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  1. cant find the bit where they flew together, sound was awesome https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MIA76j7Abfo
  2. I never used airbrush (though I have a simple set) handpainting, and for silver parts a spraycan did the job. I've been to Duxford twice, the 4 flying B25's were better than the single lancaster (louder for sure)
  3. Looks great, My home office isnt as tidy….. 2 laptops, a pc and 2 screens on a small desk, and my headphones hanging on a simple screw in the wall. I do have a better printer though...lol but that is mostly used for the reports my kids do for school.... btw that keyboard looks very familiar, i switched from my G19 to this one a couple of months ago….
  4. give me a shout when you get to this level (this is actually on my wall, not the Original sadly but a nice framed poster) http://www.kingandmcgaw.com/prints/barrie-clark/spitfire-101407 Oh and my favorites are the B25 H Mitchell, and the Vought F4U corsair….. I used to do plastic modelling, over 300 models waiting for my retirement…..
  5. Thanks all had a good but quiet one, exept for some family singing over the Phone (which is easier to muffle than when they stand in front of you….)
  6. Yeah I looked in the wrong section, thanks….
  7. voice is perfect like his dad….
  8. I remember replying to a post in the Space engineers section, but I cannot see that post anymore. Also I see in general the last post being from january 31st, but no post in the sub forums later than 2019? Is it me or....?
  9. I cant look at these pictures, man there be a lot to do for me..... (un) fortunately im very busy at work atm. I'd like a simple base where I can experiment, and ask for help if needed. Offline I tried some things but I destroy too many vehicles, and my materials are running short (cant find gold for instance, and since I dont have the ore detector 101...…)
  10. I'm reading Homo Deus atm, thats a good one too. My son is currently reading 1984 by george orwell, but takes it way too serious…..lol
  11. nice did that to my brother in law on a cart track once….
  12. I'd love to see some tac-dom missions again, lightspeed, were art thou?
  13. thanks, on the brink of a bore down, cause of the corona measures….
  14. Sorry, too busy to play atm, working 5 days a week makes weekends busy too….
  15. Darn I am ever so sorry for forgetting your birthday, how is life, still afloat. I hope to find some time next week.....
  16. somehow uploading pics wont work well, so here is attempt 2
  17. I've been to Hartenstein today, to visit the museum, see the Horsa Glider. I have spoken with many Paratroopers from different countries: Poland, America, British, German, even some from Indonesia and Thailand were present.
  18. Happy belated guys! PS Luggs, im going to the airborne museum in Oosterbeek tomorrow, its 75 years ago….
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