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  1. Hi All, Haven't been around over the last year and a half or so, but my health has improved recently, so I'm hoping to get in a few games, Just bought GRID 2. Just some questions to bring me up to speed: What FPS is popular with my fellow Spartans ATM? What about COH 2 is that being played? Wargame Airland Battle - anyone, Bueller ? My status on TS2 I need to be reregistered for privileges, who do i see/speak to? I'll drop into TS later today and catch up.
  2. Hi Thanks to all that replied. I was able to get an old 8600 GT from another old pc I'm using that for now. Got the 4890 to work again briefly and then started getting the same again and also bsod and a video driver (atikmag.sys ???) failure. I have given up on the 4890 for now, I'm assuming a video card failure and will replace. Batwing - when I did a furmark test it did the same as games so I think more likely a videocard issue than a power supply issue. again thanks to everyone.
  3. yes I have 2 pcie 2 x16 slots. And 2 6 pin and also 2 4 pin(?) connectors so I'm pretty sure the system could handle any modern card. The power supply would be the limiting factor at 650 watts I was unwillingly to invest in a new card unless needed as it performed great for all the games I play and also if I buy a new card and it turns out to be another issue. 155 quid is about 40 quid less than my total fortnightly income:-(. I have been looking at budget cards and can replace like for like for about 70 to 80 quid. Ati 5770 or another 4890 or possible an 5830 (I think) there are various trade offs in each I have just this minute launched DOW 2 and currently the card appears to be working, but I've been here before:-) I bet if I reboot the issue will be back. It's the intermittent nature of the fault which I have never experienced before. previously bad cards have just failed and were obviously the problem.
  4. forgot to mention I also ran prime95 for several hours to check the memory and CPU no issues and my CPU temps seem fine mid 30s C.
  5. Hi, I am running an ATI 4890 in a prebuilt system from overclockers UK. The system is about 2 1/2 years old and has performed flawlessly until recently when i have been plagued with intermittent freezes. Whenever I play a game (L4D2 DOW 2 etc) the system locks up with a blank screen/ solid coloured/ lined screen when the game starts (by this I mean the actual game graphics, l4D2 won't lockup until the actual game, DOW 2 locks on the menu screen because game style graphics in the background there, splinter cell conviction is the same as is space marine) The monitor stops receiving input after a short time and a then the sound goes and you get buzzing, it requires a complete power reset and reboot. What I have done to solve this this. Software fixes Checked the minidump. with minidump viewer no crashes appear no minidump has been created. Reinstalled graphics drivers using drive sweeper and safe mode and various driver versions numerous times. Total fresh reinstall of Win 7. Hardware switched the card to a new pcie slot after removing the card completely overnight ( This seemed to fix the issue and I left the system running for several hours in game, however after switching off for several hours problem reoccurred). Heat didn't seem to be an issue but I manually turned the fan up to 100% and turned down the gpu and memory speeds using catalyst manager overdrive did this a few times. Removed the card overnight and then reinstalled again seemed to fix the issue briefly but then it reocurred. Cleaned dust from all fans Checked cables. Installed an old x1600 card which worked fine. after running this and then reinstalling the old card again worked briefly and the problem reocurred. SO any help? Is this a dying graphics card? (I think this is most likely) Power issue? Mobo issue? thanks in advance
  6. Hi Anyone planning on buying this. The demo is good fun. Spoosh Mareen
  7. Yep it's been good, much better than the books
  8. Hi, http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=D7o7BrlbaDs
  9. Hi For those in the uk 3.99 gbp for arma 2 and 17.99 gbp for arma 2 and arrowhead.
  10. Hi All, Propagandacast on Youtube
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