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  1. Having really enjoyed Transport Fever 2 I thought I would give Cities Skylines a bash. I am not especially good at this but I watched a few videos and this is what I have so far. The brown polluted areas are industrial. I had to buy a few DLCs to eliminate water pollution and have the types of districts I wanted. Using the standard traffic model there are no jams and everything is smooth flowing, however the standard game despawns 25% of the vehicles which is easier. If I turn this feature off the roads get clogged up in minutes. I have a few bus, metro and train lines to help traffic and I have added a few cycle routes (DLC required) Currently I am working my way through the Death Wave. Apparantly every citizen arrives at the age 0 and all die at the same age. because the buildings are created around the same time, everyone dies around the same time too. Hence the Death Wave. Unrecovered bodies will result in more death and departures.I have built more crematoria and hope to power through Wave.
  2. As predicted by Custard 3.17.4 is available now.
  3. Handy quick video for F16 Cold Start, this video will help visualise the controls.
  4. This is my first attempt at an island map. Although I have used shipping for goods using rivers, I have never transported passengers. Some cities on this map are on Islands, so for the first time I have used shipping for passengers. As you can see, I used fast vehicles, the SR N6 and a Catamaran because they are 2 or 3 times faster than normal ships. in my many trips to France from the UK I have used all forms of transport to cross the Channel, including the SR N4 Hovercraft and the Seacat. Now I only use the tunnel. In any case the Hovercraft was retired and I believe the Seacat was sent to Hong Kong to service Macau.
  5. My first attempt at a road train. It only has 6 load slots, I have seen a youtuber with 12+. Still early days. The second vehicle is attached to the back of the trailer.
  6. The best truck for beginners, the Azov 64131 "Tortoise". It is very capable and is not locked by rank, however it is very, very slow. Here is the KRS 58 Bandit, living up to its name recovering a small scout car.
  7. You can drive in first or third person view. I switch view constantly. Delivering steel beams in a KR58 Bandit at night There are few roads, mostly trails And then things go wrong, here my engine has not stalled so I can use the winch to pull it upright
  8. Whilst I am playing this in co-op I am in constant fear of rolling the truck and potentially wasting hours of endeavour. I am often reminded of the old french film "Wages of Fear", not because of the fear of death that they suffered through, but the constant tension, as the slightest bit of inattention results in rollovers, some recoverable, some not! Here are a couple of the vehicles I have, a scout and a medium truck.
  9. I started again in the 1950s which meant I could finally use the Lockheed Constellation.
  10. I recently bought Transport Fever 2 and I have to say it's quite addictive. The early days My first Billion The TGV The TGV is ferociously expensive to run , by far the most profitable are my 6 cargo planes that make 10x more than any other line!
  11. Indeed! More flexing, I bought this yesterday! To be clear all purchased using in game credits.
  12. It's an Origin 300i, it's a luxury personal ship, with a bed, it can fight but it's not especially strong. I bought it as an alternative to the Pisces. I use it for bunker missions The Pisces is better for this job but I already have one and this is cool looking. I also bought one of these
  13. Did you mean Grim Reapers? Growling Sidewinder is excellent, especially for aerial combat versus other human players such as Longshot. Spudknocker is also enjoyable. Tricker and Bogey Dope are former USAF ground crew I find their search for realism very interesting as it helps understand the complex systems of a modern fighter. Plasmo is a former Apache Pilot so his input is valuable. Cap of Grim Reapers is an entertainer, he is actually pretty good at sim flying and is from time to time quite knowledgeable, when he does some research. Often though he explains things without researching and this results in confusion. He reminds me of Murray Walker, for example he will say there's no escaping that missile and the plane proceeds to evade it.
  14. Yet another plane I will have to buy! Eagle Dynamics Tornado announcement LINK
  15. I did all the non weapon upgrades and after powering it down completely and restarting, the Connie worked properly. Cent and I did some mining in very poor visibility but she fared well. I hope the reset helped out with your problems.
  16. I can't let the passing of our Queen go without mention and yet I am at a loss for words.
  17. A group called Split Air have released a free mod of the North American Rockwell OV10a Bronco. This plane was used by the US as a Forward Air Controller (FAC) during the Vietnam conflict. It was also capable of the Counter Insurgency (COIN) role as well and was used as such by other countries. I have to figure out how to create FAC missions for it, but COIN missions will be easier to come up with. This is an interesting aircraft, for those of you interested in learning more here is a link to a wiki page.
  18. There are no other ships in game I care about getting so I can currently contribute 1.5 million towards getting the mole. Until there are Org's this is the only way to go and there is no point in us duplicating ships.
  19. I watched a video that showed how many ROCs fit into different ships. The Andromeda only takes one, however the Aquila can take 2.
  20. I am confused, Yesterday I bought an Ursa and a Cyclone, should I have bought a ROC as well?
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