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  1. That's the A82 through Glencoe, it's the main route from the west coast to the North of Scotland, and a must do for bikers visiting Scotland. I have to admit we're spoiled by good roads up here. Anytime Zebb, Bunkhouses are pretty cheap up here as well, most bikers use them as a fall back due to the ability for Scotland to give you all four season in the same day. Sometimes in the space of an hour.
  2. Honda VFR 800 Fi Not as impressive as where I get to ride it
  3. T_1

    Bike Cam

    Dai, How have you been getting on with this. I had it out the other day and managed about 3-4 hours on the battery. Aside from that I'm quite happy with it, footage is good, just need to sort out the mounting, as using the suction mount has result in some extremely wobbly footage
  4. T_1

    Bike Cam

    Took it out yesterday after wondering where to site it, decided to use the suction clamp over the rev counter and point it through the screen. The hue at the bottom of the screen is a reflection off the bike http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TXUImTo9L3k&hd=1
  5. T_1

    Bike Cam

    So impressed I was, I've just ordered one myself.
  6. T_1

    Bike Cam

    That's quite good 720s a decent resolution for the price. Might look at one of those myself. I take it you've got it attached to the front wheel somewhere as there's a fair amount of judder when you hit a bad bid of road.
  7. T_1

    Bike Cam

    How long does the battery last and how much footage per MB/GB
  8. T_1

    Bike Cam

    Is it a bullet cam Dai. I had one fixed central in the front wheel arch between the forks on the underside of the nose fairing, gave a good central view, but after a while I decided it was a bit low down. It used two of the ratchet type plastic holders, one the adhesive pads were left >24 hours to set it held the camera no probs, but I was always wary of it giving way and fouling the front wheel so I rigged some cord to a bracket so if it did some loose it'd only drop down a few cm. I've been meaning to look for some mounting bracket for the wing mirrors, but am put off by possible vibration.
  9. Cheers Custard, I think I've one in the house somewhere.
  10. Well, as a few of you will have noticed tonight, I managed to get the game working by disabling the on board sound card, so whilst the game will run, I've no sound, so I need to buy a sound card. Least it's working.
  11. "Battlefield has stopped working" when you press the go to game. I've got an RMA number from the supplier I got it from so back it goes. What fixes are you talking about, I haven't heard of anything being released by EA to fix anything?
  12. Technically 39 as my F&%^%^&%&^% game won't work
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