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  1. A couple of mods worth a look VSN standalone f4 Phantom II A mod of the UH60 mod arming it. The UH60 mod is already highly regarded this takes it to another level. Armed Blackhawk V1.2 (digitalcombatsimulator.com)
  2. Working with J and Adder I have tried to learn another trick. So now I build infantry squads in a mix of AT, engineers and riflemen, supported by a reinforcement half track, an anti air Half Track and finally light tanks. I build them up in blob around a defendable area. I keep adding to the blob until its big enough to attack their base. I should have learned this from Nukem and Custard, when I played with them, but I am a slow learner. This works against easy and standard enemies, I am not sure if it will work against hard or expert enemies. I lost an entire blob as they were moving (against standard enemies) to a huge arty barrage. This would not happen in COH 2 because they don't tend to use their off map skills at those levels. Also I found the AI didn't use mortars as much I don't know if the differences in behaviour are down to us not blocking movement. Since the AI can get everywhere unimpeded they may decide mortars are not effective enough. I am not sure about COH 3, but a couple of things make it interesting to me on a personal level. My parents lived in Tunis during the war and had the pleasure of being bombed by Americans, Brits and Germans. My Italian grandfather (a baker) was briefly interned by the Brits when they got there and my dad joined the Eighth Army, but he didn't see any combat. On top of which it was a very interesting campaign, certainly in the fight with Rommel. Based on gameplay I wouldn't buy the game, but the north Africa element is a pull. We shall see.
  3. Unfortunately I only know one trick, build many tanks and destroy the base. If that doesnt work send more tanks. I need to learn how to move infantry in such a way that they cover each other. Also we were playing easy germans but they used their off map bombing very effectively and very often.
  4. The map we played with Nukem yesterday was resource poor so we were struggling to build tanks and speaking for myself I dont know how to use infantry without them. However I played the other 4x4 map with Adder and that is resource rich, plus I played the American faction with an Armour general. Armour is cheaper So I could amass a small force of Hellcats (my old favourite) and Shermans with the low velocity gun, this worked well and we were able to defeat 2 standards. We should use this map to learn how to play without choke points. Also we should play non choke point maps in COH2. As to the game itself, it isn't really in a state to decide. Graphics and audio are not there yet, but it may still be very early days.
  5. I had a quick bash of the start mission, which seemed mostly familiar. The multiplayer player setup reminds me of Rainbow Six Siege. I am going to have a bash at a couple of skirmishes. I understand the Wermacht get the Panthers and the Afrika Corps get the Tigers., I saw the Americans get the E8 and so far I have seen a Valentine and Matilda for the Brits. We will have to learn how to move in open maps and how AI react.
  6. Downloading it to give it a go, but not sure if I will buy it.
  7. Very interesting perspective from an enthusiast. Harry Metcalf was the editor for EVO magazine and has a popular youtube channel, Harry's Garage. Here he discusses the December surge in EV car sales and the problems this causes in the short to medium term.
  8. Happy Birthday J and thanks for all your help! Have a great day.
  9. Prominent again are the F15E, the F4 Phantom, the C130, Kiowa warrior and the F4U Corsair. It's also great to see the ai planes getting skin makeovers. More views of the new and larger WW2 European map and the Sinai map. To finish it off there is Ch47 Chinook and the F6 Hellcat. There will be an Essex class WW2 carrier. A lot of allied assets but little for them to fight, only one German bomber the Ju88, no Ju87, HE111 or Dornier DO17 for the European theatre and no Japanese assets for the Pacific theatre. There are also no high fidelity soviet planes beyond the 1950s. With the F4 Phantom, the A4 Skyhawk, F5E Tiger and the Migs 15, 19 and 21 we can recreate some Vietnam scenarios. This will be supplemented by the A6 intruder AI aircraft currently in development as well as the Forrestal carrier. All in all a very exciting time for combat sim flying.
  10. As you know we have been unable to play the Lyon map without being over run, despite having played it many times successfully in the past. Yesterday Adder and I found out why. ITS THE WRONG MAP! The map we used to play was the 4 player Spearhead Lyon, the map we recently tried was the 3 player Lyon XL. We tested the Spearhead version and there is time to block the bridge. Mystery solved.
  11. I have been working on the Channel WW2 training mission. I have added every WW2 flyable plane in a cold and dark state at Manston, which is also the biggest runway to practice on. B17s from Biggin Hill will attack St Omer Longuenesse where jerry thinks he can hold a parade. You can escort these bombers, if you can catch up with them. Flights of JU88s are thought to be on the way from Northern France to attack various target in southern England We have one flight of Spitfires patrolling the Channel Potential targets thought to be en route include E Boats targeting Folkestone or Dover, a Flight of FW190s targeting the Dover Chain Home RADAR plus a flight of BF109s looking to strafe Hawkinge airfield and a jerry Convoy attempting the channel dash from the Atlantic.
  12. By all accounts the Razbam F15E is soon to be released. I will incorporate it into the training mission, but I want to build a mission around it. At the moment I don't have many ideas but to start with I will build a mission in the Persian Gulf. F15Es will take off from Dubai intl and head to the Minab Dam to Destroy a chemical factory there. F15Cs will escort and defend the Es F18s, F16s, Mirages and Harriers will take off from Ras Al Khaimah Intl and attack the runway, aircraft on the ground and Air defences at Greater Tunb
  13. We have lift off! First launch from the ChirpX Launch Site of the Bluebird Heavy 3
  14. Having really enjoyed Transport Fever 2 I thought I would give Cities Skylines a bash. I am not especially good at this but I watched a few videos and this is what I have so far. The brown polluted areas are industrial. I had to buy a few DLCs to eliminate water pollution and have the types of districts I wanted. Using the standard traffic model there are no jams and everything is smooth flowing, however the standard game despawns 25% of the vehicles which is easier. If I turn this feature off the roads get clogged up in minutes. I have a few bus, metro and train lines to help traffic and I have added a few cycle routes (DLC required) Currently I am working my way through the Death Wave. Apparantly every citizen arrives at the age 0 and all die at the same age. because the buildings are created around the same time, everyone dies around the same time too. Hence the Death Wave. Unrecovered bodies will result in more death and departures.I have built more crematoria and hope to power through Wave.
  15. As predicted by Custard 3.17.4 is available now.
  16. Handy quick video for F16 Cold Start, this video will help visualise the controls.
  17. This is my first attempt at an island map. Although I have used shipping for goods using rivers, I have never transported passengers. Some cities on this map are on Islands, so for the first time I have used shipping for passengers. As you can see, I used fast vehicles, the SR N6 and a Catamaran because they are 2 or 3 times faster than normal ships. in my many trips to France from the UK I have used all forms of transport to cross the Channel, including the SR N4 Hovercraft and the Seacat. Now I only use the tunnel. In any case the Hovercraft was retired and I believe the Seacat was sent to Hong Kong to service Macau.
  18. My first attempt at a road train. It only has 6 load slots, I have seen a youtuber with 12+. Still early days. The second vehicle is attached to the back of the trailer.
  19. The best truck for beginners, the Azov 64131 "Tortoise". It is very capable and is not locked by rank, however it is very, very slow. Here is the KRS 58 Bandit, living up to its name recovering a small scout car.
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