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  1. Thanks that was fascinating, loved the part were the fork lift type trucks are placing barrier parts and the load is way too heavy for them wouldn't happen today. I would love to see the difference in process with the new system on the Ford type carriers.
  2. Video on multiplayer mining, worth a watch because it shows what is possible now it's also not a very long video
  3. Edited first post, added MedPen (Hemozal) to advised carry list as it's much quicker to use than the Paramed Medical Device
  4. Please make your starting location Lorville to assist with logistics (all ships and inventory will start here) Primary AO Lorville - Everus Harbour for delivery missions and mercenary missions - Stock of equipment located here for FPS missioning Secondary AO New Babbage-Port Tressler for delivery missions and mercenary missions Mining AO ARC-L1 Wide Forest Station Baijini Point - Stock of equipment located here for Mining missioning https://robertsspaceindustries.com/spectrum/community/LOSC/forum/29801/thread/area-of-operations-post-patch-3-16 link to same post on Spectrum
  5. As an Org is still unable to have it's own hanger/storage to share ships/inventory the following will be provided to assist new Citizens with delivery missions and mercenary FPS missions on request at Everest Harbour above Lorville. Heavy armour sets (without undersuit as the free undersuit is as good as any in the game) P4-AR Rifles (other weapons are available but not with ammuntion) Funds to purchase a C8X Pisces Expedition ship to aid with delivery/mercenary missions Morozov-CH Backpack Aftershock containing the following Tau Plus (4x Telescopic) P4-AR Ammo x30 MedPen (Hemozal) x10 ParaMed Medical Device x3 ParaMed Refill x10 Pyro RYT Multi-Tool x3 TruHold Tractor Beam Attachment x3 Pink Quickflare x5 https://robertsspaceindustries.com/spectrum/community/LOSC/forum/29802/thread/assistance-for-new-citizens link to same post on Spectrum
  6. Merry Christmas and a happy New Year all
  7. It's very interesting listening to you two learn as you go on TS but sometimes it does sound like sentences full of anachronisms
  8. This is interesting for visualising fleets of ships https://www.starship42.com/
  9. Thanks bud, I was thinking of setting up at Hurston because of the two refineries and being able to mission with anyone that may want too. Don't suppose you know SOP for getting to halo from there?
  10. You have an inventory store at every space station and the main cities, items in these locations cannot be lost. Each planet city and the space station above it share the same inventory. Inventory on your character is at risk. Inventory on every ship or vehicle is at risk. I store things I do not want to lose at the Everest Harbour/Lorville location as that is where we have been starting missions, I am going to start filling the inventory location Port Tressler/New Babbage as Cent wants to make this our secondary area of operations.
  11. The inventory system introduced in patch 3.15 has put all of the items you carry on your character at risk. Unless you need an item to complete a mission don't carry it, if you are on a delivery mission, a trade run or even just shopping all you need is a flight suit and helmet. Maybe carry a medpen for when you inevitably fall down a flight of stairs   If on a mission that will involve fighting I would advise the following. Undersuit - any that provides a minimum of 10% damage protection (this may currently be every undersuit) Heavy armour - Helmet, arms, core and legs Large backpack if you intend to loot items and wish to carry 3 weapons on your back, otherwise you are limited to 2 ParaMed Medical Device ParaMed Refill x 2 MedPen (Hemozal) Pyro RYT Multi-Tool TruHold Tractor Beam Attachment Primary weapon with iron sights and ammo Primary weapon with magnifying scope and ammo (I take two of the same primary weapons one scoped one not) The only items above that have to be paid for (ingame) are medical equipment and ammo everything else we can loot   https://robertsspaceindustries.com/spectrum/community/LOSC/forum/29802/thread/equipment-carried-on-character link to same post on Spectrum
  12. Newer mining guide, as it's an hour long maybe only @Cent~SPARTA~ will want to watch this
  13. Added Mining assistant tool https://scorg.tools/ Useful tool particularly if using the Mole
  14. Using the DPSCalculator tool the following is an example of military grade upgrades for your ship Halli, the one component that is not military grade is one of the two coolers, I have read that when a ship has two coolers it's an idea to have one Industrial grade and one military grade. I actually have no intention of upgarding my ship yet I have other priorities like a purchase of a Prospector mining ship #DPSCalculator CART TOTAL 488464aUEC ******************************************************** FR-86 x1 -------------------------------------------------------- Dumper's Depot Area18 136400aUEC ******************************************************** QuadraCell MT x2 -------------------------------------------------------- Cousin Crows Orison 113700aUEC ******************************************************** Avalanche x1 -------------------------------------------------------- Dumper's Depot Grim HEX 58100aUEC ******************************************************** Snowpack x1 -------------------------------------------------------- Omega Pro New Babbage 82900aUEC ******************************************************** XL-1 x1 -------------------------------------------------------- Cousin Crows Orison 94900aUEC ******************************************************** 'Arrow' I Missile x28 -------------------------------------------------------- Ship Weapons Shop HUR L3 2464aUEC ********************************************************
  15. Cornerstones Universal Item Finder https://finder.cornerstonebase.space/ DPSCalculator - Useful for comparing ships upgrades https://www.erkul.games/ Star Citizen Hanger tool https://hangar.link/files/import Galactic Logistics - Trading Tool https://gallog.co/ SC-Trade - Trading Tool/Mining Tool https://sc-trade.tools/home Default Keyboard, Mouse, and Gamepad Mappings in Easy-to-Print Form https://robertsspaceindustries.com/spectrum/community/SC/forum/3/thread/sc-3-15-0-default-keyboard-mouse-and-gamepad-mappi Google Play app useful for navigation and location of shops and unmappable locations eg: Jumptown the drug lab https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.PalavenDev.StarCitizenHelper&hl=en_GB&gl=US Mining assistant tool https://scorg.tools/ Star Citizen Armoury - FPS setup tool https://armory.thespacecoder.space/ This is interesting for visualising fleets of ships https://www.starship42.com/ Tool that includes info on missions https://tradein.space/#/mission Note for forum admin - can you please pin this post and unpin Brer's resources post please, Brers post has become very out of date Thank you Halli
  16. It has proven more efficient to equip combat kit at our starting location and not use the ship inventory as space is limited on ships and we need this for potential loot Not the case with mining it still appears a good plan to keep a set of the environmental suit on the Cutlass Black.
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