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  1. Stremio I still use Kodi occasionally but use this almost exclusively now.
  2. Downloading now, hope it's not as big a disappointment as Takedown or Epsilon!
  3. Cheers guy's It was OK, Older, Slower, Achy'er and Grumpier. All as it should be
  4. In the Blenni, drop the fuel down to 30%, that will get you to France and back, and for takeoff 100%Rads, 100% Prop and 110% Throttle. No Flaps and don't pull up too hard once airborne. Let the speed build to above 160mph then Pitch to 0% and Rads to 50% and she will fly all day.
  5. Must admit, I don't own BOS myself. Never bothered as I still play CLOD so much it would be a waste.
  6. Funny that, this goes on sale as they announce 'The next big Tom Clancy' title!
  7. Depends really, you thinking of doing a fresh start? Just grinding to get cash? Multicrew?
  8. I still play CLOD on a regular basis on the ATAG server. Fond memories of IL2 days doing stupid shit. DCS World I play occasionally too.
  9. Hmm, I admit it straight out, I Hate Chris 'enough about me let's talk about me' Evans, Matt Leblanc is OK, but it's a UK car show so I feel he's out of place. All it has going for it is the great Top Gear production values of the segments but I don't know if that's enough Tbh.
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