (right click on dial twice each for day) Dash left side left click on CICU, JTRS and IFFCC switches RC Front left click on MWS, JMR, RWR, DISP switches rotate know to MAN Press RAlt+Home to move left engine throttle to Idle. This will start the left engine, wait until RPM reaches 60% Press RCtrl+Home to move right engine throttle to Idle. This will start the right engine, wait until RPM reaches 60% RC below keyboard left click ODU and EGI Power switched to on, wait for screen above keyboard to finish boot and menu appears RC Screen left click button next to INS<- on right RC Screen left click button next to ALT Align on left RC Screen left click button next to FAST on right RC Front left click on the APU Gen Switch to turn off LC next to ejection seat handle left click APU Start to turn off LC in front of throttles left click on YAW L and R, then Pitch L and R switches Dash Left or right MFD left click on LOAD ALL wait about 15 seconds for dots to appear besides each item on MFD Right MFD, left click on Bottom row centre CDU Left MFD, left click on bottom row left TAD Right MFD if you se INS NAV RDY left click on NAV (on left side) Backup Artificial Horizon (below right of left MFD) scroll back mouse wheel to uncage and align Dash centre below compass left click on EGI Dash centre below compass left click on STR PT LC just behind throttle left click on EAC (guarded switch) LC left click on Ejection seat handle
  8. Ward Carroll is a retired F14 WSO(?). He has very interesting perspectives on a variety of topics. Here he interviewed his father, a retired marine pilot. Here he managed to interview Rep Elaine Luria (D) about the pentagons Navy strategy. She is very bi partisan and judging by the comments, appreciated by both sides of the aisle. So I view this as a commentary on US navy strategy and not politics, if I am wrong I will remove it.
  9. This is a work in progress and will be updated and or corrected Shut Door (Lctrl C works) LC right click Master Ignition Switch to BATT LC right Click APU Cover to open LC left click APU button to start APU, wait for ON to appear LC right click No 1 Engine Start (left engine), on left MFD when NG% > 20% Ralt Home to advance left throttle to Idle. Wait for NG% to stabilise around 67% LC right click No 2 Engine Start (right engine), on left MFD when NG% > 20% Rshift Home to advance left throttle to Idle. Wait for NG% to stabilise around 67% LC Advance throttles to fly LC left click on APU button to turn off LC Left Click on APU cover to close Right of dash CMWS Power Switch to on same location CMWS Flare switch to armed same location CMWS operation switch to bypassed left click MFD WPN button (Bottom left) left click BORESIGHT Top centre of Dash Look at concentric circles through IHADSS Move your head until circles are concentric and reticule in eyepiece aligns with centre circle When aligned press Boresight Polarity BS on left side of MFD (or bind Boresight Polarity BS to a key) Right of dash uncage Artificial Horizon by scrolling mouse wheel until red bar disappears and align with "horizon" INS(?) alignment is automatic, however you still need to check. left click on TSD bottom row of MFD buttons left click on UTIL top row of MFD buttons check POSITION CONFIDENCE, INU1 and INU2 should be green, if not wait before moving.
  10. Given that we spend extra money for clicky cockpits, I think its a shame to not know where everything is. A great way to familiarize yourself with a cockpit is to go through a start up procedure with the aircraft in a Cold and Dark state. Here is the Mirage startup with using the fast INS alignment mode (using stored heading), the long mode takes about 8 minutes and is not covered here. Right Dashboard Battery On Switch (above annunciators) RC Fuel cut off cover and switch on RC Engine Fuel Right Boost Pump Switch on RC Engine Fuel Left Boost Pump Switch on RC Engine Start Switch Cover Open RC Engine Start Switch press When Engine reaches 11% Push throttle forward then pull back, this will allow start up to proceed. Front Dash HUD Power Switch Front screen TD.F right click to turn on RC EW Mode selector Switch right click once RC BR, RWR, D2M, decoy release mode switch, Decoy programme knob, right click once RC Radar IFF Power switch to Sect RC Back up ADI Right Click RC Pitot Heat Cover right click RC Audio Warning Switch right click RC Emergency Backup Hydraulic Switch right click Front dash top Left Audio Warning Reset button left click RC INS mode Selector right click to STH (rotary knob) RC under rotary knob (INS parameter selector) green and red lamp/switch (VAL Validate) left click RC INS operational mode (right of INS Mode Selector) left click to STS RC 2 rows of LCDs above num pad, note 100 will count down to 0 On 0 RC INS Mode Selector right click to NAV and right click INS operational mode to N LC Radar Power right click to Warm Up LC VHF mode right click to FF LC UHF mode right click to ON
  11. I am slowly going through the Cold and dark starts of my aircraft, since a bunch of them have been amended since I originally posted. At the moment I am focussed on the F16, F18 and Harrier, but will try to get the rest done as well (Including WW2 planes)
  12. Watch the first one even if its only for the music, Brian Eno an Ending.
  13. The word is the Normandy map will be expanded to include London and Paris. might be worth buying it.
  14. You might consider the following mods Steam Workshop::Scratch and Edge Be Gone! (Cleaner armor, No edges) (steamcommunity.com) Steam Workshop::VCZ Multifloor Elevator 1.199 Fix (steamcommunity.com) The standard vcz mod was not working so I used the one above which does work.
  15. The Base entrance is more discrete now.
  16. There's a lot less clang with hinges. Even now every time I jump into the game a bunch of the vector thrust ship have their nacelles spinning madly. Now I turn the power off in those ships until I use them.
  17. These are the 2 entrances that are closed with hinges And this is the industrial area And these are the hot seats for getting into tight places. The driller is only for excavating, the only storage is the dril itself, the welder can store in the connector.
  18. I have built a new earth base in two parts. The first is a horizontal shaft into the face of a mountain, the second is a vertical shaft with an elbow at the base of the mountain. At the moment the first houses my Shuttles, atmospheric Cargo vehicles and Utility Vehicles. The second holds my Fighters and industrial area (down another shaft deeper underground) At the moment there is a large external footprint, as the base evolves I will reduce the external part. I have been using stone finish blocks to further reduce the visibility. Here is the horizontal storage area.
  19. Yesterday in a game with Custard and Cent an unusual event happened. We were defending a central point, as usual. I was on the left with 3 76mm anti tank guns, 3 machine guns, 3 Su76s and a bit further away, 3 mortars. Everything was 3 star and they were shredding the 3 hard enemies. Then there was some red smoke indicating an off map attack. But it wasnt one attack it was 3, the 3 AI each launched an airstrike at the same time on the same spot, 1 incendiary and 2 bombers. In a moment everything except the mortars was evaporated. Unable to control my rage I screamed out an expletive and unfortunately turned on the mike as well, so sorry about that Custard and Cent. After getting over the embarrassment I reflected on the what the AI had done, working in concert they were devastating. The main advantage we have is that we have a loosely coordinated plan of defence and attack, resulting in greater efficiency and less wasted resources. This usually allows us to amass an attacking force large enough to annihilate their bases. Luckily Cents and Custard had some spare tank to fill the hole in the defence, so although it was a setback for me, it did not change outcome.
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