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  1. Invites were sent out to each of the immediate above by Steel tonight.
  2. UPDATE: 315P (game package) Aurora MR (game package) Aurora MR (game package) ---- Gifted to my youngest son. Aurora MR (ship only) Retaliator (ship only) Reclaimer (ship only) Greycat Buggy (ground vehicle) Cyclone (ground vehicle) Monthly test ship for concierge Monthly test ship for subscribers And a "we're sorry for some hiccups" Freelancer and for whatever reason, sometimes I have a couple of other ships showing, including a Vanduul Scythe. Not sure where they came from.
  3. New flight model with next patch. Atmospheric flight for aerodynamic ships like this should be better, but worse for non-aerodynamic ships.
  4. I've sent invites out to Halli, Custard, Brer, Z3NO and Majestic (missing in action) for RATS, but don't have access to invite to LOSC, so I will speak with Steel.
  5. I read them, just sometimes my aging mind forgets for a few weeks... or a couple of months.
  6. Would be good if I had updated information for Luggs server. Evidently I have an old IP.
  7. Thanks again guys! Sam - It was never an assured thing! lol
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