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Welcome to the Legion of Sparta


Wanna Join? Register on the forum first, then read this



You need to be LEVEL 8 or higher to read this, get on our teamspeak and speak to us.

(WHY LEVEL 8? , because we are an adult community & we have a min joining age of 23 Yrs, & 18 for TS).




About Legion of Sparta


We were formed on the 11th September 2007, after realizing that our goals and

values were not the same as other groups we had been apart of. We are not about

money, mass subscription, building a large community for numbers sake, nor making

a fast buck. We are Sparta, we talk to our members openly and try to make this place

a place of friendship and common goals.


In September 2007 that became a reality when several main admins of previous groups

moved on to greener fields, leaving behind the past and setting up what became

The 'Legion of Sparta'. From the first day we debated the new name and settled on what is

now Sparta. We registered www.legionofsparta.com & www.legionofspartans.com, we setup

a group paypal where no one person has sole access to the financial assets and placed in

a startup fund. We then organized ourselves and rented a VOIP teamspeak server and

Quad core game server to startup with.


We love gaming and support and host a number of dedicated servers today, including

Call of Duty, Ghost Recon, GTR2, Rainbow 6 series and many more. We are a tactical

gaming group, we are allied with some of the Internet's largest groups such as

http://www.ghostrecon.net and gain members of the highest caliber only.


All our members are special and to keep it that way, we have a long vetting process

with rules on conduct and age. We are flexible and adapt to each new members needs.

So if you are mature and 23+ (or younger but of exceptional maturity) then join us on

our teamspeak, register on the forum for public access to posting and much more.


Our members are international, our common language for VOIP comms & forum posts

is English. We grow because we adapt and we do not stand still in the past but move into

the future. We have members that are specialists in many fields of life and you can

share and gain knowledge from them.


We do not have any form of GOD complex, we treat you as we would expect you to

treat us, with respect. Our admins are some of the best, they are here for you and

you can talk to them anytime, they are members just like you are/ can be.


I just wanted to add to this little script the point that we are made up of an assortment

of players from all around the world, USA, Canada, Belgium, United kingdom, Swissland,

France, Australia, Denmark, Holland, to name a few of the places. We speak English,

good or bad, we appreciate players that have their first language something different

to English. All are welcome, we do not disrespect any mature or adult mannered person.



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