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Status Updates posted by Zeno~SPARTA~

  1. Your pm folder is full you need to delete some stuff

    Also the pilots list looks and I cannot edit or add, could you take a look at it please


  2. bought Duke Nukem for £7.49 on steam sale

    1. CoBoL~SPARTA~


      Good fun init :)


    2. GySgt~SPARTA~


      love this game loads of fun

  3. just log in as admin and select one of gunthars bday missions

  4. hey Tyler How are you doing

  5. All Arma servers have been updated to the 1.57 patch

  6. Good job on the helmet, Cobs

  7. Hope all is well Cobs

  8. Hi NCO hope you are well

  9. The stalled server was OA, the mission is Chernarus.

    1. dizko


      Hi Zeno....something is wrong with the fly list or I was taken off of it. This is the 4th time I've asked an admin for flight privileges. Each time it's given to me but I go back a day or a week later and I can't fly again.

  10. Domination upgraded to 2.28 please report any bugs

  11. Saw that, nice one

  12. Are you busy again bud

  13. Elvis I hope your young children deal with that sort of heat, dont you have a small protable aircon.

  14. Spartas Op. Arrowhead server is up

  15. Is it all working well, Idan

  16. Anyone fancy a bit of dirt2 tonight

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