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  1. Looks interesting. Gonna give it a go. Been a while since Sparta has had much going for ArmA 3, so this should be good.
  2. Back on the forum after quite a while, let us see if it goes anywhere.

  3. This seems interesting. I'll see if I can manage to show up.
  4. Sounds like you've got a lot of preparation going into this. All we've got around here is a plastic pumpkin with a light bulb inside that we place out front and plug in via an extension cable. Maybe next year I'll actually bother to do a proper job of things. Have a good Halloween.
  5. I'm not sure how much use I would get out of the lighting, seeing as I tend to always use my computer in a well-lit room. Though regardless, those all look like they would be amazing to own. Something to keep an eye on. That corsair keyboard in particular looks like a dream come true to me. Mechanical, per-key lighting, and plenty of extra keys to bind functions to. Ah, who am I kidding, they all look good.
  6. The day where customization to this (or near) this level is possible, of course, in a game - will be the day where games also have gameplay of such a deep level (virtual reality or the like) that it actually matters. I look forward to that day. Random button, however, is friggin hilarious.
  7. It doesn't sound like the facebook acquisition is going to harm things - though I can understand the hesitation associated with something like facebook. Hopefully the additional resources allow them to make improvements that are a greater benefit to the consumer than, say, anything facebook could do to screw things up. I haven't ordered the Oculus Rift by any means, but depending on how good it is once it actually is released (and if I manage to get a new computer one of these days), I was considering grabbing one. I'm not the kind of guy to early-adopt technology, unless said technology is incredibly useful - and while this seems like it could be great, waiting a bit longer doesn't hurt.
  8. Well. I know it's a bit of a late response, but thanks for the well wishes. Was pretty sick on my birthday as it happens, but all in all things are looking good. Looking forward to another crazy year!
  9. ECHO


    The standalone has been quite a bit of fun since I got it a few days ago. Glad to see there's finally a channel on TS for it! We should get a group together to play sometime, I've only managed to play with EMT thus far. I highly recommend the game for anybody interested in playing a decent player versus player shooter. It has tactical play. It doesn't give you arbitrary power-ups from things like levels or prestige (which are absent entirely). It has a decent variety of maps/modes. It has dedicated servers, and an active developer. Definitely worth it. If I had known something like this was coming out, I wouldn't have wasted money on the complete garbage that was/is (haven't tried it lately) Takedown: Red Sabre. You all have fun out there.
  10. Bit late, but I hope that everyone had a happy Thanksgiving. If that is too much to hope, then I at least hope that you all did not have an unhappy one.
  11. Yeah, I'm looking forward to it as well. I grew up reading The Hobbit, and I haven't seen any problem with the movies as far as the comparison goes. Hopefully the rest are still good.
  12. Does this need to be done even if you are already on the XML list, as I am (to my knowledge)? If so, I'd be more than happy to do so later. Also, this list is a great step in the right direction. A great idea, one of I hope others to follow.
  13. Good to know that its being kept in mind, thanks.
  14. There's plenty of time left to play Donzi, so I wouldn't worry about that. I believe that there needs to be some more obviously defined rules for tac-coms, and clear indicators when it is in use (such as editing the teamspeak channel name to specify as such). I have of course interrupted people when they have attempted to call out information, not going to say that I'm perfect in this regard. Sometimes everyone seems to not want to coordinate much, which is fine sometimes, but then I hear complaints about people flooding voice with unimportant comments, even when no tactics or important communications follow this. Or on the flip side, people wanting to coordinate and nobody seeming to even want to give them the time of day. I think much of this might be linked to the server opening to the public more, but I suppose we'll see. In short, if there was a more clear protocol on tac-com and when it was in use and not, I think that there would be less of a problem with off-topic conversation. It would make it easier to recognize that it is not an appropriate time to waste time, or is. Also, the two sniper spots are interesting I think. I believe that it might be sensible to utilize them (and their spotters) better however, as a sniper can be far more effective for his team if he relays intel and helps paint targets rather than simply shooting (as I have been attempting to do). This emphasis on teamwork I think would make it a good idea for any snipers to be on teamspeak. I suppose in-game coms works well enough however, mostly I just wish there was a way to limit the roles that good players might play from falling into bad hands (pilots and artillery are the most critical of course).
  15. There's upgrading to a new card, and there's upgrading to a card multiple generations above the one you own. A 7850 is a pretty good card, and that's also a decent price. I have a 6870, and when I got it I had to pay about 160$ I believe. Hoping the 8000 series is amazing (haven't really heard anything on it, however). If not, I have no qualms with switching to nvidia, as brand loyalty to me lasts only as long as the brand stays on top of the competition (or at least is about equal).
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