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  1. Halli having an Org base is what all of us are waiting for, 75% of the peckerheads will dissapear after 1st Dec when free fly is over I have some armour and guns I need to hand over to you at the weekend I have been busy looting.
  2. If you get killed by a player that is a crime, shortly after event a message will pop up and you will get the opportunity to 'press charges' this will put them in prison when get killed. They also get a bounty put on there head and can be hunted down for a reward. I am not a good enough flyer yet to engage with these types of players but I am going to be and so will you then we can hunt them and get paid I have a metric ton of armour and weapons way more than I can use, I collected it all with the aim of giving it away to new players like you. So has Cent. I have a feeling that the european servers have less griefing on them.
  3. I have some spartan helmet examples for the LOSC members icon on Spectrum but they are different from the example used in our Teamspeak if anyone can get me a copy of the Teamspeak example I would be grateful 👍
  4. Taxi them to our current area of operations and help set there default spawn location - Currently Everest Harbour space station above Lorville Getting them mobile in their own ship. https://robertsspaceindustries.com/spectrum/community/SC/forum/3/thread/sc-3-15-0-default-keyboard-mouse-and-gamepad-mappi Above link is for an up to date post with a link to a downloadable printable default keyboard, mouse and gamepad layout Take off from Hangers and Landing pads Landing on Hangers and Landing Pads Navigation using the Skyline tool in the mobiglass Use of the QT (Quantum Drive) drive Use of the mission tab - taking and sharing Delivery missions Delivery missions - package collection and delivery Shopping - they will want to spend their aUEC show them where to purchase items and how (even though we can take them on a FPS mission to get armour and weapons for free) The mobile phone app Star Citizen Travel Helper will help to find shop locations in the verse, link below https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.PalavenDev.StarCitizenHelper&hl=en_GB&gl=US
  5. On the Google Play app (I assume the is an Iphone eqivalent) there is a tool called Star Citizen Travel Helper This is excellent for showing availabilty of shops in any given location and also has description on how to get to unmapped locations in the verse amongst other features. https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.PalavenDev.StarCitizenHelper&hl=en_GB&gl=US
  6. Steel has assigned the requested role/rank to me and I have made a few changes. All long standing Sparta members that were not at Captain rank I have made Captain - If this presents a problem we can change it. I have assigned what I would consider members actual ingame experience - eg my experience level is 'Experienced' Zeno and Halli's experience level is 'Regular' and Cent's experience level is 'Expert' I think this reflects reality if somebody asks Cent a question he has a good chance of being able to give a good answer, Zeno not so much. I am working on convincing my daughter into using photoshop to make banners etc
  7. Cent and I have been playing a Red Wind delivery mission that rewards 45,000 aUEC and requires collecting 3 boxes randomly distributed around an underground bunker, the bunker is full of friendly AI and sometimes as you collect a box and attempt to return it to your ship bad guy AI spawn and a firefight breaks out with you on the side of the friendly AI. This mission unlocks after completing simpler delivery missions for Red Wind to raise your profile with them. I find target recognition more than a little bit of a problem and so far have killed 2 friendly AI by mistake and have ended up in prison both times the best thing about this mission is the opportunity for loot. You can loot the bodies of friendly AI and enemy AI for ammo,weapons and armour with the price of heavy armour and weapons being about 13700 for a set of heavy armour and weapons from 1615 to 3748 looting is seriously worthwhile. Bunkers also appear to have at least 2 lootable boxes containg rare items. We are completing these missions inside 40 minutes and are getting quicker. With my ancient PC the FPS experience is not exactly smooth it is however playable, Cent's experience with a nice PC is better as far as I can tell. AI behaviour has also vastly improved on earlier patches. If there is any interest in joining us you would be very welcome. We are based out of Everest Harbour above Lorville on Hurston. We can easily collect ppl from other starting locations taxi prices are not applied
  8. 21 minute video trade guide post 3.15 patch
  9. Ah well, it would have been nice eye candy to see full gun racks but at least we get the ability to use the ships inventory.
  10. Top job fixed thanks. Now what did you change so we can ask Steel to change my role on LOSC and then I can update artwork etc. FYI the onlly thing greyed out for me was ownership which is perfect. Edit - I have switched my main Org back to LOSC and access to admin on LOSCM has gone which was expected thanks for the effort Cent.
  11. @Cent is this a sensible approach? Mining with your ROC and Cutlass Black - I will put and store in the Cutlass Inventory a set of the environmental suit and medical kit I usually use and when we mine. FPS missions with your MSR I will regardless of the test of persistence of the weapon racks store a set of my heavy combat rig in the MSR inventory and as we loot weapons and armour I will increase this to a few full sets that we can gift to anyone wishing to join in these missions. This will let me run around in just a cheap undersuit and helmet, I think the next few times we do bunker missions we should go in full loot mode and take everything what do you think? I am aware this puts some of my inventory at risk on your ships but I am not concerned. I have also posted this in the spectrum pages of LOSC.
  12. I do not know if I am being dumb or giving me access to marketing hasn't worked, I have tried via the orgs page on spectrum and on the rsi website page for the org but I cannot find an ADMIN button anywere. https://support.robertsspaceindustries.com/hc/en-us/articles/360002230674 This link is the info page on how I should be able to customise content but it is two years old.
  13. https://support.robertsspaceindustries.com/hc/en-us/articles/115010675447-Organizations This is a link to the info page on what can and cannot be done currently with an Org I need to get Steel to upgrade mine and Cents role to give us 'Branding' and/or 'Officer' status so we can mess around with banners logo's and member ranks etc I have a cunning plan and have started to blackmail my daughter who is a textile/fabric designer and a wizz with photoshop into sorting me out with org banners and logos Edit - I have made LOSCM temporarily my main ORG so I can test what the different roles are able to do
  14. https://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B076J1JBNY/?coliid=I2LGDM0R8S1M5&colid=2YT57E8VGWQ0S&psc=1&ref_=lv_ov_lig_dp_it These have been out of stock for a long time, if anyone was looking for dual sticks for Elite/Star Citizen the price looks quite good. They are a pair of Thrustmaster T.16000M sticks for £110 ($147).
  15. I only have the Aurora starter ship and have coveted having the single seat Prospector mining ship but it is about £150 and my miserly nature will not let me spend this much in one go. However there is a sale on at the moment and I have got for my birthday the Spartan ground vehicle for £65 and this comes with lifetime insurance. If you have a ship/vehicle purchased that has LTI as long as you upgrade for something more expensive you can melt it for store credit and use this credit for the upgrade and the LTI transfers to the new ship. Besides I have a vehicle called a Spartan in my hanger until I upgrade it
  16. https://finder.cornerstonebase.space/ Universal Item Finder appears to be more up to date than the other tools we have used. Kaliedascope kid may return I have found four different colours of the Citadel Armour
  17. The single most succesful thing SPARTA ever organised with a non member public inclusion was TacDom nights. Although Domination mode was my least favorite thing in ARMA the TacDom nights were so well organised and encouraged so much great teamwork I actually enjoyed them. We have a core of members capable of organising/running operations very efficiently without creating work but making things fun. If we get the features everyone wants 'Orgs' to have we could make LOSC an appealing fun place to play SC.
  18. The patch included a wipe, earnt aUEC, items and ships bought with credit ingame have all gone. This is because they have introduced a local inventory system instead of the magic carry everything everywhere personal inventory. Persistence has improved to the point transported cargo is safe if servers go down including items left randomly around ship interiors. Looting is now a thing on AI and players bodies when they are killed and I believe ships can be looted I am unsure if this includes large cargo boxes yet. Cent has already by just messing about with missions earnt enough aUEC to buy a small mining Rover I tried using this with him and after I sorted some controls out it was succesful. @Cent~SPARTA~ I have remapped the controls for my gamepad so the only actions available are driving, mining and scanning no dodgy self destructs are possible edit - The ability to move cargo around on cargo grids is planned to be added in 3.18
  19. Cent's got something like that and he has it working really well. So I guess it's even harder to land on a carrier deck because there are less visual reference points, I have watched a lot of video of flying choppers in Arma and they are able to constantly check distance from trees and things. the bigger ships in Star Citizen are going to need some sort of landing camera eventually to assist in landing vtol style
  20. https://robertsspaceindustries.com/spectrum/community/SC/forum/3/thread/sc-3-15-0-default-keyboard-mouse-and-gamepad-mappi This is a link to SC default keybindings for current patch 3.15, this does appear to be kept up to date and is easily printable
  21. I guess a really good trackir or other eye tracker would make getting a good reference for landing much easier, I know I need something like it for Star Citizen
  22. No probs I still haven't spoken to Cent to discuss what may be relevant
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