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  1. I know it's wrong but listening to his stuff makes me laff so hard I start crying and my sides hurt.
  2. Good quote mate and GGS on the BDA server today enjoyed it very much.
  3. Good to here from you Billy, used to like playing GRAW with you bud. custard
  4. Many happy returns fellow Spartan. custard
  5. Anyone heard of Kevin Bloody Wilson, he's done a santa song, I will see if I can find an online version to link.
  6. Hey Dirty good to see you post bro. Must try to get a game together sometime here or at BDA.
  7. Print off the setup guide for windows and go thru it. It took me ages but I was really happy with the result.
  8. For surround sound headset usb are not as good as one that plugs directlly into a sound card. A lot of guys don't like mics and headphones that are usb but others swear by cheap stereo sets. Your choice really bro. Personally I would stay away from usb.
  9. I read on the ubi site that there is a server patch for the script stack error and other errors can be caused by an overclock. I will go to ubi site and try to find it later.
  10. Let me get this straight is that editor the map editor for CRYSIS which will ship with game or the engine that CRYTEK are making CRYSIS with? I cannot believe thats a map editor.
  11. I will still be numb from mondays drinking so I guess it wont hurt so much on tuesday LOL I've never done much coop good idea e$
  12. I'm so starved for extra stuff that I'll accept damn near anything at this point lol hell yeah just gimme a new map any new map just a new map
  13. Excellent Elvis ta Where do you lot get the time to find all this stuff. When I go lookin for it all I get is rubbish.
  14. Thanks for kicking my ass in your server the other nite BPR. One death, gonna have to learn to slow down and listen harder for you ninja types. welcome to sparta
  15. Hey mate good to see you here, playing with you and the other BDAers in your or our TS without upsettin anyone is something I'm really lookin forward to. custardicus
  16. Is this your second striker board mate? Nice lookin case
  17. same as what Floyd said. Look forward to chat bro. When things settle down it will be nice to be able to come on BDA ts and talk to our friends without any worries. custard
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