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  1. At least you know what you're doing and were you're gonna be, best of luck sgt. Ian
  2. This is were the probs with adding maps can start. We should hold back b4 putting a map on server and adding it to a map pack until it's stopped being messed with and works good enough for us.
  3. on the dam map vers 4 the spawn points have moved so you don't have that stupid 1500m run every time u screw up n die makes the dam much more enjoyable.
  4. In the UK church records are sometimes the best source.
  5. an after market fan would be cheap to fit but it would bugger ur warranty. PC world sometimes get stuff right its there prob, join their q and make them fix it mate.
  6. I will have a look for you when I go into ts later.
  7. AVG version 7 its free. if it works with vista I am not sure
  8. That kinda suks man, got an 8800 sos can't help. The game is worth the hassle we are just gettin some new maps.
  9. Yep, seen video of auto 50cal and unlimited gl. Really borish crap, but I've seen no evidence on BDA, BPR or SPARTA.
  10. Matty u mean it's been hijacked by that part off the community just like gay was 40 years ago. If you want a gay reference for the time period of the spartans go on wiki and find out about the totally gay unit that existed for a while in Greece.
  11. Couldn't agree more, Scorp knows whats what BDA will be fine with him.
  12. I just saw you left ts, can't believe I missed you. Great to see you post mate. You gotta get back into it and get GRAW2. regards custardicus LOL
  13. If I was driving right foot right peddle to the floor. Scary.
  14. We are still mates and I still play on BDA and go on BDA's TS and chat with the boys n girls. A few came on our server and gave us a right ass kicking last night so we need to practice more LOL. Come on our TS and chat anytime mate if I don't catch you on BDA's. My xfire name is custarduk if you wanna find which ts I am on. Good to see you post.
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