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  1. I suspect the game will die after launch as Pirates of the Burning Sea did...
  2. Nope, weather hasn't been ideal in the UK with lots of cloud Lighter evenings means no stars till much later, and proper darkness has gone untill late August...
  3. Pretty much all hybrid cars are Auto, my Lexus is, but you can also put it into manual mode and run it as a sequential gear box or with steering wheel paddles
  4. Message Starts: I have purchased this Game Mesage Ends:
  5. Cheers guys, sorry I've not been around in ages...I'll try and get on TS if I ever see anyone on ;)
  6. Not feeling the new patch, can't be bothered to ty starting from scratch on the PVE server...
  7. Belated birthday wishes mate....you made it another year
  8. I'm producing Food Stuffs in Brangmans, i'll look for a source of LV
  9. Made it to Brangman's Bluff Will build a food supply building Is there a more genral plan? So far just sailing around in a Mercury sinking ships and capping merchants for ship parts
  10. After we finished racing, and after a 30 minute download, I did some playing around. There are two files that need to be addressed. My Document\My Games\Aliens Colonial Marines\PecanGame\Config\PecanEngine.ini and Steam\steamapps\common\Aliens Colonial Marines\PecanGame\Config\DefaultEngine.ini On a clean install without playing the game, the PecanEngine.ini does not exist so you only need to address the DefaultEngine.ini. The system then creates the PecanEngine.ini from the DefaultEngine.ini. If you have already played, then both files need addressing. I did a clean install last night, changed teather to tether and Game to game as per the information above in DefaultEngine.ini. After starting the game, the PecanEngine.ini was created and had the changes mirrored in the new file. I played the first few scenes up to where the umbilical gets trashed after recovering the ships log and the AI seem to be more responsive, so maybe there is something in this Samurai
  11. Happy Birthday Cent, have a great day mate
  12. Hmmmm, if this is true maybe a good game can become great....
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