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  1. It is live and currently working, I also have 35 MILLION aUEC
  2. My parents were very generous to me and my brothers at Christmas and I used the excuse that I had upcoming chemo to spend a ridiculous ammount of money on this kit
  3. They are updating now as the servers are down From what I have just read players will be rewarded with extra aUEC dependent on how much they played during the previous patch
  4. Guide for changing a smoothing setting in Virpils software to improve accuracy (this may be possible other makes oif sticks like VKB) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UCR7wfuRvxg
  5. Luggage has been nagging me for them, when I have sorted the cables and tidied up the keyboard plate I will post some This is a video of the chair https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2rZeh7g8Vlk&t=100s
  6. WIP Review of my Star Citizen setup hardware and software. Monstertech Flight Chair MFC 2 + casters with brakes Left and right chair mounts with quick release Right side extension for Mouse pad Left side extension for throttle Chair mount for keyboard Virpil Constellation Alpha sticks left and right Warbird bases x2 MongoosT-50CM3 Throttle ACE Collection Pedals Flightstick Z-Extension WarBRD Base - CosmoSim Cams Voice attack with HCS voice pack Celeste Monstertech Chair I have sat in better office chairs but they were Herman Miller and over £1000 this chair is really comfortable for me and apart from supporting the Monstertech mounting soultions directly it has a narrow back so it avoids the problem of elbows when using as a flight chair. The locking casters although not easy to lean over and reach to lock/unlock work very well on a carpeted floor I only have to lock two of them to have a chair that will not move. A good investment. Monstertech mounting solutions Left and right joysticks - These are excellent, the quick release options are also excellent but do not work for me (I will get to why) Right hand mouse pad - I ordered the wrong part and had to alter the brackets to make it work it now does a good job Left hand extension for the throttle - Complete waste of money you have to have it so far left to not conflict with the joystick it's unusable, unless you have arms like Mr Tickle Chair mount for keyboard - This is on a really long swinging arm and I have had to massivley reduce the size of the pad (for a small form factor Dierya DK61E mechanical keeboard) so it doesn't come in to contact with the joysticks I have also reduced in length some of the aluminium profile to make it more user friendly. It now does an ok job. Overall the build quality of the Monstertech parts are very good (it should be for the money) the joystick mounts are superb the keyboard and mouse extensions are a compromise and I would have been better off going with a rail solution for them. The throttle extension is so unusable I think they shouldn't even offer it for sale when I eventually need to use my throttle for DCS I will just swop out the left joystick this is very easy to do. I am now using the chair with the joysticks, keyboard and mouse extensions permantly attached (so not using the quick release brackets) and swopping the chair for another for general use, although not ideal it does work and I have an overal excellent experience using it in Star citizen however awkward it is to get in and out of. If I had thought to go with a rail system under my desk for keyboard/mouse and the two joysticks with quick release (swinging out and back for general use) on the chair I know it would have been even better. I still need to work on cable management and tidy up the edges (with router) on keyboard base before posting pictures. My experience with Monstertechs customer service was poor they didn't even repond to a polite email I sent requesting an update on ETA of delivery many months after placing and paying in full for my order. Mixed feelings on value for money. Virpil HOSAS and pedals So I have a chair I am comfortable in and doesn't move when using the rudder pedals a joystick on the right and a joystick on the left angled (pod racer style). Right joysticks twist is locked out Pitch and Roll are on Y and X Left joystick twist is strafe up/down X is left/right strafe Y is throttle forward/back Pedals are Yaw (I am not using the toe brakes for anything yet) Build quality is better than anything else I have seen (not had hands on VKB or other similar) it makes thrustmaster and Saitech/Logitech look and feel a bit meh and I thought both of these were good/excellent before I got to touch Virpil. The options of buttons etc is bewildering to start with and a few are not easy to reach/use (my hands are between Large and Extra Large in glove size) initially you have too much choice. I am now using the heavy spring in the left hand joystick but have not tried any of the other cam choices yet (I paid extra for cosmo sim cams). I have played with Virpils software it is a bit clunky but very versatile I have custom s curves for all axis, they are all the same except for strafe up down on the left joysticks twist (made less sensitive than the others). I am still figuring out the best button mappings for me. The level of control I feel I have with this kit makes me smile not sure I needed pedals with toe brakes (remains to be seen if I use them in DCS) or the cosmo sim cams but to say I am happy with the Virpils products would be somewhat understating it. I cannot give an honest review of the throttle because I haven't spent enough time with it. Virpils customer service is superb. Expensive yes, value for money hell yes. Voice attack and the Celeste voice pack from HCS I probably (definitely ) do not need this with the button choices I have but for emmersion it's just mega, for example I say launch and it will raise my ship 30M raising the landing gear while giving me vocal updates on what is happening. I am enjoying it so much that I am considering asking Cent to show me how to record a session in Twitch to show it off ingame. Edit: using voice attack you can even 'command' a continuous ping In summary - all the gear and no idea
  7. Ok the wipes a bit of a bummer even if it's needed, so how about a fun plan (recipe for disaster 🤣) for after wipe? As many of us as possible get in Cent's MSR or Halli's Connie with just noob suits and try the evaluation bunker mission just run in melee the first enemies we contact and loot from there. Follow up with picking up those that didn't survive and doing a 90k bunker hopefully at least some of us armed.
  8. Guide to understanding ESP, it's an inbuilt aim assist which is available when piloting a ship and in turrets. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fxwbZe_o0K0
  9. 7 - 10 (hopefully) days from today, press release from yesterday
  10. Short guide on drills to practice to improve flying skills in space https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GjZCsi_McJ0&list=PLvw-s-U1ebL7Qq36Y3nYnG-EMtv6mkuCs&index=2 I have already discovered from trying the drills that my button set for space brake was in the wrong place, the up/down strafe s'curve was way too sensitive and even the stick itself needed to be twisted slightly
  11. Maybe 2 to 4 weeks away according to Cent
  12. Following the wipe my priority ships to get ingame wil be a Pisces and a Hurricane anything more than that is a luxury for me
  13. Setting an 'S' curve within Virpils software https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PVei3FdCeRU
  14. Guide to the in game settings for Tobii Eye Tracker 5 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=T52Fone4EY0 How to configure manual gimbals and Tobii Eyetracker (I am not using this yet) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jb4AYSNZJ-c&t=3s Review of different settings for the Tobii https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HreLRXzNBUw
  15. Guide on setting up the Tobii head/eye tracker to assist aiming ship weapons, I do not know if this works with TrackIR
  16. And does it include a reputation reset? @Cent~SPARTA~ you and I need to have a priority list of what ships we need to buy because as much as I love the Herc we do not use it For me a Pisces is top of the list
  17. We have a Dedi Server set up named 'Sparta Dedicated Server' Donzi Luggage Zeno Cent Samurai Adder Custard Have been participating playing co op, a PVP server has been mentioned but not set up yet
  18. Lot's of fun 👍 Mistakes were made 🤣
  19. That's one helluva project, nice motor there aren't many BMWs on my 'I like list' that is one of the few that are 👍
  20. @Cent~SPARTA~since when was this a thing?
  21. Graet schpellers of tha worlt untie 🤣 It's not worth buying just to get the Pisces, only if you were going to buy the game anyway would I advise getting the Pisces at the offer price over the other cheap starter ships.
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