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  1. Hey! So, it's been upwards of 10 years now since my brief stint playing with SPARTA (never formally applied though). I'm surprised my forum account was still here, though I go by other aliases these days. Anyways, I've been on the lookout for a gaming group again and just wanted to drop in and see who all was still active here. Although I wasn't around too long, I still have fond memories of Arma 2 ACE "War in Takistan" with Jeff, Hajimoto, Zeno, Reconman, Frenchie, and several others I'm sure I'm forgetting. Who's still active? What games is everyone playing? Am I shouting into the void? Me personally, I was kinda curious looking into Arma again thus why I figured I'd stop here first. I don't think I've touched Arma 3 in any significant way, and definitely haven't even installed or launched it since Apex came out. Though I've played (and continue to play) plenty of other games over the years. Squad, Post Scriptum, Ground Branch, Hell Let Loose, etc. I've had my eyes on DCS and Falcon 4 BMS for some time too, but getting an affordable HOTAS these days is nigh impossible. Anyway, just checking in to say "Hi". If there's a good day/time to hop on TS and shoot the shit, let me know.
  2. Rooster90

    ACRE Mod

    Yeah, I can see it being more a hindrance in the standard "hop in and play" modes like domination. But for those custom GR scenarios and the like, could add an interesting dynamic.
  3. Rooster90

    ACRE Mod

    Maybe "divide" is too strong of a word, but it definitely seems there's some clear differences in opinion/interest. Btw, if Arma stuff ever starts back up again, I'm down as well. I'll have to download the updated SPARTA ACE mod and all that, but it's that time of year where there's a lull in video games. I still lurk here in hopes of some more Arma scenarios starting up again. I miss all the fun we had last year with Domination, War in Takistan, and Gunthar's/Lightspeed's various scenarios. Ah, good times.
  4. http://www.mediumdifficulty.com/2012/03/01/call-of-apathy-violent-young-men-and-our-place-in-war/ A really great read. I've met many men in my service exactly like him and that pretty much sums up a good chunk of our COMBAT troops. Why we rarely see this side of our troops represented is beyond me. It's doing them a disservice. Now, there are holes in his story. Some of what he says sounds questionable. But all of that is beside the point. I've never met a combat soldier that ever felt they were doing anything noble or heroic. Some joined for the money (like myself, 20k signing bonus for a combat MOS), and others joined to kill. And others joined simply because they had nothing else going for them. It's really as simple as that. That's not to say that EVERY combat soldier is a maniacal, murdering sociopath as he seems to imply. But there's certainly no glory in what a combat soldier is trained to do. There's no good guys or bad guys. Just us and them, kill or be killed. Wars aren't won by do-gooders, they're won by cold-hearted killers who enjoy what they do. Now, those same people can go home and be your every day worker, start a family, and never speak of what they did in their service again. A smaller contingent will continue to do what they do best, whether in the military or as a contractor. The author paints with a broad brush and applies his own mindset to all combat troops. But he's really not that far off. To some degree, every combat soldier has to enter that sort of mindset and take pleasure in and laugh off the horrors he has to see or commit. The hard part for our vets is coming home and leaving that mindset behind. I'm curious to see what you guys think of the story, particularly those who have also served.
  5. All a matter of perspective. But I'm not here to debate whether we're (America) right or wrong, good or bad, etc. It's just not my kind of movie. I enjoy a lot more gray and a lot less black and white in my war stories (and films/stories in general), fictional or not. I enjoy a good tragedy, or when the good guys aren't really so good after all. You happened to list most of the films I've enjoyed, haha. Love Apocalypse Now and Green Zone. The Pacific was a phenomenal series that focused more on how brutal, depressing, and horrible war truly is. Gods and Generals portrayed a unique perspective on the Civil War, casting both sides as neither protagonists or antagonists. But most of all I love a good story with memorable characters. Act of Valor probably doesn't deliver in those categories and are likely just a functional means to an end, the action/f*ck-yeah-America-rules moments. (though I'll hold judgement until I see it since that's entirely my own assumption). I hope it's more than that, but I'm not holding my breath based on what I've seen.
  6. I'm probably gonna pass on this one. Looks like a recruitment/propaganda/AMURRICA film which I don't really care for. And I'm sure the acting will be painful. I may rent it, but definitely not seeing it in theaters. Too "black and white" / "good vs evil" for me, and I just don't feel that's how the world is or how wars should be portrayed. Probably a great escape film though. My main question: was the action at least pretty cool to watch? Cause that's what it all really comes down to regardless of acting or story, haha. If it's good and gory and fun I'll definitely give it a spin.
  7. I've just never heard of anybody playing bot games for fun, especially not in LoL. An RTS I can understand, I do that all the time. But the bots in LoL are so.... idk. Not smart/challenging? To each his own, as always. But man, get out there and stomp some people! lol.
  8. Don't mean to flame or anything, but what sort of players play bot games for anything other than trying new heroes out? I'm not great at Mobas either but you have no hope of ever getting better if all you guys do is play bot games. That's not even remotely challenging. Just gotta have a thick skin and be willing to admit that you suck at the game for the first 3-6 months of solid playing. And if you roll with 3-5 of your friends it's a lot more fun. Just gotta ignore the flaming and just play and have fun. I'm more of a Dota 2 guy myself, but I started with LoL. You gotta realize that a game with more players than WoW had at it's peak also means a ton more kids and douchebags are gonna be playing too. Just tough it out and it'll become one of the most satisfying competitive gaming experiences out there.
  9. Menu Bar? Been trying out that Waterfox, it's considerably zippier than standard Firefox and more or less the same speed as Chrome. Only downside is that Battlelog doesn't support 64-bit browsers. :/ Sticking with Chrome I guess....
  10. Sorry to hear that man. Not a fan of Origin myself, but more for it's exclusivity and lack of any substantial features over Steam than anything technical. Haven't had a problem with it or Battlelog since BF3 Alpha. B-Team is still going strong and is now one of the top 10 competitive BF3 teams in the US. We placed 4th (out of about 145) in Newegg's Wanfest earlier this month. We've also got a guild in SWTOR on the Fatman server, "Paralax Occlusion". Not sure what server you guys are playing on though.
  11. Pretty sure Reddit and Imgur matter almost as much as Facebook. It's pretty ridiculous how many people use reddit these days.
  12. It's not a hack, those super long range headshots are actually from an early bug/glitch where if you drove and destroyed an EOD bot from really long range it counted it as a marksmen headshot. So people would just drive EOD bots out forever and shoot at them to boost their longest headshot ranges. It's a glitch that has long been fixed however.
  13. A friend and fellow band member recently got involved with an instrumental post-rock band on the side. They played their first show last night and it was pretty awesome! Recorded the first two songs from their set. Facebook page: http://www.facebook.com/pages/There-Are-No-Words/122419941164593
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