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  1. Would be good if I had updated information for Luggs server. Evidently I have an old IP.
  2. Thanks again guys! Sam - It was never an assured thing! lol
  3. A couple of days late here, but I hope it was a good birthday Kiwi!
  4. Isn't he but a pup still? Either way... Have a great Birthday Cent!
  5. Cool. Maybe your skill will adapt with practice.
  6. Let me know if this will be a race game that lasts more than a month. Even if it is only played once a month or so, I might be inclined to participate. I would like to know if it works ok with a wheel and pedals as I have some sitting in a closet and I prefer driving with them rather than a controller.
  7. Was good to see you on TS today, play some warships and wish you a belated happy birthday. Halli, Check your texts or come see me on TS as soon as you can catch me there.
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