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  1. Now that does look weird for a lift
  2. I feel positively over dressed armoured
  3. Hopefully the new purchasable cargo boxex are a step towards personal and clan warehouses
  4. There has been an update, bunker test anyone?
  5. Kinda mate, it's the spaceport above Area 18 Most of the stuff we have been up to has been centered around here
  6. @Bajini but I keep getting lots of the old problems deleted my user folder and I am starting from scratch probably a good idea I don't fly for a bit
  7. Noobifiers coverage was really ggod as usual ๐Ÿ‘
  8. Ah understood. I think I missunderstood from previous talk a Raft was needed to move new larger sized cargo
  9. Think I started at 3.0 it wasn't that horrific Post links if they are worth watching!
  10. @Cent~SPARTA~So for a proper test of salvage we need at least three ppl ?? One operating Cents vulture salvage ship One operating Luggages raft cargo mover One operating Luggages large cargo ship Best I get my controls sorted
  11. So pyro is going to be the wild west, terra will be security central is there any info on what magnus is?
  12. Whats it like compared to the other similar era fighters you have?
  13. Link to info @ Cornerstone (this give detail on distances to drop out of quantum and be in halo belt for asteroid mining)
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