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  1. That makes a lot of sense, setting out to build tanks and never being able to get there sucked in that game I should have changed tack a lot earlier

  2. Update


    This is potentially the end of this game.


    They made it free to play in October 2022 when adding this new Seasonal Server


    No new accounts however are able to access the original PVP or PVE servers


    The Seasonal server will be a 3 monthly grindfest for anyone that wants to achieve anything in the game and having DLC is almost a requirement (not all DLC) it is as pay to win as you can get


    Unfortunately I still love the game

  3. This is an up to date WIP list of the ships LOSC members have in their Hangers including the paid for but not ingame ready ships. Please let me know if you have a ship that does not appear in this list, I was hoping to use the Fleetview tool for this but sharing the interactive file this tool produces is problematic.


    Link to members list on the RSI website



    Manufacturer Name Class Role Crew Passenger Seats Cargo Capacity
    RSI Orion Capital Mining 7   384
    Anvil Carrack Large Exploration 6   456
    MISC Hull C Large Freight 4   4608
    MISC Starfarer Large Fuel Transport/Refueling 6   295
    Anvil Crucible Large Heavy Repair 8   230
    Aegis Retaliator Large Heavy Gunship 7    
    RSI Constelation Andromeda Large Multipurpose 4   96
    Crusader Mercury Medium Multipurpose 3   114
    Anvil Valkyrie Small Dropship 5   30
    Argo Mole Medium Mining 4   96
    Argo Raft Medium Freight 2   96
    MISC Freelancer MIS Medium Gunship 4   28
    Drake Cutlass Black Medium Medium Fighter and Freight 2 6 46
    MISC Prospector Small Mining 1    
    Anvil FCC-S Hornet Ghost Small Stealth Fighter 1    
    MISC Hull A Small Freight 1   64
    RSI Aurora MR Small Light Fighter 1    
    RSI Aurora MR Small Light Fighter 1    
    Anvil Spartan Ground Vehicle Armoured Personnel Carrier 1 8  
    Anvil Spartan Ground Vehicle Armoured Personnel Carrier 1 8  
    Anvil C8R Pisces Small Medical 2    
    Anvil C8R Pisces Small Medical 2    
    Argo MPUV Personel Snub Light Freight/Passenger Transport 1    
    Greycat ROC-DS Ground Vehicle Mining 2   4
    Drake Mule Ground Vehicle Freight Movement 1   2


    As you can see we have more toys than the few of us who play SC could possibly need, we actually have a shortage of people not in-game assets :)


    We possibly have a shortage of fighting ships for protection/escort duty for the industry ships, fortunately the the two crew heavy fighters that are possible best for this are cheap to purchase in-game.

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  4. Now we have upgraded our Quantum drives and can get around quicker the starting location you choose is less important than it was, we will have to get your and Pittdogs ships upgraded what ship does he have?


    For your Constellation you need an XL-1 drive the easiest place to get it is in the Platinum Bay shop in Port Tressler above Microtech you will need 94,500 credits so I have just sent you 500,000 ingame.

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  5. Following Loudguns guide to mining this is the loudout for the Mole multicrewed miner WIP


    Turret 1 - Lancet MH2 laser with Surge in slot 1 Brandt in slot 2 and Stampede in slot 3

    This is the laser below the pilots seat and is the primary or solo mining laser


    Turret 2 - Lancet MH2 laser with Surge in slot 1 Surge in slot 2 and Stampede in slot 3

    This is setup to be the big rock cracker


    Turret 3 - Helix II with 3 times XTR modules

    This is the extraction laser these permanant modules give a 150% extraction buff







    Be within 40M from the first rock being broken pull back a little to about 90-100M to break smaller rocks


    Surge module should be used when solo mining to give a very large initial boost to charge level

    Brandt module is used for increasing stability

    Stampede module is used to increase charge rate


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