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  1. Must set this up https://wiki.hoggitworld.com/view/Cockpit_Views
  2. Well that was interesting,as predicted I did cause swearing. That did feel like sitting an exam I didn't study for but I must have enjoyed it because I have been downloading E6B calculators today I have some questions so I can do some homework. I will plan an infil from airfield to target and and exfil to same airfield? Do we need an alternative airfield to land at? What airfield do we take off from? Do we need to exfil initialy in a particular direction to avoid enemy fighters? Airspeed at low level is about 260? Is there an offline map with tools I can play with, my brief search hasn't proved fruitful? If not I will just plan from the mission briefing. I will also research the bomb controls so I can get them ready for pilot to drop and switch fuel tanks when requested (not to off). Initially as the distances are very short I will just provide a heading for a set time to a known landmark then provide a new heading repeat until we get to target/airfield.
  3. I didn't even know that the pointy bits at the bottom of the digital calipers are for scribing a mark on work until I watched one of these videos and I have been working in an engineering environment for a few years now! I also didn't know any of the terminology for the parts of a lathe, I do now because I have just watched a guide. All of these abilities can be learnt, however another real problem has presented itself my want list for machinery has grown. If I ever get to retire my workshop is going to need to be as big as my house!
  4. Nah mate, the hover vehicles turn so fast and the turrets shoot so slow as long as you are moving away you can get away, my approach was also very careful. However I have been to prison too many times to count cos friendly AI literally warp in front of my gun whilst I am shooting badies
  5. A couple of you may know that since working at a metal engineering manufacturers I have become interested in learning to use a metalwork lathe, I am lucky that my cousin lives next door has a half decent lathe and when covid has died down a bit has promised me some lessons, he was trained at the RN dockyard chatham. The video channel linked is doing the kind of thing I am interested in, he has only made 3 videos so far, because they are short and game related I thought some of you may be interested. If you didn't know you can use a lathe to do the jobs he is using a mill for. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC0L9JUPA1ga5CZiJ1s249aQ/videos
  6. Updated first post - Hover vehicles do not bypass turret targeting and are no good for infil
  7. Found a good guide to setup my Tobii maybe I will now be able to look behind the seats to the fuel taps:)
  8. Thanks for the tour, looking forward to more. 👍
  9. We have tried these a couple of times unsuccessfuly we tried and failed to kill the turrets. I have tried to infil with a ground vehicle this works but on my own I have made a lot of mistakes. INSERTION WITH HOVER VEHICLE DOES NOT WORK - TURRETS TARGET YOU HDSF-Ishmael Evict illegal occupants reward 22500aUEC Landed 2k away with M2 Hercules and infil complete with Spartan Failed as I killed a civilian HDSF-Damaris Evict illegal occupants reward 22500aUEC Landed 2k away with M2 Hercules and infil complete with Spartan (good landing areas flat with trees no rocks) Failed as I was distracted and crashed HDSF-Breckinridge Evict illegal occupants reward 22500aUEC Landed 3.6k away with M2 Hercules and failed to infil with Spartan as the area is a nightmare of rocks and got stuck with Spartan Second attempt completed mission but failed to exfil Spartan as I got stuck again had to walk to transport HDSF-Adlai Too rocky - logged off
  10. I have done some editing to the Matrix grouping the Spartans together and intend to add the new ships @Cent~SPARTA~ could possibly do with your editing skills adding colour and things my skills are lacking
  11. The cutter was indeed a brilliant piece of engineering
  12. Added 3 tools, Hanger, Trading/Mining and FPS kit tools
  13. Thanks that was fascinating, loved the part were the fork lift type trucks are placing barrier parts and the load is way too heavy for them wouldn't happen today. I would love to see the difference in process with the new system on the Ford type carriers.
  14. Video on multiplayer mining, worth a watch because it shows what is possible now it's also not a very long video
  15. Edited first post, added MedPen (Hemozal) to advised carry list as it's much quicker to use than the Paramed Medical Device
  16. Please make your starting location Lorville to assist with logistics (all ships and inventory will start here) Primary AO Lorville - Everus Harbour for delivery missions and mercenary missions - Stock of equipment located here for FPS missioning Secondary AO New Babbage-Port Tressler for delivery missions and mercenary missions Mining AO ARC-L1 Wide Forest Station Baijini Point - Stock of equipment located here for Mining missioning https://robertsspaceindustries.com/spectrum/community/LOSC/forum/29801/thread/area-of-operations-post-patch-3-16 link to same post on Spectrum
  17. As an Org is still unable to have it's own hanger/storage to share ships/inventory the following will be provided to assist new Citizens with delivery missions and mercenary FPS missions on request at Everest Harbour above Lorville. Heavy armour sets (without undersuit as the free undersuit is as good as any in the game) P4-AR Rifles (other weapons are available but not with ammuntion) Funds to purchase a C8X Pisces Expedition ship to aid with delivery/mercenary missions Morozov-CH Backpack Aftershock containing the following Tau Plus (4x Telescopic) P4-AR Ammo x30 MedPen (Hemozal) x10 ParaMed Medical Device x3 ParaMed Refill x10 Pyro RYT Multi-Tool x3 TruHold Tractor Beam Attachment x3 Pink Quickflare x5 https://robertsspaceindustries.com/spectrum/community/LOSC/forum/29802/thread/assistance-for-new-citizens link to same post on Spectrum
  18. Merry Christmas and a happy New Year all
  19. It's very interesting listening to you two learn as you go on TS but sometimes it does sound like sentences full of anachronisms
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