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  1. The training mission on the server has an SU25T I cant remember if it's in a cold and dark state or not. If it is If you want to practice take off and landings remember to use the comms menu to call the ground crew and rearm and refuel. Remove all external weapons and drop fuel to 50% or less. This plane must be completely shut down with canopy open to rearm and refuel. Right Shift L - turn on power L - turn on cockpit lights Left Ctrl C - Close Canopy Right Shift Home - Start both engines Right Control L and Right Alt L - turn on exterior lights The SU25T has nosewheel steering so you can steer on the ground with the rudder control
  2. I think I know why we had all the glitches last night, it seemed incomprehensible since we have already done this mission. The last time we played this mission was in Open Beta, that is to say the mission was created and saved in open beta and played on an open beta server. Last night we played on the stock (non open beta) server. I have now saved both missions in the same version as the server.
  3. Good job guys, all objectives were achieved. The problems with the planes spawning inside the carriers has been addressed, now the ships will spawn on the catapults, hot. In mission 2 we will be situated at Krymsk and all planes will start hot. There will be 3 F18s 3 Harriers 1 F15c I SU 27 1 A10c The map will include fog of war, but we will have an AWACS, a Reaper and A Patriot Radar (but not the missiles). Be perpared for waves of Planes, Choppers, Ships and Armour. Practice during the week and for real next weekend.
  4. This Friday I would like us to complete the 2 Caucus' missions I prepared a while back. Mission 1 Attack on Krymsk Part 1 launch from Carriers F18 Harms to destroy SA10 site radars at Krymsk AV8B attack 4 AA units (initially static) on runway at Anapa Vityazevo AI CH47s land at Anapa Vityazevo and deploy FARP making runway allied. Part 2 AV8B Attack structures at Krymsk must Destroy at least 2 preferably all Deploy F18 CAP to fend off enemy fighter waves All destroy remaining AA at Krymsk Mission end Mission 2 Empire strikes back Deploy from Krymsk Any available plane Be prepared for multiple land, sea and air units Note land targets are advancing on base (learn how to hit moving targets) No intel available Dependant on Reaper and AWACS for enemy location Destroy all waves protect the base Once this is done I will develop Persian Gulf missions
  5. I have modified the mission so that the following units can be spawned and despawned from the F10 comms menu Batumi Bombers and their cover Interceptors Naval Units NE Sam site BTRs on the small Cross runway I have tested it locally and will be testing it online this evening. Once I am sure this works I will adapt it to the Persian Gulf map. At the moment the F10 comm menu is populated with at least 10 items, J has been looking into cutting it down to the relevant ones, ie if a group has been spawned we only need a despawn menu item.
  6. https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1185792026
  7. I am working on a new training map that incorporates missions that can be spawned by radio command (no trigger zones). I have failed to make the latter work properly so far, but J is exploring the concept for us. Here we start on carriers, I have made the russians our allies but the USSR are the enemy, this way we can have a Kuznetzov Carrier and SU33s. Initially we have F18s, Harriers, F14s and Su33s. Our objective is Fujairah Intl Airport. It is defended by an SA10 (Grumble) site and 4 Tunguskas Ideally 2 F18s equipped with HARMs will Kill the SA10 site and 1 or 2 harriers will kill the Tunguskas. On mission start 3 CH47s depart from a Tarawa heading for Fujairah Intl Airport, if they land there a FARP and more F18s and Harriers will become available at that base which will become an allied base where we can refuel and rearm. At the same time a multitude of other aircraft will become available at Al Ain Intl Airport. There is a soviet carrier group in the West but for now they do nothing, although you can spawn in an opfor SU33. The soviet carrier group does not have the Pyotr Velkily Battle Cruiser, but does have a Moskva, I do not know how approachable the group is, but we will find out. There are a couple of fixed bombing missions already and will add more over time, If J finds the solution we will have repeatable missions without trigger zones. Enjoy
  8. Excellent, we will have a practice next time you are on
  9. I better get back to work on the Persian Gulf map. I am tempted by the A10C but have read that its a complicated plane to master!
  10. Here are a couple of good videos on SAM evasion.
  11. I bought the Viggen. I will buy the F14 when its 50% off. As fantastic as it is, I think its a bit limited in its scope so I dont feel like paying more than 50%. Nonetheless it's an awesome plane and I will get it eventually.
  12. Still something wrong with the shipping message I will check it again.
  13. Oh well I couldn't even copy J's work without screwing up. The triggers were not working correctly creating a lot of F10 radio messages. I think the error was because I simply copied the flags from BVR, 1,1 and 1,2. When people flew through the shipping trigger it added the radio message for ships, if they then flew through thte air support trigger (which had the same flags) it again triggered the shipping message. So I changed the flags for the ship trigger to 2,1 and 2,2, and the flags for the air support trigger to 3,1 and 3,2. Hopefully this will work. It will be on the server today. Also yesterday I flew my F16 with Adder in an F15 in order to get the Battlecruiser Pyotr Velkily to deplete its store of Grumbles. Adder lasted a little while avoiding the SA10 Grumbles, I did not, Since I forgot to turn on my radar warning suite, duh!!!
  14. I am working on MP US Scramble_02. Using Js trigger setup for the BVR combat, I modified the ships and Air support so that they only spawn when you fly into the trigger zone AND call for them on the radio. This means they dont spawn when you dont want them but can be respawned when you you have killed them all. The bombers with accompanying fighters spawn when you join the runway at Batumi, it wouldnt be a scramble without them. Here are the trigger zones.
  15. Nice, "it's just a flesh wound" comes to mind. I have to practice my carrier landings my last 2 ended badly.
  16. Still havent executed the mission, no problem. As soon as there are 2 Harriers and 2 or more F18s this mission will be a go. Obviously we can do it more than once. At this point everyone understands their objectives.
  17. I dont think the people who manage LOSC read the forum. Give Cy or Steel a poke when you see them next, and get them to read the forum.
  18. Good to know. I will try both as they are on my wish list. I will buy the when they are on sale.
  19. I had that the last time I tried with GBUs. JDAMS from the Harrier might be a better way to go plus they are easy to program. The downside seems to be that you only get 500lb bombs. If that fails JSOWs from the F18 could work as they take elevation into account. Well done on the air combat. I am useless at that until I get on their tail, I have not figured out how to make the 120s work at longer range, in the F15 or the F18. I will ask Gunthar if he will show me BVR in the F18. Sorry about the BTRs, even when there was only one it would wander off after a couple of laps. Still it adds a random element to the practice mission.
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