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  1. I enjoyed watching yesterdays and todays attempts, good fun flying together. Custard, I placed a Humvee at Kutaisi (north end of runway) broadcasting on 397.00 Khz, it is broadcasting KTS in morse code -.- - ... Kutaisi has an Non Directional Beacon (south end runway) broadcasting at 477.00 Khz We should be able to call Kataisi ATC using button D, I verified it today locally. I have uploaded the mission to the server and will test it there tomorrow.
  2. No problemo, it just served as another training session. We managed to square Luggage away in the Mosquito. 633 Squadron.miz
  3. By the way there are NDBs (Non Directional Beacons) at Kobuleti and Senaki-Kolkhi and Kutaisi. If you are comfortable with the radio we can use them to navigate to the dam, if we change the time of day to pre dawn, I would just need to make sure there is light when we get to the dam. Navigating towards them is not bad, then we can use a reciprocal heading moving away from them, We would need to tighten up hour flying to a more consistent speed and altitude, I was all over the place. Senaki-Kolkhi - 335Khz outer and 668Khz inner Kutaisi - 477Khz plus there is a beacon at 113.6 Mhz but that might be to modern Kobuleti - 870Khz outer and 490Khz inner With you as navigator it will allow us to be the pathfinder for the others who can concentrate on not becoming one with the scenery
  4. No worries, I planned for problems since the first time I flew the route I crashed into trees not far from the dam! Infil - Yes please, I fly on the coast and turn inland because these are easy landmarks for me to see but its not the quickest route. We take off from Batumi Exfil - Also yes please, we don't have external tanks so I am not sure if we can get back to Batumi, if you could also plan for Senaki-Kolkhi, Kutaisi and Kobuleti in case of fuel or damage problems Batumi Enemy fighters well come up the valley the same way we did so the best way is east or south, The mountains are not an easy or quick climb for the Mosquito, straight south climbs to 11,000 plus feet. Several attempts have found us out of steam on the slopes, if we finish our runs heading east we will fly away from the fighters and have a less steep climb when we turn south or even more time to climb. Thereabouts we will have to test level flight at sea level 2650 rpm and 8 boost You can download it here https://www.digitalcombatsimulator.com/en/files/3309262/ This is the is the relevant area without Batuni We already enjoy the game, having a proper navigator and co pilot will allow us to increase the immersion. Sorry for taking so long to answer.
  5. We are up to scramble at Batumi 9 on the server. There are many additions, including Helicopter FARP near the Delta (with Ka50, Hind and Gazelle, Apache when launched). There is an airfield dedicated to Cold Start planes, At the moment there are F16s, F18s, Viggens and Harriers). Look for CS [aircraft name] in the list. Luggage has provided a new server called Sparta shiny new test server, this training mission will be on the server unless we are running a specific mission temporarily.
  6. I watched all three videos. I wish I had these abilities so I could have my own sim pit!
  7. Excellent! We might try longer range next then finally with no map marker aids.
  8. I managed to blow up the target with bombs and not too much damage to my plane.
  9. This looks good, but it os more useful than a streamdeck?
  10. There was so much in that video I had never thought about. That barrier was so hard to set up, but I imagine repacking it would be even harder. I was impressed with the little hydraulic cutter for the arrestor cable, that was at least 1.5 inches thick and cut through it like butter! I think I saw a video on the ford class Electromagnetic catapult, I'll see if I can find it.
  11. I have been practicing my carrier Take offs and landings under mission conditions. Today I started from a parking position on deck. I spent 10 minutes loading in JSOW coordinates then advanced to the catapult, lowered the launch bar, hooked up, max power and off I went. I thought I was closer to the water than usual on take off, but soon climbed. I am not very familiar with the JSOW so I focused on my instruments. Soon I was within range so I launched all 8 of them. On my instrument panel I noticed "Check Trim", I thought, weird, she's flying ok. I finally looked outside the cockpit and something caught my eye. I had forgotten to unfold and lock my wings!! Somehow she flew anyway. I tried to unfold the wings in the air, but it must have been too much for the hydraulics, so I headed back to the carrier and tried to get a sense of the speed of the approach. Normally approach speed is between 150 and 170 knots, but she wouldn't stay in the air at those speeds so I approached the carrier at 200 knots, I remembered to lower the hook and managed to hit the carrier deck. But I thought I must have missed the wire since the plane was going over the edge. Just before I hit the throttle she stopped and rolled backwards a bit. I had caught the wire but my high speed stretched it more than normal. This happened on the Stennis, it would not have happened on the super carrier since the crew signals you for every step of the launch process including unfold wings, they would not have let me take off in this state! Checklists exist for a reason I guess.
  12. It does look a lot like Chernarus, which makes sense since Chernarus was a fictitious soviet country and this DCS scenario is on the Caucasus map near the town of Krasnodar, southern Russia. Unfortunately there is no Vietnam map is DCS, so I made do, although there are rumours of Vietnam map in the future. Most of the aircraft take off from Krasnodar Airport. The "North Vietnamese" facility is in the town of Belyaevskii, east of Krasnador and the Kuban River. The Carrier USS Forrestal (CV59) is located in the Black sea south of Krasnodar. I could recreate this in ArmA 3 and actually I could do a much better job with the ground units (which are terrible in DCS). The difference is the aircraft and the flight models. Unless things have changed the flight models in Arma are awful. In this scenarios I can fly any of the planes and two of them are full fidelity (the F5 and the A4). With that said I may have a go at it in Arma just to refresh my knowledge of the editor. Surprisingly watching the scenario play out was quite smooth, I am going to reduce the number of cluster bombs dropped because they are mostly ineffective against targets currently on the map and they are terrible for frame rates after they have been dropped. I will swap them for Mk82 500lb bombs. I feel I let the game down a bit by not taking into account the lighting, the colours all look washed out, I will change the time of day and year to make it look better. I have been messing around with this for about a year on and off to refine my editor skills, so for me it is a never ending project. Still to come, F14 CAP, North Vietnamese aircraft, Iowa class battleship (I just need to check the range to see if her 16 inch guns can reach the target), better path for the AH1's that are getting blind sided by ZU23's and possibly some AH6's.
  13. A North Vietnamese storage area, a peaceful evening? Not too far away 8 A4 Skyhawks with 96 Mk82s 4 A6 Intruders with 72 Mk82s 6 AH1 Cobras 12 M109 Paladins 4 F5 Tigers with 36 Mk82s 6 F4E Phantoms with 72 Mk20 Cluster bombs 4 F105 Thunderchiefs with 88 Mk82s Unleash hell! Mk 20 Cluster munitions The Aftermath The AH1s need more training, all but one were shot down by ZU23s Endless entertainment and I didn't even fly a plane!
  14. Lets try and get some practice in today, it would be cool to see a flight of Mosquitos in DCS.
  15. This is their annual video with hints of what's coming in the future. The Apache will be first, due Jan 22, then the following. F15E Mig 29 Blackshark 3 A6 Intruder (AI) weather update New ground Units The Lat long at the end is for Bagram AFB, Afghanistan The Eiffel Tower and Big Ben could mean that the channel map and/or the Normandy map are being extended. The reticule at the end apparently belongs to an F4 Phantom. For my part I am looking forward to all the planes!
  16. That looks cool. As you may have heard I have no internet due to an lorry ripping the overhead line. Using a friends internt to post this. It should be fixed on the 29th. I am additionally pissed off because DCS validates modules everytime you load the game, so I cant even fly. I have however played a bunch of Ready or Not in single player, its cool you can control 2, 2 man teams. I was envious before of your fast computers and high speed internet, you can imagine how I feel now with zero meg internet!
  17. I think you mean acronyms, I am an anachronism lol.
  18. Yesterday we managed to get all forms of Lasing to work, including: Humvee (AI and human) lasing for Harrier Reaper lasing for Harrier Harrier for another Harrier F18 for a Harrier This worked for AGM 65E and L(E2), GBUs and APKWS Hydras. It works fine attacking a building since they are big and once they are hit the damage model is distinctly different from the intact building. The problem with armour, especially AA missile vehicles, is you have to standoff a long way, so even with zoom the targets are small white or black blobs on the MFD. Worse is the issue with destroyed vehicles, in the MFD they are indistinguishable from intact vehicles. But I imagine a better eye and a lot of practice will improve the ability to distinguish targets. I can't do anything about the former but may be able to improve the latter. The other problem is flying the lasing aircraft. I flew a stripped F18 with all pylons removed and only a TPod, I tried to hold an orbit using BALT (Altitude hold) and ATTH (Attitude hold), but in this case they failed to hold, so I ran a race track pattern, this only allows the shooter one target per leg and good coordination between the lasing plane and the shooter. Since flying helicopters I have come to appreciate the advantages of being in a hover and picking targets off. I am hoping when the Apache comes out we will be able to use it to lase for other aircraft. The Kiowa may be able to do this as well. The advantage of targeting without firing and letting bomb trucks come in to destroy targets is obvious.
  19. I've added a Reaper over the delta, so we will be able to test that as well. I was concerned that the Tunguska would shoot it down, but it survived at 15,000 feet. I have increased the cloud base to 18,000 feet and tried a trick to remove the wreckage of vehicles we destroy, but this need to be tested.
  20. In our continued preparation for the arrival of the AH64D Apache Adder and I have been practicing fighting the KA50 as well as the Gazelle. I added a FARP and Mixed target package near the delta on the Caucus' map, the target include AAA (Tunguska, Shilka, Ural and SA9). In this photo Adders chopper had its arse shot off by a Tunguska missile, but, because of the twin contra rotating rotors, the KA50 remained flyable, and even landed at the FARP!! Here you can see how small a Gazelle really is!
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