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  1. https://support.robertsspaceindustries.com/hc/en-us/articles/115010675447-Organizations This is a link to the info page on what can and cannot be done currently with an Org I need to get Steel to upgrade mine and Cents role to give us 'Branding' and/or 'Officer' status so we can mess around with banners logo's and member ranks etc I have a cunning plan and have started to blackmail my daughter who is a textile/fabric designer and a wizz with photoshop into sorting me out with org banners and logos Edit - I have made LOSCM temporarily my main ORG so I can test what the different roles are able to do
  2. https://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B076J1JBNY/?coliid=I2LGDM0R8S1M5&colid=2YT57E8VGWQ0S&psc=1&ref_=lv_ov_lig_dp_it These have been out of stock for a long time, if anyone was looking for dual sticks for Elite/Star Citizen the price looks quite good. They are a pair of Thrustmaster T.16000M sticks for £110 ($147).
  3. I only have the Aurora starter ship and have coveted having the single seat Prospector mining ship but it is about £150 and my miserly nature will not let me spend this much in one go. However there is a sale on at the moment and I have got for my birthday the Spartan ground vehicle for £65 and this comes with lifetime insurance. If you have a ship/vehicle purchased that has LTI as long as you upgrade for something more expensive you can melt it for store credit and use this credit for the upgrade and the LTI transfers to the new ship. Besides I have a vehicle called a Spartan in my hanger until I upgrade it
  4. https://finder.cornerstonebase.space/ Universal Item Finder appears to be more up to date than the other tools we have used. Kaliedascope kid may return I have found four different colours of the Citadel Armour
  5. The single most succesful thing SPARTA ever organised with a non member public inclusion was TacDom nights. Although Domination mode was my least favorite thing in ARMA the TacDom nights were so well organised and encouraged so much great teamwork I actually enjoyed them. We have a core of members capable of organising/running operations very efficiently without creating work but making things fun. If we get the features everyone wants 'Orgs' to have we could make LOSC an appealing fun place to play SC.
  6. The patch included a wipe, earnt aUEC, items and ships bought with credit ingame have all gone. This is because they have introduced a local inventory system instead of the magic carry everything everywhere personal inventory. Persistence has improved to the point transported cargo is safe if servers go down including items left randomly around ship interiors. Looting is now a thing on AI and players bodies when they are killed and I believe ships can be looted I am unsure if this includes large cargo boxes yet. Cent has already by just messing about with missions earnt enough aUEC to buy a small mining Rover I tried using this with him and after I sorted some controls out it was succesful. @Cent~SPARTA~ I have remapped the controls for my gamepad so the only actions available are driving, mining and scanning no dodgy self destructs are possible edit - The ability to move cargo around on cargo grids is planned to be added in 3.18
  7. Cent's got something like that and he has it working really well. So I guess it's even harder to land on a carrier deck because there are less visual reference points, I have watched a lot of video of flying choppers in Arma and they are able to constantly check distance from trees and things. the bigger ships in Star Citizen are going to need some sort of landing camera eventually to assist in landing vtol style
  8. https://robertsspaceindustries.com/spectrum/community/SC/forum/3/thread/sc-3-15-0-default-keyboard-mouse-and-gamepad-mappi This is a link to SC default keybindings for current patch 3.15, this does appear to be kept up to date and is easily printable
  9. I guess a really good trackir or other eye tracker would make getting a good reference for landing much easier, I know I need something like it for Star Citizen
  10. No probs I still haven't spoken to Cent to discuss what may be relevant
  11. Yes Zeno, as Cent is the most active in SC I was going to go through with him what may be more helpful to have in a pinned first post for anyone that wants to try SC again. Maybe either Cent or I could try to keep it more up to date.
  12. Still cannot believe you landed the herc first time 👍 the huey pic looks end of Vietnam era when they got pushed over the side
  13. https://support.robertsspaceindustries.com/hc/en-us/articles/360002230674 Link for whats currently customisable for orgs
  14. Yes one Org with different departments. There is nothing wrong with wanting your own clan or org but in a game of this scale any duplication of effort/time is going to reduce the time you actually spend having fun. An org that focuses on mining still needs a trading/transportation department that focuses on market price etc they will also need a military arm that can protect the mining operation. An org that focuses on reclamation will need exactly the same kind of support. There is also nothing to prevent any department offering it's services to other orgs or individual citezens. I don't know if Steel and Gunthar want to focus on military/conflict content or want to go full criminal I do know Brer wanted to be a full time criminal. It may not be possible yet to give custom job titles within the orgs but I think it would be a good idea to tidy up whats public in the LOSC info pages and decide on a rough management structure even if it's fake because it shows intent. The following for example. Luggage - Communications Manager Zeno - Finance Manager Cent - Mining Operations Manager Samurai - Transport/Logistics Operations Manager Steel - Security Operations Manager Custard - Beverage Manager In my opinion the only occupation apart from criminal that could maybe run solo an effective org is exploration even this would benefit from being in an org that had departments that could support it. As I understand it you cannot have a criminal record and be part of a law abiding org. Our not associated officially criminal friends take out a small mining outpost killing all witnessess they loot/take what they can use or fence on the criminal market, we turn up like the 'cleaner' breaking up ships and buildings into untracable components parts and any cargo/resources that criminals cannot market. Instead of giving the criminals there share of loot in cash we resupply them with less traceable resources that they find difficult to source. Return to 890 Jump Yacht for beer and pizza. Edit - @Cent we also need to tidy up the pinned section on this forum with maybe the first pinned post containing links to current useful info rather than stuff 10 years out of date.
  15. They still haven't expanded much on what you can and cannot do in 'Orgs' For those of us that do not officilly want to be labelled as Pirate/criminals I have come to the opinion that all being a member of LOSC would be a better idea than having seperate Orgs for each occupation available in the verse. In particular I am refering to Orgs like Cent's mining subsidirary Org. It's got to be easier to manage having Cent as LOSC mining operations manager than having seperate orgs it would also be far more attractive to Citezins looking for an Org to join if 20 of us were in one org rather than 5 of us each in 4 separate orgs. Miners, recalaimers and traders for example are all going to need armed excorts at one time or another, guys that want to go on military ops are going to need as many extra bodies as possible when they mission. As a law abiding Org there are also going to be many occasions when it would be 'convenient' to have a friendly bunch of criminals remove for example miners pushing into what we may consider our territory and helping to remove evidence of criminal activity once our thugs have done the illegal stuff sharing any profit. I am also sure supplying resources only available to non criminals to friendly criminals is going to be a thing and the ability for LOSC to transport swag to markets only available to law abiding citezins is bound to be more profitable and something criminals are probably not going to interested in doing themselves. The reason for my post is looting has become a thing as has persistence for cargo in ships making things a bit more interesting for proper piracy as appossed to just griefing.
  16. Or the soundtrack from Battle of Britain? You may very well need a mix tape 🤣
  17. Isn't that the aircraft that managed to kill over 100 German pilots?
  18. I have done a little research, the following looks useful I will watch/read up and see if there is anything of use to us in game. I have also watched Grimreapers guide to using the radio. https://vk2bv.org/archive/radio/r1155.htm Manuals (not great quality) http://www.vmarsmanuals.co.uk/archive/1677_R1155_AP2548_Vol1_Ch2.pdf http://www.vmarsmanuals.co.uk/archive/1257_AP2548_T1154.pdf
  19. You may be reliant on me as Navigator to get us to target so there may be a lot of swearing involved
  20. Anyone interested in Military Aviation may want to watch the following
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