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  1. Has a great one, played cards with my dad in law and two brothers in law all day...
  2. Naval action now and then, would be up for some world of tanks, and maybe an odd game of arma or alike? We used to have much fun in ARMA, maybe a revival or an good ol cod4 crouch session?
  3. Thank you all had a great one..... good battle with the frogs, sank one damaged 4 pvp....
  4. Happy Belated, oh grand master of the BBQ
  5. darn most of my alts stuff is in Belize btw why is space bar bugged when typing?
  6. Portbattle ships are now teak white oak, PVE is still live oak white oak, and traders fir fir. I have redeemed my alts gear in KPR, so I hope the warehouse is there ;-)
  7. Black sails, finally season4 on Netflix, (though ‚ÄčI like my blue-ray box better....) Outlander (waiting for the next season) The last Kingdom (waiting for the next season) Auswitz the BBC docu, just finished Shooter (waiting for the next season) wanna see Strike back one day (havent seen the last season yet) And I hate it they stopped Legends in its track, that was a good series too)
  8. Happy birthday mister! oh and teh is the off course
  9. there's some squatter on facebook, we will start out of KPR, but no further plans as sailing far is very risky Hope to be on this afternoon and mabye evening
  10. Global server will be merged with EU, We need to empty our alt clan warehouse, and move the stuff to a free port.... Custard, please help, I will take my 3 indiamen and start work this evening, but I might need some help. see: http://forum.game-labs.net/topic/23902-important-server-status-announcement/
  11. I've had fun with Zoo Tycoon, and Wildlife Park, but both games were buggy, hope you'll produce something awesome. Me and my kids will buy the game.
  12. Happy belated Custard, have a good time in Prague
  13. Happy Birthday, oh cause of many happy times.....
  14. I'd like to update you fellow spartans on our proceedings. We have joined GA clan, and are regularely doing missions with groups of over 10 sailors. Portbattles against AI are common, but now we will take the fight further.... There are plans in the making for a portbattle on friday evening, thus doing the hostillity missions on thursday evening. (around 21.00- 24.00 GMT) We will sail from Saint Ann I have a few ships to give away to captains in need, up to 4 victories, and 4 Wasa's are there for the taking. SO if you like to get a feeling of the current state of the game, come and join the fun. Any questions PM me or Custard
  15. look at this beauty http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198011317254/screenshots/ https://steamuserimages-a.akamaihd.net/ugc/885380010743383171/A4F22ADB31A43947AA592AE805B3C8E62603D3F3
  16. 5 spartans active on Naval action, great but we need more..... We need our tool again for orders, and the more the merrier! Come and join the fun
  17. Well my car has been adjusted, it runs fine but consumes more fuel sadly. My next car will still be a volkswagen/sister product. All other car brands have admitted on cheating too, and after studies Volkswagen still is one of the cleanest diesels of them all. Trucks are the next big issue......
  18. lets see if this works http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1151009215
  19. So did I http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1140495984
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