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  1. Reflected has put up a new video about nightime navigation assist I thought when we get back into this it may be worth looking at.
  2. Turret gunning - from Sept 2020 but still current a 15 minute guide https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ia15WGO0u3o
  3. There is one elevator mod but two sets of blocks in it an original method block and a 'new method block' I would hope the mods not completely broken and it would be a relatively quick fix to change, I think, its just two blocks in each elevator.
  4. added to my wishlist, it was $17 in January 🀣 No unlocks - sounds like nirvana, please let it have dedicated servers
  5. NiceπŸ‘ I never thought this was going to be released! So is it really as good as we hoped?
  6. The co-pilots seat is your friend switch off all power from there, Cent loves it when I do this and he is in atmosphere I have been flying keeboard and mouse it is perfectly ok for exploring, mining and doing most missions it's just very hard to fight so I let Cent do the flying when we fight. For the record one of the best PVP flyers ingame uses keeboard and mouse it's just not my skillset. We have been very succesful recently with Cent flying and me in a turret.
  7. I think we have a free fly week from the 17th, if you want to see what the game looks like without parting with any cash.
  8. No worries Halli, next time we are ingame we must get you one of the small shuttles (Pisces) we have been using it's just the most useful ship ingame. It's the best ship for practicing take offs and landings, doing missions and exploring. We also must get your Connie upgraded and get you happy flying it. Both Cent and I now have enough ships purchased ingame and funds that we have more interest in showing others around and trying to enjoy the experience with them rather than the urgency we may have had to earn ingame credit to get those ships.
  9. Thank youπŸ‘ , when I am over setting up the joysticks with Star Citizen I am really looking forward to learning to fly the Mossy.
  10. Another idea, instead of having the German fighter patrol having to be triggered manually how about two missions one were we do not have the patrol and one when there is enough of us to cope if the patrol does turn up?
  11. Awesome thanks, good luck mission editing πŸ‘ When I eventually get around to learning to fly I do want to learn cold starts for exactly the reason you quoted. Very much looking forward to it.
  12. Updated mining AO to Baijini Point as that's were missions are taken for to learn hand mining and were I have moved a small stock of equipment to distribute when needed.
  13. Do you have the option with the aircraft to practice cold starts as well as hot? Question re 633 mission, is it possible to set a random fighter patrol somewhere between dam and target? Maybe only there 5% 10% of time? And only if we have enough aircraft attacking?
  14. If you want to use a lot less energy look at a Ryzen CPU. For the record I just got one so did Luggage and Cent, I think Zeno has ordered one too. Talk to Luggage about hard drives please note he won't read this
  15. Thanks πŸ‘ I did see that on youtube but hadn't got around to watching it yet.
  16. Zeno has resolved the issues with the mission and we now have a perfect signal when tuned in to a directional beacon Really looking forward to a run at the mission with everything radio wise working, first go I will stay in the lead aircraft as Navigator after this if requested I will have a go at swopping aircraft setting the direction finding up in each and when leaving target will swop aircraft again as many times as I can to 'find' a heading for each aircraft then return to lead aircraft. I have done some reading on Chucks guide, regarding 'Audio' and 'Visual' direction finding methods and why you may choose one over the other. When using the 'Audio' method you use the Transmitter/Radio sets to locate the directional beacon and work out a fixed heading for the pilot, you may then turn over the sets for the Navigator to use for communications. When using the 'Visual' method you set up the direction finding then the Transmitter/Radio sets are in use by the Direction Finding Visual Indicator and cannot be used by the Navigator for communications. The pros and cons are obvious if you have crosswinds etc the visual method is autocorrecting but all communications with any airfield will have to be performed by the Pilot until the airfield is sighted. Regardless I have yet to learn how to use the Radio set for communication with the Airfields
  17. Blimey I thought this was going to take days nice one. I had a thought about how to speed setup of the Radio/Transmitter sets for direction finding. I have to map a few keys but I think I can get all the buttons in the right position with voice attack I will just have to manually tune to the correct frequency on the Radio Reciever and manually turn up the volume. Using the loop Antenna to focus on the beacon is allways going to be a manual task as it should be. I can also map the keys for adjusting Meter Balance and Meter Amplitude this will speed up setup of the visual method.
  18. Lol, that would do it. I you can use the selectable range 500Khz to 200Khz in particular between 300Khz and 200Khz for the new beacon/s this will help πŸ‘
  19. Direction Finding (DF) Visual Indicator, page 45 on Chucks guide. Zeno and I have had a go and it does work with the visual method, it's not quite as immersive as using the audio method, to fix this we have some problems to resolve. There is an awful lot the radio/transmitter could add to the fun it's just learning it.
  20. Having looked at Chucks guide the visual DF it is much quicker to set up than the audio DF method but it is another dial for the pilot to continually check, very much worth trying.
  21. I really enjoyed learning more about how to Radio Direction Find with audio last night I see it's potential to add so much depth to the Mosquito missions. So much more to learn, too funny I couldn't even remember the word 'dial' when trying to describe how visual direction finding works, I am blaming the drugs.
  22. Really enjoyed the 633 run last night, apologies for delay in start by being slow during the radio direction finding test. I missed a very important step with the direction finding instructions, I didn't expect only the pilot being able to hear the tone and I should have explained to the pilot clearly what to expect. I will improve πŸ‘
  23. Nice, I have to ferry over the mining kit I have ready incase we have anyone want to join in back over to the mining area as the patch put all my inventory in one place. I will have mining armour and environmental suits along with backpacks equiped with mining essentials ready to go soon.
  24. Patch 3.16.1 is out please choose Lorville if you are new this means all your inventory and ships will be at the same location helping us help you if you need it EDIT - It appears we lost all our ammo, I will have stock for distribution shortly in Lorville, not for @Cent~SPARTA~ get your own Note requip any upgrades to ships.
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